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Aquarium Water Filters For Happy, Healthy Fish

Aquarium Water Filters For Happy, Healthy Fish 9

Have you wondered how other people managed to keep their aquarium water so clear and fresh for longer periods of time without constant changing? The surest answer is they got their aquarium water filter system right. There are several types of aquarium water filter system, and you probably have to combine two, if not all, filtration systems for your tank if you have delicate aquarium fish such as salt water fish. Perhaps the most important of these water filter types are the biological and the reverse osmosis water filter systems that take out harmful waste products and minerals from your aquarium fish tank.

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Three Types of Aquarium Water Filter

Aquarium Water Filters For Happy, Healthy Fish 10

For you to grasp fully why you need different water filter types in a single tank, you need to understand how the three different types of filters work.

Biological – The biological filter works by harnessing bacterial activity that depletes the ammonia produced by your aquarium fish. Basically, the bacteria eat up the ammonia converting it into nitrites and other bacteria converts the nitrites into nitrates that can be used by your aquarium plant as fertilizer.

Aquarium Water Filters For Happy, Healthy Fish 11

Mechanical – The mechanical filter physically removes water impurities by passing water or forcing water to pass into very fine strainer like sponge for example. Thus it can’t take out dissolved compounds in the water such as ammonia and nitrites.

Aquarium Water Filters For Happy, Healthy Fish 12

Chemical – The chemical filter removes physical and dissolved impurities in the water by using other compound such as activated carbon. There are chemicals you can directly add to the water, too, to neutralize some of the dissolved compounds.

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Bio-wheel Aquarium Water Filter

Among the very important water filter type is the bio filter. You see, as your aquarium fish thrive, it produces ammonia as waste. Ammonia is harmful to your fish if left in the water to accumulate – it can kill your fish. A bio-wheel filter encourages the growth of ammonia-eating bacteria transforming the harmful ammonia into nitrites, which is still bad for your fish. But, the bio-wheel also propagates another type of bacteria that eat nitrites for a living transforming it into nitrates. Don’t think the problem’s solve at this point though, nitrates are still bad for your fish. That’s when your aquarium plants and algae can enter the scene to use the nitrates as fertilizers for growth, thereby cleaning the water. It’s kind of like using nature to clean itself.

Popular Aquarium Water Filter Brands

If you’re looking for trusted aquarium filter brands, start with the Marine Emperor Power Aquarium Filter that uses all the three types of filtration to clean your aquarium water. It will eliminate the dissolved compounds upon contact and remove floating debris as fine as a grain of soot.

Another popular aquarium water filter brand is the Skilter Filters, which also employs the three types of filtration system. However, this brand is specifically designed for salt water to be used in coral aquariums.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

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The reverse osmosis water filter system is more like a mechanical filter, but most reverse osmosis water filter nowadays also has chemical filter. The idea in reverse osmosis water filter is to let only pure H2O and oxygen to pass through the membrane, thereby having the cleanest water available to your aquarium fish. Yes, it can remove the dissolved compounds such as the ammonia, nitrites, and the nitrates in the water. The downside to this water filtration system is that it works very slowly: producing 1 liter of clean water from 5 liters of water. Thus, it’s only advisable if your tap water is heavy with dissolved metals and minerals.

Popular Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Brands

Aquarium Water Filters For Happy, Healthy Fish 15

The top of the line reverse osmosis water filter brand is the AquaFX that combines reverse osmosis with deionization and chemical filtration. You can drink the output of this reverse osmosis water filter brand, but it would probably be too expensive for a regular aquarium fish owner.

The more suitable options for aquarium use are the reverse osmosis water filter systems from D-D The Aquarium Solution Ltd. They manufacturer relatively cheaper reverse osmosis filters designed for fresh and salt water aquariums, so your aquarium water purification needs is pretty much covered.

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