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A Dragon for a Pet: Supplies for Bearded Dragons

A Dragon for a Pet: Supplies for Bearded Dragons 11

Some people might strictly go for fur and paw when cute pets are in question. But for few, daring others, a pet bearded dragon is on the top of their list of cute pets. Yes, bearded dragons make good pets not because they don’t spit fire, but because they’re unique reptiles with distinct characters. They have unique beard (spines) and skin coloration; they don’t mind being held unlike other pet reptile; they’re easy to care for; and they do crazy stuffs that only a pet bearded dragon can do.

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Before buying your first bearded dragon, however, it’s best to get a lowdown of the discount reptile supplies you need to properly care for your pet reptile.

Pet Bearded Dragon Tank

A Dragon for a Pet: Supplies for Bearded Dragons 12

Bearded dragons like to roam and climb when the temperature is right, so bigger is better when it comes to your pet bearded dragon’s tank size. Visit your local discount reptile supplies store to check for a secondhand 40 gallon tank or check pet supplies online to save on your bearded dragon tank. If you can afford a custom made cage, allow a sufficient height for your tall pet reptile décor.

Bearded Dragon Cage Essentials

Be generous on your pet bearded dragon tank essentials because half of the fun with your pet reptile is watching it climb, dig, and scour the tank décor you have. Some of these discount reptile supplies are also vital to your beardie’s well-being.

A Dragon for a Pet: Supplies for Bearded Dragons 13

Décor – You can gather tree trunks and rocks outside for free, or you can also checkout pet supplies online for cheap bearded dragon cage décor. If you have a little extra, buying heated tank decors is a good idea to make your reptile active even during the cold season.

A Dragon for a Pet: Supplies for Bearded Dragons 14

Light – Like all reptiles, your pet dragon depends on its surrounding to heat itself up. Thus, heat lighting is essential for your beardie’s survival. A 60 to 100 watts light bulb is the minimum requirement for a 40 gallon tank. There are discount reptile supplies like ZooMed you can purchase online for a bargain price.

A Dragon for a Pet: Supplies for Bearded Dragons 15

Substrate – Although it doesn’t look fancy, but non-slip ceramic tiles are the best substrate for bearded dragons. Don’t fall for pet supplies online that sells sand, calcisand, or lizard litter no matter how they advocate for it. It’s bad for your reptile when ingested. Some pet dragon owners say aspen shaving is good for substrate too.

A Dragon for a Pet: Supplies for Bearded Dragons 16

Waterer – A shallow dish where your pet beardie can drink fresh water and occasionally bathe in should be always present also.

Bearded Dragon Food Supplies

A Dragon for a Pet: Supplies for Bearded Dragons 17

Bearded pet dragons are not difficult to feed: they eat both greens and insects. You should feed your pet reptile with leafy greens everyday such as beans, dandelions, kale, lettuce, peas, and shredded carrots. Don’t feed them spinach and broccoli. For protein, a pet bearded dragon can be given crickets, grasshoppers, and mealworms you can buy from discount reptile supplies. Bearded dragons have special need for calcium and vitamin D supplement too. For this purpose, it’s okay to use those you can buy from pet supplies online, but it’s even better if you could have one prescribed by a vet.

Bearded Dragon Hygiene Supplies

A Dragon for a Pet: Supplies for Bearded Dragons 18

To keep your pet bearded dragon healthy, it’s important to clean its tank regularly. Food leftovers and feces should be removed everyday using litter scoop you can buy from discount pet supplies stores. You should also disinfect the soiled tank décor with properly prepared bleach and water solution in a spray bottle. Be sure to rinse off the bleach very thoroughly to avoid accumulation in your beardie’s tank.

Grooming Bearded Dragon

A Dragon for a Pet: Supplies for Bearded Dragons 19

Your pet bearded dragon is not as demanding as rabbits in terms of grooming. All it needs is an occasional nail trimming and a light misting of distilled water periodically. Just don’t dampen the substrate with it. Also, there are gentle pet reptile soaps you can buy from discount pet supplies that you can use to thoroughly clean your beardie’s skin through occasional baths.

As you can see, caring for a pet bearded dragon isn’t too demanding at all. The things you need are readily available from discount pet supplies stores for a relatively cheap price.

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