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Are Pet Exotic Animals Right For You

Are Pet Exotic Animals Right For You 10

Before you can consider yourself an exotic pet owner, you have to be able to determine what exotic pet really is about. Just because the animal boarded a ship from Africa or Asia to reach a pet store in America doesn’t mean it’s exotic. Exotic pets are animals that are not usual to have as pets; they can be amphibians, reptiles, rodents, avian, or primates.

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Although exotics animals can be unique pets to have, they demand special care and maintenance that may prove to be more than challenging to ordinary pet owners. Here are some things to consider if you’re planning to have exotic animals as pets:

1. Consider Your Personality

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The number one thing to consider if you’re planning to have exotic animals as pet is your personality. Make sure that you have genuine passion for animals. A sudden urge to house a cute, furry exotic pet that you saw in some Hollywood movie is NOT enough basis to shop for exotic animals from the nearest exotic pet store. Some exotic pets can be more demanding in terms of budget and time commitment than human babies; make sure your passion is lasting.

2. Consider Your Budget

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Most exotic animals have special demands in terms of food, shelter, and veterinary care; exotic pets can be costly to maintain. So if you’re feeling the pinch in your budget, it’s almost certain you can’t provide the proper care and maintenance for an exotic pet. Sad to say but you need to consider a more common pet in the mean time.

3. Consider Your Space

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The third consideration to make should be applicable to all types of pet: common or exotic animals. But most exotic pets probably need more space than common animals. Some exotic animals even need an entire room or a small barn as house, so do your research before bringing home a strange looking pet.

4. Consider Your Time

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Regardless of the type of animal you want to bring home as pet, you have to devote some of your time to care for it. You can’t just leave your pet to take care of itself. Giving them food, water, and shelter is not enough too. You have to allocate some time every day to tame and to check how it’s doing.

5. Consider Existing Regulations

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Get this: some states in the United States require a permit to care for a guinea pig as pet. If that is the case for a pretty common pet… how much more for exotic animals? Call your local Department of Agriculture, Department of Wildlife, or whatever equivalent offices in your place if you’re required to get special permit for your intended exotic pet. Some exotic animals are totally band in some states or counties; make sure you’re in accordance with local regulations in your area.

6. Consider Veterinary Service Availability

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Not all veterinarians are capable of caring for, let alone treating, exotic animals. If you can’t find a veterinarian that’s able to care for your intended pet within a reasonable distance, then “give up” your dream of owning that particular exotic pet because sooner or later the animal will be bound to need proper health care.

7. Consider Exotic Pet Insurance

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To minimize the cost of healthcare services for exotic animals, get your pet an exotic pet insurance. Again if you can’t find an animal healthcare insurance company, then consider your decision thoroughly. Remember not all veterinarians and veterinary clinics accept exotic pet insurance; don’t forget to ask the nearest exotic pet veterinarian if he or she accepts your pet’s exotic pet insurance policy.

These are the things to consider if you want to get exotic animals for pet.

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