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Best Bedding For Rabbits 2020: Reviews & Buying Guides

Are you tired of changing your rabbit’s bedding every single time? I know finding the best bedding for rabbits can be quite difficult especially when you don’t know the qualities to look out for. Don’t worry this article contains a review of the best rabbit beddings available on the market. We have also taken the time out to put in a buyer’s guide to make your search a lot less stressful. I guess you are becoming excited!

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When searching for the right rabbit bedding, you may want to put some certain qualities into consideration. I know you love quality so you need to keep an eye for the odor control and absorbency. Good rabbit bedding should be able to absorb moisture up to three times its size.

In terms of odor control, many rabbit beddings come with added perfumes and scents which may smell great but can be bad for your rabbit’s health. Putting these features into consideration, we have been able to put together 10 of the best rabbit beddings in the market.

Best Rabbit Beddings Review

1. Carefresh Complete Rabbit Bedding

When it comes to finding maximum benefits in your rabbit’s product, this rabbit bedding by Carefresh is a great choice. Made solely from soft and comfortable material, it can provide all you need from super absorbance to low maintenance. Once you get this bedding, you will no longer have to worry about what to put at the base of your rabbit cage.

The bedding is undoubtedly enough to keep your rabbit feeling more comfortable than ever once it is in place. Worrying about proper hygiene of your rabbit will become a thing of the past as this bedding is safe for your rabbit’s health. It offers good hygiene as it is made from Comfyfluff, a material that offers numerous benefits including odor resistance of up to 10 days

Based on its design, it is no doubt that comfort is one thing in the mind of the manufacturers. This bedding offers a cozy place for your rabbit to tuck in.

2. Kaytee Clean and Cozy Rabbit Bedding

The Katy clean and cozy rabbit bedding is one bedding product that appears to be perfect for small animals. It is made from materials that are confirmed to be free of toxic chemicals, making it unable to cause illnesses or allergies to your pet. So in other words, we can boldly say that the Katy clean and cozy rabbit bedding is safe and healthy for your rabbit.

This rabbit bedding completely fulfills the need for a proper rabbit bedding as it offers a comfortable environment that is safe for burrowing. The manufacturers of this product understand the importance of maintaining proper hygiene for pets. That is why they ensured that this bedding is made solely from raw materials to maintain a proper hygiene level for your rabbit.

3. Small Pet Select Natural Pulp Rabbit Bedding – BEST BEDDING FOR RABBITS 2020

The Small Pet Select Natural Pulp Rabbit Bedding is perfectly designed to suit small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice. Unlike regular beddings, this is made completely from paper that has not been printed on before. The makers of this product believe that using paper that hasn’t been printed on makes it natural enough for rabbits.

Made from unbleached paper, this bedding can absorb moisture at a very fast speed making the best bedding for rabbit 2020. With this bedding, maximum protection is provided for your rabbit thanks to its zero-addictive property. By maintaining the highest quality standards, this bedding can provide essential and extraordinary habitat for your rabbit.

This extra soft and fluffy bedding is made without the use of any harmful ingredient or chemical. So if you’re looking for safe bedding for your rabbit, you can always count on this product.

4. Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Rabbit Bedding

As a rabbit owner, you may be confused between using granule, wood, or paper-based beddings for your rabbit cage. If you are one of such rabbit owners, then the Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Rabbit Bedding is just what you need. This super soft and fluffy rabbit bedding is made from unbleached paper that is prepared through a non-toxic process.

With the high absorbance power of this bedding, your rabbit will always feel comfortable whenever it wants to relax. It also features odor control which happens to be a lot more effective than other rabbit beddings. Its odor control is a huge bonus when it comes to maintaining proper hygiene levels for your little furry friend.

5. Kaytee Aspen Rabbit Bedding Bag

If there is any material that is considered to be the best for rabbit bedding, it is crispy wood shavings. Kaytee Aspen Rabbit Bedding Bag consists of these crispy wood shavings, making it one of the best rabbit beddings out there. With the wood shavings present in the bedding, your rabbit can easily carry out its natural habit of burrowing.

Unlike other similar rabbit beddings, the Kaytee Aspen Rabbit Bedding Bag is designed to be up to 99% dust-free. The bedding is made from hardwood since many rabbits are fond of feeling more comfortable in rigid and firm bedding. Also, this rabbit bedding does not contain any chemical or artificial aroma as it’s odor control feature is completely natural.

Despite being made from wood shavings, the bedding still does not cause any allergy to small pets. One mind-blowing fact is that this bedding can be used in different habitats including an aquarium.

6. Carefresh Complete Natural Rabbit Bedding Confetti

Quality absorbance is one of the most crucial purposes of rabbit bedding, and this rabbit bedding by Carefresh fulfills that purpose. With this rabbit bedding, you no longer have to worry too much about cleaning as the bedding does not stick to the base. When it comes to odor control, the formula used in making the bedding is laboratory approved and can prevent odor for up to 10 days.

Based on the size mentioned on the box, you can easily expand the Carefresh rabbit bedding to your preferred size. This particular rabbit bedding is mainly suited for small pets like guinea pigs, hamsters, and dwarf rabbits. If you’re worried about exposing your rabbit to harmful chemicals, you have to take into consideration that this bedding is made from non-toxic materials.

7. Small Pet Select Paper Bedding for Bedding

You might be wondering why this particular bedding has a unique color compared to other beddings. The odd color of the bedding makes it easy for you to spot and pick up when cleaning up your rabbit’s litter. Based on the long term experience of the manufacturers, they have been able to make the beddings to be hygienic and absorbent.

With the use of non-recycled paper in the production of the bedding, this rabbit bedding can absorb moisture. The paper used in the production is also unbleached, making the bedding to be fluffy and soft enough for your rabbit. It is also a great option for bedding as it prevents allergies thanks to its 99% dust-free feature.

You can smoothly fix the bedding into the cage thanks to the proper base that comes with the bedding. Customers who have purchased this product have confirmed the authenticity of the features of this bedding.

8. Carefresh Custom Rabbit Bedding

Fluffiness is one rare feature that rabbit owners are always looking out for when finding a perfect rabbit bedding. Carefresh custom rabbit bedding offers this rare mixture of fluffiness and softness to keep your rabbit feeling comfortable at all times. The softness and fluffiness of this bedding come from the use of Comfyfluff which is quite popular for its smooth and tender nature.

The white color of the bedding adds to its charm and also makes it very easy to spot when cleaning up the cage. Capable of preventing bad odor for up to 10 days, this bedding saves you the stress of having to replace it all the time. Its odor control feature makes it stand out as one of the best beddings for complete odor control.

Besides its softness and odor control, this rabbit bedding provides a dust-free feature of up to 99%. This bedding is not just ordinary rabbit bedding; it is specially designed to suit nesting purposes.

9. Small Pet Select Aspen Rabbit Bedding

This small Pet Select Aspen Rabbit Bedding is made from wood shavings gotten from high-quality wood. Some may argue that wood shavings are less absorbent, but this bedding is still able to fulfill the purpose of a regular rabbit bedding. The material used in making this bedding goes through a series of processes to ensure that it is comfortable for your pet.

Despite being made from wood shavings, this bedding is so good at containing bad odors that people think it contains additives. However, the makers of this bedding claim that the wood used contain no additives of synthetic oil. They claim that the materials used in the production do not consist of any harmful chemicals as it contains only natural wood aroma.

10. Small Pet Selects Rabbit Pellet Bedding

When looking for something super absorbent and extra choice, this rabbit bedding is an ideal choice for you. It comes in the form of pellets made solely from pine and does not include any odor control formula or artificial ingredients. Based on research, pellet beddings are known to absorb moisture up to 3 times better than paper fibers and wood shavings.

This pellet bedding can control odor from the cage for as long as 10 days, saving you the stress of changing it always. However, the makers of this bedding advise that you make the beddings with caution while following the guideline on the package. Like other pellet beddings, this rabbit bedding is known for being incredibly soft, fluffy, and comfortable for rabbits.

Buyer’s Guide

How will I dispose of my rabbit bedding?

You can compost some rabbit beddings that are made to be biodegradable, which is a good feature for bedding. Some other bedding can be disposed of in a trash can. Ensure to dispose of the beddings properly to prevent it from producing a bad odor.

How often should I change my rabbit bedding?

To keep your rabbit’s cage feeling fresh and comfortable for your rabbit, you have to change the beddings at regular intervals. You should ensure to clean the cage and change the bedding at least once in every month.

Is it okay if my rabbit eats its bedding?

When you see your rabbit eating its bedding instead of the hay in its cage, you have to check and ensure that the hay in its cage is still fresh. You have to put into consideration that your rabbit may still decide to eat its bedding despite having fresh hay in its litter box.

Vital considerations when selecting Best Beddings for Rabbit

When choosing the right bedding for your rabbit, there are few things you need to put into consideration before making a choice.

Odor Control

This feature does not require too much explanation. It is best to get a rabbit bedding that comes with a proper odor control mechanism. This will help prevent unwanted foul odor from the cage.


Safety is a fundamental feature you have to look out for when choosing a rabbit bedding. You need to choose a rabbit bedding that is safe for your rabbit. Getting bedding with no harmful chemicals or toxins is essential for your rabbit.


For a rabbit bedding to be effective, it has to be able to absorb moisture comfortably. Having a rabbit bedding with high absorbency saves you the stress of having to change the bedding often.


Comfort is another factor that you cannot possibly rule out when choosing a rabbit bedding. Getting comfortable bedding is vital for rabbits as they spend a lot of time on their bedding.


In conclusion, this list of the best rabbit beddings contains incredible choices when looking for the right bedding for your pet. Every single rabbit bedding on the list has a unique feature that makes it stand out among the rest.

These beddings are enough to keep your rabbit feeling more comfortable than ever once they are in place. Bothering yourself about proper hygiene of your rabbit will become a thing of the past as these beddings offer safety to your rabbit’s health. They also offer good hygiene as most of them are made from Comfyfluff, a material that offers numerous benefits including odor resistance of up to 10 days.

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