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8 Odd Facts About Gold Fish

8 Odd Facts About Gold Fish 11

Did you know that the collective noun for a group of goldfish is troubling? In case you didn’t, continue reading to find more useful trivia about your pet goldfish. Not only does knowing packets of information about your goldfish important for show and tell, it may even just save your goldfish from real trouble in its goldfish aquarium. You might be surprised to see how.

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1. The Oldest Goldfish

8 Odd Facts About Gold Fish 12

On record, the oldest goldfish (not the picture above) didn’t come from its native country, China. It came from Yorkshire, England, from owners Hilda and Gordon Hand. The goldfish was won by their son, Peter, from a funfair in Yorkshire in 1956, which the family named Tish and took care of until it died at the age of 43.

2. Goldfish Has No Stomach

8 Odd Facts About Gold Fish 13

Save your goldfish from indigestion trouble by feeding it small amount of food several times a day instead of feeding it a huge portion in one setting. Goldfish have no stomach to hold and digest ingested food. Instead, the food continuously travels from the mouth and out the other end while being digested. So putting large amount of feed in your goldfish aquarium will just waste the feed and spoil the aquarium water because goldfish can only take what their intestines can contain.

3. Goldfish Has Similar Genus and Species

8 Odd Facts About Gold Fish 14

Don’t think that there are as much goldfish species as there are types of goldfish in the pet store. There’s only one genus and species of goldfish throughout the world: Carassius auratus. The different types of goldfish you see are a result of selective breeding by avid goldfish breeders throughout the world. The different colors, shapes, and sizes are phenotypic, not genotypic.

4. Goldfish Come From China

8 Odd Facts About Gold Fish 15

Goldfish originated from the cold waters of China, and most goldfish variety available now are developed by the Chinese from as early as the Sung dynasty in 1000 A.D. Later Japan, Korean, Europe, and America caught up with breeding goldfish that made the fish the most popular pet fish in the world. And you should know that although goldfish come from Asia, they are not tropical fish. So they need the cold water.

5. Goldfish Have Good Memory

8 Odd Facts About Gold Fish 16

If you have a goldfish aquarium, then you know how good goldfish are in remembering the person that feeds them. Goldfish have sharp memories in terms of remembering their owner. You can go on a cruise for three months and your goldfish would still remember you when you come home.

6. Goldfish can see beyond the Violet

8 Odd Facts About Gold Fish 17

Don’t underestimate your slow, unassuming goldfish. All varieties of goldfish can see beyond the violet; that is to say they can see ultra violet and infrared lights. They can even see sparks from static electricity which you cannot see. So be careful dragging your socks on the carpet before holding your goldfish aquarium or your pet fish might see sparks flying.

7. The Most Common Goldfish Name

8 Odd Facts About Gold Fish 18

What goldfish lack in power and strength they more than make up in their most popular name. Did you know that the most popular name for goldfish is Jaws? It’s ironic how most pet goldfish owners would like to name their fish jaws when the fish doesn’t even bite. Other popular goldfish names include Goldie, Bubbles, Blackie, and Skipper. What’s the name of your goldfish?

8. Goldfish Need Still Water

8 Odd Facts About Gold Fish 19

If the goldfish’ popular name wasn’t enough to surprise you, perhaps this trivia will. Did you know that goldfish can get sea sick too? You might not think that they do because they can’t even survive a couple of minutes out of water. But goldfish’ ears are located in their heads like humans, so they get motion sickness when the waters are rough too. That’s why they’re best raised in a goldfish aquarium and ponds than in moving water like a river.

Now you see how knowing some useful goldfish trivia aside from their collective noun can save your pet from trouble. Take care of your pet goldfish because who knows yours will be the next longest living goldfish on record.

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