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Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders 2020: Reviews & Topicks

The automatic fish feeder is designed to dispense just the right quantities of fish food into the aquarium. The best automatic fish feeder will dispense the right amount of food into your aquarium at a specific period of the day. Such a fish feeder should also come with several desirable features which may include a rechargeable timer to ensure that the batteries don’t die out when there is no electricity supply and mountable brackets or hooks for easy mounting. The following product reviews and guide will help you make an informed decision.

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Review of the top Best Automatic Fish Feeders

1. Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit

This product is considered to be the best automatic fish feeder 2020 product because it is designed for everyday use. Set it and it will feed your fish every day, whether you are at home or not. It measures 5.87 x 2.7 x 3.43 inches in height, width and depth respectively.

It is convenient to mount on your aquarium or tank and it does not cause any harm to the health of your fish. It comes with an in-built fan plus an effective ventilation system that keeps your food dry and reduces the risks of moldy fish food.

 This is one feeder suitable for fish owners with very busy lifestyles or schedules. This feeder drum has a capacity of 100mls and each fill can last up to 6 weeks depending on the type of food and the amount you set to dispense at a time.

2. Torlam Auto Fish Feeder

This is a moisture-proof electric auto-fish feeder that is programable into four automatic feedings a day. It can deliver single, double and multiple feeding. It comes with two installation methods, one is to fix the feeder to the tank wall with holders, and the other is to paste the feeder with the help of a double-side sticker to the cover of the tank.

With a moisture-free design and a moisture-resistant hopper, the fish feed remains dry hence this may be your best automatic fish feeder for aquarium. This feeder will accommodate all types of fish food, which include pellets, crumbles, and flakes. The pedestal of the feeder rotates at 360 degrees, this makes the feed reach all areas. This feeder also comes with a capacity of 200 ml. which is large enough to feed fishes for along time.

3. API Automatic Fish Feeder

It comes with a pyramid-style fish feeder that can supply feeds for up to 14 days depending on the size of feed and frequencies of feeding. It helps food dissolve slowly and releases them only every few hours.

Simply drop a pyramid containing the feed into the aquarium and let the pyramid release the feed slowly. You must not use a fishbowl or a non-filtered, non-aerated aquarium for this feeding purpose. This automatic feeder is one of the most affordable options out there, hence it may be the ideal option for those budget-conscious fish owners.

This automatic feeder is one of the best options for feeding goldfish species such as lion heads and fantails which are breeds that can be fed with either pellets or flakes.

4. SunGrow Betta Feeding Ring

This 3” long feeder is considered to be the best automatic fish feeder for the betta. This feeder is simply the best because it is a floating feeder, hence it will reduce waste while helping in maintaining tank water quality.

It is designed to encourage the picky eaters like Betta to consume more, it also prevents your fish from being bullied. It relies on multiple floating rings for feeding which means different rings for different fish to eat and avoid scuffles.

Since the feeder rings can keep the food contained, you will be able to reduce debris. By keeping the food inside the feeder directly, it will inhibit the pellets or flakes from floating into unwanted places like the filter. It measures 4 x 4 inches in length and width and can be fit into all tanks conveniently.

5. Zacro Automatic Fish Feeder

This is a rechargeable timer fish feeder that is fully accessorized with extras like USB charger cable, and fish food dispenser for your aquarium.

It is powered by two sources, the rechargeable batteries and the USB charger that can be connected to power directly. A single charged lithium battery can be used for more than 3 months. It comes with a 200 ml large capacity feeding bucket, and it is suitable for different feeds, which are pellets, flakes, and powders.

The intelligent design supports up to 4 feeding times a day, and it fits larger tanks that measure up to 600 Liters. Simply press the power button for about 3 seconds to switch on the feeder, then adjust the discharge hole after pouring the feed, based on your fish easting requirement.

6. petacc Automatic Fish Feeder

A completely programmable fish feeder that is powered by electricity. The feeder is moisture-proof, and it also allows you to feed manually when you want to.

The feed is easy to add, and the 360-degree rotation of the pedestal allows you to rotate the dispensing of the feed. It Can accommodate flakes, pellets and powder feed.

It comes with a capacity of 200 ml, which is enough to keep the fish fed properly even when you are away. Hatch-style feeding is completely adjustable. You can either install the feeder with the support of the holder to the wall or use a double-side sticker to hang it.

This feeder is designed to last long, and it requires little or no maintenance.

7. Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder

This automatic feeder can serve up to 14 different meals. It can be used in feeding all kinds of feed, including pellets. It comes with an easy to use the timer that will provide between 1 and 4 meals per day depending on the setting.

The timer is a reliable quartz timer and the battery comes with a condition indicator that indicates when to recharge it. It is versatile in nature and installation is easy with brackets provided to attach the feeder to the side of the glass of the aquarium.

This feeder is designed to feed most fish species from tropical and cold-water fish and it is mostly suited for small and medium-size aquarium with up to 150 liters capacity.

8. Petfull Automatic Fish Feeder

This may not be the best automatic fish feeder for flakes, but it will surely deliver flakes, pellets and powder fish meals efficiently. It is not suitable for nano tanks and it can deliver a minimum of 2g of feed.

This is one of the largest automatic fish feeders around as it features a 500 ml capacity, which will conveniently hold enough feed for several days. The electric feed dispenser can schedule up to 4 meals a day and you can adjust portions according to the feeding needs of the fish.

It also comes with an upgraded, innovative design with a food outlet that is completely sealed. The dispenser is moisture-proof, and the barrel is transparent enough to see through the remaining quantity of feed.

3 clamps support multi-angle installation that makes the feeder suitable for all aquariums.

9. PELEPET Automatic Fish Feeder

The auto-timer fish feeder can be your ideal fish feeding device especially when you travel. It comes with 2 AA batteries that will last for up to 6 months when fully charged.

It is very easy to use with its inbuilt programable system where you can choose frequency and timing for feeding, once you attach the feeder to the tank. This product comes with a net and a thermometer that helps you measure the temperature of the water inside the tank.

It comes with an effortless design where you can attach it to the side of your tank. The auto-feeding unit can serve all kinds of fish food which are pellets, powder, and flakes.

One of the main advantages of this feeder is that it can be installed in minutes.

10. UPETTOOLS Fish Feeder

This is one of the best fish feeders around because it comes with 2 fish feed dispensers. The timer setting modes are 12 and 24 hours, and there is a manual feeder option. The two different food dispensers offer 50g and 100g and there is a slide you can use in controlling the output of food.

The automatic feeder works with two AA batteries and these are not included in the package. With the aid of the holder at the tank top, simply fix the feeder to your aquarium and that is how simple it is to install.

This feeder will automatically feed all types of fish foods, including pellets, powders, strips, and flakes. It can feed all types of fish species, and other animals like frogs, and turtles. The feeder must be kept over the water level to keep it dry.

Review of the Best Automatic Fish Feeder (FAQs)

Just like many other products online, there are certain factors you must consider when choosing the best automatic fish feeder for yourself;

Question: Which type of automatic fish feeder should I go for?

Answer: There are two types of automatic fish feeders you can find, these are; Rotating barrel fish feeders, and portion-controlled fish feeders. The rotating barrel fish feeders come with the simplest designs and they normally rotate at up to 360 degrees to release food into your tank. The amount of food released into the take will depend on the hole size of the barrel but you can control how big the food hole on the barrel should be.

This type of barrel holds more food than the portion-controlled, hence they may be the ideal option if you are traveling for a very long time. There are some models of the barrels feeders that can hold up to 6 weeks of fish feed.  

The issue with barrel automatic feeders is that they often come with one compartment which can be unsuitable for community aquariums and they may not disperse food evenly when you feed them with multiple kinds of feed.

If you want to mix flakes and pellets, for instance, a barrel feeder may release too many flakes with fewer pellets, which means the bottom-living fish species may go hungry because they consume pellets more than flakes. For this reason, barrel automatic feeders are more efficient for just one type of fish food. You should also avoid using this feeder for larger, dried foods because some can block the opening of the barrel.

On the other hand, portion-controlled fish feeders will allow you to control the amount of food you introduce into the fish tank at any given time. It is more suitable for those on a budget, who want to ensure that their fish pets are no over-fed.

The portion-controlled automatic feeder comes with arranged trays and you will fill each tray with the food you want to release into the tank at a time and you set the timer. At the feeding time set on your timer, all the contents in one tray will be emptied into the tank. For this reason, you can use one tray for pellets, and another for powder feeds or flakes.

With the portion-controlled feeder, you can measure each type of feed and then mix them ensuring that the top, middle and bottom fish dwellers get the right quantities of food they deserve. Most models of these feeders come with 10-14 different compartments and you can feed your fish even if you are traveling for up to 14 days.

Question: What type of installation should I go for?

Answer: The type of installation you go for will depend on the size of your tank. Some installation options are suitable only for small and medium aquariums, others are only suitable for larger tanks. You must choose an automatic feeder that will comfortably sit on top or side of your aquarium.

Most models of automatic feeders come with brackets that make it easier to mount them outside of the aquarium. Some models do come with suction cups to mount the feeder at the top and sides of the fish tank.

For convenience sake, the options of feeders with mountable brackets will help you clean and measure your fish food better without contaminating the water in the tank. Though this does not mean the feeder that relies on suction cups for installation will automatically contaminate the fish water, you have to consider the risks of making errors, especially when adding the food.  

When mounting the automatic feeder, you must position the device in such a way that it does not come in contact or interfere with the functioning of other equipment like aerators.

Question: What other factors do I need to consider when choosing an automatic fish feeder?

Answer: The power source of the automatic feeder is another key consideration. Some feeders can be powered directly from electric sources, and others rely on rechargeable AA batteries. Some products do come with AA batteries included, and for some products, you have to buy the rechargeable batteries separately.

In places where public electricity supplies are stable, you should opt for electrically powered automatic feeders and in places where electricity supply is intermittent, you should rather go for the feeders with rechargeable batteries.

You must follow the instructions that come with the manual when installing your automatic fish feeder. Doing this will help prevent higher risks of errors. It is also important that you test the timer before using it fully in feeding your fish. You may also want to consider automatic feeder manufacturers who offer moneyback guaranty and limited warranties on their product. An ideal manufacturer must offer a reliable customer care support online, to help you deal with any technical or non-technical issue with your automatic feeder. For convenience sake, you should also consider a product that is made of durable material that can withstand moisture and other adverse weather conditions.


While budgeting is very important when it comes to buying automatic fish feeders, you must not be lured away by ridiculously low prices. You should consider top quality design and functionality over any other factor. It is quite common to see some beginner users of automatic feeders to buy products that are too large or too small for their tanks. You need to pay attention to the tank size requirements before you purchase the feeder. Many automatic fish feeders come at varying sizes of 100-200 ml. This is the amount of food they can hold at a particular time, and the larger the size, the bigger the tank size requirements.  

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