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Bengal Cat: Big Cat for the Big Boys

Considered the big cat for the big boys, the Bengal cat is an exotic pet that you can get if living with a dog in a condo is too cliché for you. Packed with playful attitude, immunity to common lethal feline viruses and leukemia, and a build of an Asian leopard cat wrapped in an amazing color pattern, you couldn’t ask for anything more from a Bengal. Despite the fact that they are bred by humans by crossing domesticated cat and Asian leopard cat, the Bengal is still considered an exotic pet fetching a price from $1,000 up.

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Why Own a Bengal Cat

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If you set a sight on a Bengal cat, there’s almost no more reason needed to get your own. Beginning on its exotic Asian leopard color pattern, you can see clearly that there’s no other domesticated cat that can come close. Proceeding to its precession built physique; the cat is agile like its wild ancestor. And then there’s its immunity to feline immune virus and other common viruses that are lethal to common housecats, the Bengal is built to last its lifetime. If you want a bonus, the Bengal is short haired, dander free so people with allergies can handle it!

Bengal Cat Temperament

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Although Bengals have Asian leopard cat genes in them, they’re not at all aggressive like wild cats. In fact, they’re affectionate, sweet exotic pet kittens that adore their people. They’re very playful unlike their cousins the housecats that sits almost all day annoyed if you make the slightest move to play with them. A Bengal cat would definitely not pass an opportunity to sniff catnip or play hide and seek in the sofa with you. They’re gentle enough to be handled by your nieces and nephew too.

Bengal Cat Color Pattern

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What attracts people to Bengal cat the most is its distinct coloration. There are basically four color patterns of Bengal cats: spotted to a brown or white background or marbled to a brown or white background. The most common color pattern is the spotted in brown background and the rarest is the marbled in white background, thus it’s the most expensive.

The leopard color pattern of a Bengal clearly shows it’s an exotic pet that demands attention wherever you take your cat. The best spot or marble coloration on a Bengal is that with light surrounded by dark hue.

Exotic Pet Insurance for your Bengal Cat

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Because Bengal cats are exotic, they fetch a price from $1,000 up—they’re expensive but with their life expectancy of up to 16 years, it’s a good investment. Your exotic pet cat will be with you for the long haul. Exotic pets are illegible for exotic pet insurance—you must. It’s an expensive cat to have; an exotic pet insurance should mend possible losses with your pet, if not mend your broken heart. But to be sure, don’t let your pet Bengal roam outside your perimeter for whatever reason if you don’t want to post a lost kitten bill around.

Guide to Buying a Bengal

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The high price of a Bengal attracts fly-by-night, unqualified breeders that results to Bengals that are not properly crossed. These Bengal cats are less immune to diseases—worse they develop signs of inbreeding that causes troubles to your cat’s health. So avoid unnecessary vet cost and heartache by buying from reputable Bengal cat breeders only. These breeders are licensed or a member of one or more Bengal cat owner and breeder associations; look for proof of membership from the breeder before buying your pet Bengal.

Bengals are playful, exotic pet that needs daily attention from their owners. So if you’re a first time cat owner, you might want to learn everything about them before coming home with an exotic pet such as a Bengal cat.

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