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6 Most Popular Pet Insects

6 Most Popular Pet Insects 9

Most children are fascinated with the commons insects in the yard; probably you were too when you’re a kid. At one point or another, you caught one bug and stored it in a jar; filling the lid with holes to give your pet insect air to breath. With age, some adults lose interest on insects and they try to get rid of it forgetting their former fascination but not everybody. There are still people who collect insects to keep as their pets. A pet bug may not be as cute as other pets, but taste is not universal.

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Before making your decision on what pet insect to acquire, consider the other factors of your pet ownership. This will aid you in making the right decision, for there are numerous pet insect to choose from. The legality, lifespan, and type of care needed are the factors you need to consider when you’re selecting your pet bug.

Pet Ants

6 Most Popular Pet Insects 10

Having an ant farm in your house can be very interesting—to some curious few at least. This pet insect is fun to watch and most view it as a low maintenance pet. You wouldn’t have much problem with this pet bug only if you make sure they don’t escape. Learn the intricate functions of the ants’ colony, and the life of these hardworking insects.

Hissing Cockroach

6 Most Popular Pet Insects 11

This pet bug is called “hissing” cockroach due to the sound they create when they are disturbed or when they are trying to win over a female cockroach. As a pet insect, you might think they are similar to the cockroaches lurking in your home. They are different. The spiracles or the tube they use to breath is the source of this hissing sound. The usual diet of this pet insect is fresh fruit and vegetables. Mixed along with it is dry dog food. To make sure your pet bug receives proper diet, it is best to remove the leftover in order to prevent them from consuming spoiled ones.

Stick Insects

6 Most Popular Pet Insects 12

Leaf and stick insects belong to the family of Phasmids. There are around 2,500 species of stick insects recorded. Different species have different features. Some have wings while others have none; the commonality between all of them is there defense mechanism. Camouflage is their best defense; they could easily transform themselves to leaves or twigs. Most of them come from places with tropical climates. Not requiring much attention, they are one of the best choices for a pet. Make its home more comfortable by reconstructing its natural habitat and they will not try to escape more often.


6 Most Popular Pet Insects 13

Often called as the doodlebugs, this pet insect is the larval stage of a flying insect. They stay in this form for two to three years. To house this pet bug, you need a container with sand or sugar that is at least 3 inches deep. These antlions dig pits in the sand shaped like a cone. It is actually interesting to watch them create this. Once the prey insect step on the slope, its walls become unstable; sliding with it is the prey insect where the doodlebug waits to kill them. Ants found in your home can be its best diet.

Praying Mantis

6 Most Popular Pet Insects 14

These graceful insects are relatively easy to maintain, provided that you are able to provide it with a number of insects to eat. Temperature is important to them. A fairly warm place and continuous supply of insects creates a perfect habitat for them.


6 Most Popular Pet Insects 15

These beautiful creatures are fascinating to watch, and having them as pet insect will make your home attractive. You can feed them with a mix of one teaspoon sugar and nine spoonfuls of water. Ensure that you use un-chlorinated water, though, to prolong the life of your pet insect.

As a final tip: know the different characteristics and care sheets of the different insects before you pick one as your pet.

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