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Best Bird Baths 2021: Reviews & Buying Guides

Do you enjoy watching birds in your backyard? Besides the use of bird feeders, you can consider adding one of the best bird baths to your patio. One of the best ways to get up close and personal with birds is to lure them into your yard with the use of a birdbath.

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Birdbaths are available in many styles to accommodate any size limitations, budget constraints, or personal preferences you have. So no matter your preference there will surely be one that will work for you!

We have reviewed dozens of bird baths to present a list of the best. We looked at the materials they were made of, how much they cost, and what customers had to say about them.

Best Bird Baths Review

1. Best Choice Products Outdoor bath for birds on foot

If you want a birdbath that looks elegant and has an antique finish, then you will love this free choice birdbath by Best Choice Products. The Fleur-de-Lys accent at the foot of the pedestal and the false sparrows on the top will attract you to this birdbath. Although it is plastic, it is very durable and heavy enough not to tip over even with several birds perched on the edge.

The downside to this product is that you cannot use it in winter. The extreme cold will make the plastic fragile, which has happened to many customers. You may begin to notice a crack in the hairline when winter passes and it can cause you to leave it aside.

2. Heated Mounted Bird Baths- Best Bird Bath 2020

Since the problem with the previous birdbath that we mentioned is that it cannot stand the cold, we have found one who can. That’s why we have ended up in this heated bird bath by Allied Precision Industries, and you’ll be glad you did too. One amazing thing you’ll like most about this bathroom is that you can use it during the winter.

It keeps the water temperature just above the freezing point so that the water does not freeze. The water does not heat up to the touch, which is a good thing since birds don’t exactly like hot water. One thing some customers don’t like is that the frame is very thin. It can be easily broken by extending the tilt of the basin too far to get rid of the dirty water.

3. Songbird Essentials Heated birdbath

Songbird Essentials is one of my favorite bird-watching brands. Your heated bathroom is simply amazing. It is very stable and has anchors on its legs to prevent it from falling even in strong winds.

What some customers don’t like about this birdbath is that the pool is too shallow. It is only a little over an inch deep. The good news is that birds love it! But you may have to refuel every other day, which is a little painful.

4. Burley Clay Hummingbird Bird Bath

If you like handmade products, you will like this bath set made by Burley Clay. This one is entire of clay, which is a bit heavy. You will like that it is not easily knocked over even by strong winds.

The texture is very nice and you will love the painting and the hummingbirds in relief. The inside of the basin comes with a shiny finish and therefore adds to the reflection of the water, inviting more birds.

The only drawback to this birdbath is that it can be difficult to turn the sink to lock it. The clay bottom causes friction against the clay top of the pedestal. However, you can put some oil on it to make it easy to twist.

5. Peaktop Solar Bird Bath 3216980

Humans love all beautiful things, especially for our gardens. This is why this glass birdbath will look like a home in the flowery part of your garden. You will love that it is even beautiful at night because of the sunlight that illuminates the birdbath and the water.

Even your guests will be impressed. What you may not like about this product is the stand. It is quite unstable and can be easily overturned.

Fortunately, the glass will not break when it falls on the ground. However, you can drill holes on the bottom of the posts, put a wire in it and tie each leg to a brick to keep them from falling.

6. Solatec Solar Fountain- Best Bird Bath Fountain

Do you know what attracts birds to a birdbath more than anything? It’s a water shower. And if they see that their birdbath can give them a “shower”, they will want to stay. This is why this Solatec solar birdbath is one of the biggest successes in any garden.

The day you install this amazing birdbath on a base, the bath will immediately double the number of birds. They seem to enjoy watching the water splash. The only drawback of this device is that it will not work if there is only partial sun or if part of the panel is covered with leaves. Also, it is not a birdbath, but an accessory for a birdbath.

 7. VIVOHOME Bird Bath & Fountain Solar Combo

Many bird bath owners like old-fashioned birdbaths because they add glamor to their gardens. This is why you will fall in love at first glance with this birdbath from VivoHome. Also, it has its own set of solar power sources!

We firmly believe that water sources are more attractive to birds and you will not be disappointed with the performance of this product. Add that to the fact that the pedestal and sink are made of weather-resistant polyresin, which means it can be used all year round without cracking or damaging.

The only thing you may not like about this outfit is the suction cup. It should be able to prevent the panel and fountain from floating and spraying water out of the bathroom, but they will not stick to the bottom of the sink.

8. Evergreen Garden Hanging Glass Bird Bath

If you want a simple but elegant birdbath, this Evergreen could be for you. It has a Tiffany-inspired design that shines in the sun and attracts more birds. It looks like a work of art.

What I like most about this birdbath is that it is sturdy. It is well balanced and can connect it to a branch or pole. This birdbath is deep enough that you don’t have to add water often.

The birdbath is also easy to clean and maintain. The only drawback to this birdbath is that it breaks when the water freezes in winter. Some customers who bought two complained that one of them broke, so he immediately brought the other before it broke.

9. Sunnydaze 2-Tier Birdbath Water Fountain- Best Birdbath Fountain

For customers that are looking for a birdbath that looks “old”, this Birdbath at two levels would be perfect for you. It has a stone finish which gives the impression that it should be placed on certain grounds of the castle. This bath is very well done and it’s one of our favorite birdbaths.

This freestanding birdbath is made of polyresin and durable fiberglass. It has a pump that conducts water from the lower basin to the upper basin, forcing it to overflow and pour water into the lower basin.

If there’s one thing I don’t like about this birdbath, it’s that it can be knocked over by a very strong wind. You can decide to find L-shaped hooks to keep it constantly on the ground.

10. Gray Bunny GB-6876 Mounted Bridge Songbird Spa

When you want the birds to get close, there is no better way than to place your birdbath directly on your terrace. Gray Bunny offers this deck mounted bird bath that can be installed in as little as two minutes. What customers like most about this product are that it is very easy to install, separate, and clean?

The plastic container can be easily picked up, washed, and replaced. Its bowl is deep enough for the birds to bathe quickly. The only disappointing aspect of this product is that the wind can blow the basin, especially when the water has dried halfway.

Since you can’t always check if you have more than half a bowl of water to keep it from flying off, you can decide to punch a hole in one side of the lip and tie it with a wire to support.

Buyer’s Guide

How to prevent birds from falling into the water?

Choose a bath just 1 to 2 inches deep, or add rocks, logs, or gravel to the bottom of the basin to make it shallower and give the birds a safer base. Adding several sticks to the top of the tub can also deter birds from entering the water, but that won’t stop them from drinking.

What can I put in the birdbath to keep it clean?

To keep your birdbath sparkling, simply rinse it and rub it with nine parts of water, one part of vinegar. Avoid synthetic soaps and cleaners; They can remove essential oils from the bird’s feathers. And be sure to fill the water every other day to avoid disturbing you.

How can I prevent algae from growing in my birdbath?

To prevent algae from growing in a birdbath, change the water daily to keep it cool, and prevent the algae from spreading. You can also add a pump or dropper to the water to keep the water moving and to hinder the growth of algae.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bird Bath

It may be amazing to visit a wild bird store or a garden store that offers a wide range of different models of birdbaths. Fortunately, with deeper contemplation, you can determine which model is most suitable for you and your feathered friends. When deciding between multiple birdbaths, consider the following factors:


If you choose a birdbath design that you prefer little, you will not be as eager to keep it tidy and full of water. So take a bath that suits the style, personality, and decoration of your garden. That way you can still enjoy it, even if there are no birds around.


The height of a birdbath is crucial for birds to drink and bathe happily. The smaller birds are comfortable in the upper baths because they offer them a more excellent field of vision, on the other hand, the larger birds like ducks, quail, and pigeons prefer to drink or bathe from models designed with ground-level basins.

Selling price

Choose the best brand of a birdbath that you can buy within your budget and a model that you think will delight your birds by drinking and bathing. Whichever you choose, always inspect the features and functionality of the model you are looking to buy.


Whether you choose a pedestal, hanging styles, or other basic designs and models, keep in mind that the basic design should depend on where you plan to place the birdbath. A wide pedestal model is not an ideal choice for a patio without adequate level areas, while a hanging model is not recommended if you do not have a safe place to hang it.

Movement of water

As mentioned above, moving water is good for attracting more birds than standing water in a flat basin. The models that come with fogger, bubbler, dripper, fountain, or water jet are more remarkable options for captivating a wide range of bird species. These models will also reduce the growth of algae and insects by making it easier to maintain and clean your birdbath.


Choose the model that can be used all year round. A long-term heated bird bath is recommended if you live in northern winters that have long winter periods. In the meantime, if you live in warmer regions, opt for those that have a larger capacity and that will not evaporate easily.


Based on reviews, using the burst bird baths can help improve the number of visits you get from birds. Sometimes, it seems like birds often invite other birds to visit a place with their everyday needs.

When you install a birdbath in your garden, you’ll be surprised by the different types and colors of birds that will visit you daily. Your garden will automatically become a one-stop for bird watchers and photographers around.

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