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Best Automatic Cat Feeders 2020: Review & Buying Guide

How do you feel when your fluffy cute kitty is all alone while you are at work or traveling? You probably feel stressed out whether your kitty has had enough meals or not. While we become more jam-packed with our schedules an automatic pet feeder could save us from all worries. YES! An automatic pet feeder is an ideal way to control your fur babies’ healthy feeding routines no matter what time is it or where ever you are. With the right automatic cat feeder, you can control their portion size at the regular interval while you are away. Having different kinds of models available in the market it’s difficult to identify the best of best. To help you figure out the right option we have researched some of the best automatic cat feeder 2020 based on the features liked by most of the consumers.

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1. Pet Safe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feede

Pet safe healthy feeder is a well-reviewed and popular option if you are an owner of multiple cats. With advance customization and smart design, Pet safe automatic feeder adds convenience to any pet owner’s life. The feeder is large enough and you don’t have to panic about your pets going hungry for weeks. According to a reviewer “the feeder offers a fair number of options with the flexible proportion of meal a day. One thing that was particularly liked by many is the “PAUSE FEED “option. The paused option allows one to use the feeder while they are outside the home.  This prevents your pet to be dependent on the machine explained by one of the consumers. As for the price, considering its advance features it’s a must-have if you want to add ease to your life. This automatic feeder is highly functional and convenient if you have a busy schedule.

2. Homdox Automatic Pet Feeder

Second, the best-reviewed automatic cat feeder 2020 is the HOMDOX pet feeder. This feeder is a combo of everything you would want in a single machine. The good thing is it’s not complicated and LCD screen can Schedule the exact amount of food needed for cats. What users love about this feeder is that they can record their lovely voice to accompany them – an additional feature for travel lovers. While weight conscious owners loved it for its infrared detection feature which detects the overfeeding of the bowl. Homdox automatic pet feeder has a user-friendly setting panel along with a customized feeding portion. The lid is superbly secured, not even the smartest cat can forcibly open the lid. Homdox is a wise option for those who want to manage their pet weights more effectively by providing an appropriate feeding amount.

3. The Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Feeder

This unique dry food dispenser is suitable for small size cats and dogs. Mostly consumers purchased Cat Mate because it minimizes the cost of overfeeding and health risks. Alternatively, it allows its users to program up to 3 individually sized meals. Moreover, it’s suitable for a pet with special dietary needs. The product can be fairly assembled. Cate Mate is a perfect product for people whose cats constantly try to get more food said the owner of the cat who tried to stick her paw up the nozzle in another machine. So a cat can’t break in this dispenser with snap-lock lid.

4. Automatic Cat Feeder by Tdynasty Design

This novelty designed feeder is one of the frequently bought product. what’s the best thing about this automatic dispenser it can be powered by a power adapter as well as 3 “D” cell alkaline batteries. This means it can keep on working even if the power cuts. Most people found it very easy to control and operate. What more is you can alert your cat for dinner with a recorded voice. The portion control size is pretty much precise and accurate. With an excellent design and practical features, we assure you that your pet will definitely love it.

5. Wopet Automatic Feeder

Another product that made to our best automatic cat feeder 2020 list is Wopet Automatic Feeder.  The sleek white design won’t clash with your home decor and can be fit anywhere in the house. The design is different from regular automatic feeders and is best for pampered cats. The feeder allows up to 4 times a meal a day.  Moreover, the feeding schedule can also be customized according to your cat’s needs. Apart from its unique design which is liked by most users, the feeder offers much more such as dual power supply and infrared detection tech to prevent the food from spilling or stuck in a hole.

6. Romeker Automatic Cat Feeder 4l Smart Pet Feeder

Romeker automatic feeder saves the trouble of adding food frequently. Again, it’s suitable for dry food. The food tank and bowl are washable, easy to clean and can be refilled. Its ability to keep the pet food fresh without getting old or stale is why it made the list of best automatic cat feeder 2020. The head proof keeps the food fresh and dry for your pet. The product works great with two cats. The pet can be easily adapted to this automatic feeder. The food distribution system helps to personalize your pet dry meal portion. This feeder is recommended by people for its easy programming and accurate meal time.

7. Amzdeal Automatic Cat Feeder

What’s amazing about this automatic pet feeder is that it has two food rotors for the pet feeders. YES, you heard it right the product offers several feeders which is why the model is liked by most. You can switch easily to extra smaller meals to cater to your pet needs. So far it’s easy to set and delivers the correct portion for the food setting. Moreover, it can be dissembled into 4 parts making it easy for conscious people to wash without any hassle. The automatic feeder can also record your sweet voice for 12 seconds to call them for meals in case they forget to skip.


8. Wopet Smart Feeder, Automatic Pet Dog and Cat Feeder

The next highly recommended product is the best automatic cat feeder with a camera. what’s best about this model is the instant control from your mobile device. We see different people sharing their pet’s lovely moments with its advance feature of supported recording.  The best automatic cat feeder with camera is good if you want to build good eating habits of your pet which will further allow them to live a healthy and for a longer period. Not only it comes with smart features but it also takes care of your pet tummy by offering two different food portion sizes. So while you miss seeing your kitty on travels, this smart product is an ideal solution to keep a visually check on your pet.

9. Crazy Fire 6l Automatic Cat Feeder

Another best automatic cat feeder with a camera made to our 2020 list is Crazy Fire 6L Automatic feeder. It’s more than a regular pet feeder with a camera. What makes it unique is that It has 1080 HD camera resolution with a clear night vision. While most customers liked the additional feature of a 95-degree viewing angle. With its advance technology the not only it provides the high picture resolution but also keeps your family and pet safe even in darker places. It has a built-in time programmer helping the users control the feeding time and portion size.

10. Xyzcreat Automatic Pet Feeder 7l Food Dispenser for Dogs and Cats

Last but not least the best seller automatic cat feeder with camera is by XYZCREAT. It has been recently upgraded with HD cameras for voice and video recording while you are on holiday or away. You can easily monitor at any time which why it is considered safe for pets. The product has got everything if one wishes to buy it. There is an SD card slot inside which stores all your pet’s happy and fun times.  What wins our heart is that the product offers a special package of the non-slip mat, free for its customers. Not only your cat enjoys meal up to 3 to 4 times a day but you can also manually feed your furry baby anytime simply from a mobile app. Just select the right portion and it will deliver fresh food right away.

Buyers Guide (Frequently Asked Questions)

 What is an automatic cat feeder? how does it work for multiple cats?

An automatic feeder is a feeding tool that can dispense the right portion of food at various times of the day. the best thing about automatic feeder is you can program its serving to single or multiple-use, depending upon your cat needs. It saves one from the hassle of feeding pets on daily basis.  We have mentioned ten best automatic feeders 2020 above. The feeders work great if you own two pets. It helps in managing the right amount of food for both. You don’t have to rush home to feed your lovely kitties. As they will instantly learn what time the food will come out.

How to program an automatic cat feeder?

Generally, it depends upon the type of dispenser you have. Setting up portion size and time is different for each product. Simply begin with filling the reservoir with food. Then select how much food would you want to be dispensed out along with setting time. After that, the machine does the rest of the work. You only have to wash or refill the unit every often.

How many times a day a cat should be fed?

Every cat has different dietary needs, activity level, size, and age. Most adult cats are fed once or twice a day, where growing kittens need access to fresh food constantly. Speak with your vet to determine which feeding schedule suits best for you pet

Key Considerations When Selecting Best Automatic Cat Feeder with Camera

While going for an automatic cat feeder with a camera these key considerations will help you purchase the right item without wasting any time.


Always go for a dual power supply. Some manufacturers often offer testing time. you can use the feeder for a month and see how long it works or how fast the battery consumes. Whether the product has backup power in case the electricity runs out.

Installation and Use

Before purchasing a feeder do check if the system can be easily installed. If it’s less than 5 minutes to plug in, set modes, then you should consider it buying.


Currently, the market offers two types of feeders. The first one enables its users to refill a lot of dry food while the second one offers a small portion and you have to refill after every three days. Based on our research we will recommend purchasing the first type.  As we guess you might have to spend a lot of money so we expect the pet is treated timely while you are on travel.


Though they are costly with advance features, it performs well in all situations. The best Automatic feeder with camera not only feeds your kitten timely but narrows the distance between you and your pet. Hence spending money on a smart feeder is all worth the moments it gives us to cherish.


To sum up these 10 best automatic cat feeder 2020 are extremely satisfying and have the best results so far. Each product has great functions and options for your pet. The high tech features allow one to feed their pet through an app on the mobile. While the regular automatic cat feeders don’t require much effort to reload your pet food frequently. Your comfort level is also very important to us. Therefore, before picking one you must consider your comfort level with technology as well as your lifestyle. These two factors should drive your choices when selecting a feeder. So gain peace of mind knowing your pet is on nutritional schedule.

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