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Best Cat Collar 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

The best cat collar is more than a mere safety device, it serves a wide range of other purposes that will be beneficial to you and your cat. It is possible to find a car collar that comes with a GPS tracker to help track down the location of the cat when it goes astray. It is also possible to find cat collars that work with wireless Bluetooth for tracking the location of the cat. Regardless of the type of collar you are looking for, you should choose the most convenient, durable, and price-saving collar for your cat.

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Review of the Best Cat Collars

1. Loc8tor Pet Tracker and Tracking Cat Collar

This is arguably the best cat collar with GPS because it is fully accessorized. It is made with the best RF-based technology; hence it is more accurate than most other pet trackers in the market.

With this tracker, there are no monthly subscription fees for tracking, simply pay a once-off fee and put the tracker on your cat. This ultimate pet locator has won several awards. It weighs just 5g hence it is very lightweight on your cat’s neck. It works both indoors and outdoors at a range of 400 ft, you can also use it to track your keys and some other smaller items.

The device comes with a dual-directional technology to send you audio and visual signals to locate your cat. It comes with 2 transmitters and with the push of a button, it activates a beep on the collar.

2. 6-pack Reflective Cat Collar with Bell

If you are looking for the best cat collar to help you save money, then this should be your number one choice. The 6-pack means you are buying 6 collars for the price of one. The reflective design also makes it easier to locate your cat even in the dark because the material reflects light from all angles.

Top-quality collars come in 6 different colors- Purple, orange, pink, green, blue, and red. They are made from top quality nylon material. One desirable feature of these collars is that their sizes are adjustable from 7-11” hence they fit all sizes of cats effectively.

The collars are durable and can be washed and maintained easily. You can replace the collars within 30 days if you are not satisfied and they also come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

3. TabCat Pet Tracking Cat Collar Tracker System 

This is arguably the best cat collar tracker you can find, even the manufacturers stated clearly that it is the country’s number one cat tracker. It comes with 2 tags that can also help you identify your cat easily. This product is more accurate than many GPS trackers out there. Just pay a once-off fee and the tracker becomes yours. There are no subscription fees.

Made from the highest quality material, this tracker-collar will resist water and other weather conditions efficiently. The award-winning collar tracker can also help you track other items like smartphone and keys.

It comes with a 100% money back guaranty plus a limited lifetime warranty that covers all components of the collar. This product comes in black color and it comes with a transmitter that gives you signals toward the location of your cat.

4. PACCOMFET FUNPET 6 Pcs Breakaway Cat Collar Reflective Nylon 

According to best cat collar 2020 reviews, this product is one of the best nylon-material cat collars you should go for. The pack will save you money because it comes with 6 different colored collars. It comes with a strip bell, that can also speed up the tracking of your cat.

It is designed to be durable and safe on the animal. It is made from high-quality nylon plus a reflective material that makes it easier to locate your cat in the dark. These are breakaway cat collars that can be easily removed and added to the cat’s neck. They can be adjusted within 8 and 11 inches of neck sizes; hence they are suitable for most cats.

5. Hartz UltraGuard Collar

This is the best collar you should consider for your cat if you are worried about pests such as ticks and fleas. It is capable of killing and repelling common pests that attack cats outdoors. It is mostly suitable for cats and kittens for 12 weeks and older.

The collar is well-scented to repel flea, ticks, and their larvae and eggs. The collar also comes with a reflective strip that will direct light from 450 ft distance to the dog, especially at night. The collar is water-resistant; hence your cat can take a walk even in the rain without the fear of the collar being damaged.

It comes with a safety release snap and a breakaway design to keep the cat safe always. .

6. CollarDirect Cat Collar with Bell Floral Pattern

This beautiful cat collar will make your cat very fashionable. It comes with a width of 3/8” and can be adjusted between 7 and 11 “. It comes in a set of 2 pieces, and each piece has a set of 3 color combinations.

Each of the collars comes with a breakaway buckle plus a bell that rings to help you discover your pet’s location. The quality nylon material provides extra comfort for the cat while walking, running, and hiking. The collar can be easily maintained without losing its reflective and water-resistant capabilities.

With this product, you will get 2 collars for the price of one which is a money-saving opportunity especially if you have a budget.

7. Misona Cat Collar Adjustable Collars

This is a collar designed to repel fleas and ticks in addition to helping you track your pet safely. It is an all-size length hence it can be adjusted to suit any neck size. It does not trigger any allergic reaction, and can also be used for cats with dry and sensitive skin.

This cat collar has a blend of essential oils to help repel fleas, ticks, and other pets that can attack your cat outdoors. It is completely water-proof hence you don’t have to remove it when bathing or when a cat is active in the rain.

It is safe for both cats and humans. It also comes with a free replacement from the manufacturer if it gets damaged. The product also comes with a limited manufacturer warranty that covers all parts. It measures 15” in length.

8. EXPAWLORER 6 Pcs Wave Point Adjustable Cat Collars

This is another money-saver because it comes in a pack of 6 collars. They also come in 6 different beautiful colors plus bell and a breakaway buckle for convenience.

The nylon material is durable and lightweight; hence it provides more comfort for the cat under any condition. The collar can be easily adjusted between 8 and 12” which is enough for most cat sizes. safety is guaranteed with the automatic snap included in each collar and this will help your cat break loose when trapped.

The bright colors on the collars will reflect right from far distances to alert cat owners. It comes with a moneyback guarantee for customer satisfaction. The adjustable collars can be easily washed and dried without losing their characteristic features.

9. Joytale Breakaway Cat Collar with Bow Tie and Bell

If you love taking your cat for social engagements, this should be one of your considerations. Very stylish with its bow and tie design. It measures3/8” in width but it can be adjusted at the neck region between 7 and 11”.

The breakaway buckle is very useful when the cat encounters danger. The breakaway buckle will quickly be released in a dangerous situation to allow the cat to escape. The bow of the collar is tied to the collar through an elastic loop. The collar is also removable and replaceable easily.

The included bell accessory will produce some melodious tunes to help you locate your cat quickly. It comes in multiple colors which are; red, Teal, blue, green, black, plaid, and orange.

10. Necoichi Chirimen Cat Collar with Clover Bell

This is one of the most fascinating hand-crafted cat collars you can find in the market today. It comes in one-size-fits-all design, and the rayon fabric is one of the most durable materials you can find around.

The rayon material is thick and can withstand your cat’s outdoor and indoor adventures. The material can be easily adjusted on the cat’s neck within 5-13” in length. It is available in baby blue, pastel pink, and navy-blue color.

The sophisticatedly designed cat collars will last long, and comfortable. The safety breakaway buckle on the collar will allow the cat to break away when in danger. It measures just 0.8 ounces in weight; hence it does not add extra weight to your cat.

Questions (FAQs): Buying Guide

How do I measure my cat for a collar?

It is important to measure your cat before you choose a collar so that you can avoid too loose or too tight a collar. Simply measure the width and length of the cat with the tape measure while allowing 1 or 2 fingers to fit in-between the measuring tape.
If your fingers are big, then a finger in-between the tape and the neck should be enough. Too tight collars can irritate the skin of the cat, and make sure you consider a cat that is still growing and look for the adjustable collar, otherwise, you will have to replace the collar.

How do I measure my cat for a collar?

It is important to measure your cat before you choose a collar so that you can avoid too loose or too tight a collar. Simply measure the width and length of the cat with the tape measure while allowing 1 or 2 fingers to fit in-between the measuring tape.
If your fingers are big, then a finger in-between the tape and the neck should be enough. Too tight collars can irritate the skin of the cat, and make sure you consider a cat that is still growing and look for the adjustable collar, otherwise, you will have to replace the collar.

Are breakaway collars important?

The answer is Yes! Sometimes, your cat may get entangled in some dangerous situations that may involve the collar being hooked.
The breakaway buckle will be automatically activated and the cat can break loose from such situations without getting injured. Breakaway snaps or buckles are safety features that are desirable in any collar.

What type of collar is the best?

When it comes to the type of material used in designing cat collars, perhaps the nylon materials tend to be the most comfortable.
Materials like leather, plastics, and metals can create injuries on the neck of a cat especially when they are too tight. Since nylon materials can stretch, they can accommodate cats’ behaviors.
Nylon materials are also known to be easy to maintain. You can wash them and dry them quickly and re-use them for as long as you want. Plastic and metal collars can get broken or damaged at any time due to exposure to sunlight and the fact that they are not waterproof. Nylon collars are water-proof and can withstand exposure to direct sunlight for hours.

What is the best tracking range for cat collars?

The tracking range for cat trackers with GPS can vary from 1ft. to over 400 ft. The longer the range, the better and quicker you can track your cat, especially in difficult situations. For this reason, one of the factors you must consider before settling for a cat collar is the range of tracking.


This content has given you an insight into steps you need to take to choose the best cat collar for your adorable pet. It has also provided information on the best-selling cat collars online. You need to ensure that you follow the guide to avoid making the wrong choice. It is also important to keep in mind that compromising quality for the price is a serious mistake. You should always make it a priority to get the most comfortable, adjustable tracking collar that your cat will love to wear at any time. You may want to consider buying more than one collar type at a time to discover the most suitable option, for your cat.

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