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Awesome Indoor Rabbit Cages Ideas

Awesome Indoor Rabbit Cages Ideas 9

Rabbits are always great addition to the family. They’re very gentle with kids; they can be introduced to other pets; they’re very easy to care for; and they can be left for hours at a time without needing a pet sitter. If you want to leave your pet rabbit alone at home while you work though, do your bunny a huge favor by getting it the best indoor rabbit cages you can afford. Cages? Meaning two? Yes, you heard it right. It’s advisable to get two indoor rabbit cages if your budget allows it.

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Buying Indoor Rabbit Cages

Awesome Indoor Rabbit Cages Ideas 10

When buying indoor rabbit cages, you have to consider the size of your rabbit. Different bunny breeds grow to different sizes, so get an idea of how big your pet rabbit can grow. Of course, the bigger the rabbit, the bigger its indoor rabbit cages should be. Next you have to consider is the length of time your pet rabbit is caged in. The longer you plan to cage your bunny, the bigger and the more accessorized the rabbit cage should be.

Why Buy Two Indoor Rabbit Cages

Awesome Indoor Rabbit Cages Ideas 11

And get this, if your budget and your space allow you to have two indoor rabbit cages, by all means get another one. Two rabbit cages should come in handy if you want to clean the soiled cage. There’s no rush about scrubbing and drying the cage because your pet rabbit is snuggled up to its fresh, clean abode before you could take out the soiled substrate from the other. And if you’re in a hurry but noticed that your bunny’s looking grungy with its dirty cage, just pop it in the other cage that you’ve cleaned and prepared a couple of days before. Convenient!

Good Indoor Rabbit Cages Design

Awesome Indoor Rabbit Cages Ideas 12

Now that you’re convinced you need two indoor rabbit cages, learn how to choose a good design from shabby ones. Good indoor rabbit cages should have the following features:

1. Wire cage – Stainless wire cage is the best: it’s easy to clean and safe from your bunny’s chewing penchant. Please don’t get those with solid, transparent plastic cage; they’re very bad for your bunny.
2. Width -The cage should have enough room for your rabbit and rabbit cage accessories.
3. Solid floor – Don’t fall for wire mesh floored rabbit cages. They’re bad for your pet rabbit. Solid-floored indoor rabbit cages are still easy to clean because you can potty train your bunny to go only in its litter box.

Awesome Indoor Rabbit Cages Ideas 13

4. Deep plastic bottom – The cage should have deep plastic bottom to contain shavings or hay for your bunny. (Don’t worry about droppings and urine; you can potty train your bunny.)
5. Wide door – Get one with wide door to easily access the rabbit cage accessories especially the litter box.
6. Top load – A top loading cage should allow you easy access to your pet rabbit inside.

Indoor Rabbit Cage Accessories

Awesome Indoor Rabbit Cages Ideas 14

Before you bring home a pet rabbit, be sure the two indoor rabbit cages are ready, furnished with rabbit cage accessories. You need the following essentials:

1. Rabbit litter box
2. Water bottle
3. Substrate (e.g. untreated wood shavings or hay)
4. Rabbit matt or heating/cooling pad
5. Chew toys (lots of it)

Creative Indoor Rabbit Cages for Playing

Awesome Indoor Rabbit Cages Ideas 15

During playtime, however, you have to be creative with your indoor rabbit cages to be both fun to you and safe for your pet rabbit. In this regard, an inverted wicker basket with a bunny door cut on one side is perfect for playtime. You can also use cardboard boxes which your rabbit can chew and your children can play hide and seek with the bunny. There are plenty of options in this regard; just look around and be creative.

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