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Top 10 Best Cat Nail Caps 2020: Reviews & Buying Guides

The best cat nail caps are more than tiny plastic nail covers that glue to the nails of your cats. They help minimize or prevent damages caused by sharp claws of the cat on your household items and even to the people around them. These nail claws are completely safe and humane to the cats and the environment at large. They are the most suitable options to de-clawing the nails of your cat, therefore they offer great convenience.

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Best Cat Nail Caps Reviews.

1. Kitty Caps Nail Caps for Cats

Safe and stylish caps for cats. It is one of the most suitable options for declawing. It comes in a large size but you can also find it in the medium, extra small and small sizes. You may also find this product in a pack of 3, which is even more budget-friendly.

You need to trim just the tip of the cat’s nail before covering them with these caps. With this product, you should expect no more snags. It is ideal for all ages of cats and kittens, even the newborn kittens will have their claws checked properly with these caps.

The easy steps written on the guide will have your cat’s nails done in a few minutes. The caps can be on the cat’s nails for as long as you want.

2. YMCCOOL 100pcs Cat Nail Caps

It comes in a pack of 100, this product is a money-saver. They are soft claw covers that come with adhesive glue applicator and instructional manual. This package is all you need for the effective application of cat nail caps on your feline pet.

The safe and comfortable caps come in vibrant colors, that are attractive. The caps are made from the natural vinyl resin material, and will not be affected by the normal contraction and expansion of the cat’s paws. Most cats will adjust quickly to these caps.

There are 10 different colors in the package, and they are packaged in a durable material. You can get 24/7 support from the manufacturers online as well as a money-back guaranty for any default. They come in 4 different sizes, these are small, large, medium and extra-large.

3. VICTHY 140pcs Cat Nail Caps

Another set of colorful cat nail caps with glue and applicators. Made from natural vinyl resin, and they are non-toxic, natural and comfortable for the cat. They come in different sizes and if they don’t fit your cat, you can ask for a replacement at no extra cost or a full refund of your money.  

The cat caps do not interfere in your cat’s normal routine, it will help reduce the risks or prevent cat claw scratches diseases. They can also help you protect your cat from itself by scratching wounds and scars. The caps will help protect your clothing and furniture from cat scratches efficiently. Each application of these caps will last for between 2 and 6 weeks until the cat naturally sheds its nails.

Most cats will adjust to these caps in no time. They come in 14 different colors in 1 pack.

4. JOYJULY 140pcs Pet Cat Kitty Soft Claws Caps

With 140 pieces of claw caps in this package, you don’t need to purchase any other pack in a very long time. The caps come in 10 different glittering colors, and they also come with 7 different adhesive glue plus 7 applicators with an instructional manual.

Made from the natural vinyl resin, this product is designed for cats that are older than 5 months. The colors used in designing the caps include; orange, white purple, yellow, green, clear and black. The opening end of the caps can be cut, especially if the sizes are bigger than your cat’s claw sizes. Your cat can wear these caps for more than 2 months, conveniently, without issues.

The product comes with a 30-day refundable cover, and you can log unto the manufacturer’s website for online assistance.

5. Ninery Ave 20pcs Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps

One of the best smaller package nail caps that come with adhesive glue for sizes for small, medium, large and extra-large cats. It is made from PVC plastic materials; hence it is durable and highly convenient for all cats.

It does not hurt your pet, and it is completely safe and non-toxic to the environment. The caps are highly effective in protecting your home against dangerous scratches of furniture and fabrics by your cat.

The almost transparent claw caps feel comfortable on cats and they appear as if the cat is not wearing them. It can be glued on the claws for 2 months or more and conveniently removed when necessary.

You should trip the cat’s nails before applying these caps and apply the adhesive not more than one-third of the entire cap.

6. Soft Claws Cat Nail Caps Take-Home Kit

This pack comprises of large and clear-colored nail caps. They protect your home against scratches and other destructive activities perpetrated by cats within your home. It is a simple and non-surgical alternative to declawing.

The caps are easy to apply, especially with the inclusion of a recommended glue. The glue should be applied to a third part of the nail caps. The caps can be left on the cat’s nails for 6 weeks or less and they wouldn’t interfere with the animal’s behavior.

Each cap measures about 6 4/5” and 5” in length and width respectively, and there are 6 applicators in addition to the 40 nail caps included in the pack. The caps are easy to store when not in use, and you should apply the adhesive only to 1/3 of the entire size of the cap before applying them to the nails.

7. Zetpo 120 pcs Glitter Soft Cat Claw Caps for Cats

The caps come in 6 different random colors, the package also comes with 6 different applicators and 6 adhesive glue contents. There are 120 pieces of the caps in the package which are more than enough for a very long time. The fascinating colors also mean you can switch from one random color choice to another.

The package is available in large, small, medium- and extra-large sizes, the manufacturer also provides online support for customers. The product manufacturer also offers a 30-day money-back guaranty for satisfaction. Unfortunately, this product does not ship all around the world, hence you much check before purchasing it.

8. Lattook 212Pcs Pet Nail Caps Set

With a pack containing 200 pieces of cat nail caps, plus 10 pieces of adhesive glue and 1 cat pet nail clipper plus 1 cat nail file, you can bet that this product is one of the ideal money-savers you can ask for. It comes with everything that you need to groom your pet’s nail in addition to using the nail caps efficiently.

The caps are multi-functional in nature, they can be the ideal option for cats that feel irritated when their nails are clipped. They are non-toxic to the cat and the environment while they help protect your home items from destructive scratches from your cat. The caps are made of PVC material that is environmentally-safe and built to withstand abrasion or chewing by the cat.

This product is a very cheap way of protecting common household items from scratches from cats.

9. Purrdy Paws 40-Pack Soft Nail Caps for Cat Claws

The sea-foam glittering caps for the cat claws are very fascinating to behold, especially in the night. The easy to apply and non-toxic caps are available for the kittens as well as small and large-sized cats. Each application of the caps can last up to 6 weeks. The small size will fit cats weighing between 6 and 8 pounds while the larger caps will fit cats weighing more than 8 pounds.

The package comprises 40 glittering caps plus 2 tubes of adhesive, applicator tips and user instruction. This package contains just everything you need to apply the caps successfully and each application will last for between 4 and 6 weeks.

10. Pretty Claws 60 Piece Soft Nail Caps with Adhesive For Cat Paws

These are crystal clear nail caps that conceal the nails of your cat without causing any inconvenience. They come in a wide range of sizes which are; the kitten, small, medium and large. Each kit comprises of 60 soft nail caps, plus 3 tubes of adhesive and applicator tubes. The product also comes with an instructional manual.

The caps are safe and non-toxic, they are also designed to last for up to 6 weeks. These caps might be your best chances of protecting your walls, doors, furniture, and fabrics from scratches from cat nails. Once applied, you should observe your cat for about 5 minutes until the adhesive is set and the nails attached.

  Guide for Cat Nail Caps FAQs

Getting the Best cat nail caps 2020 products should involve careful considerations based on certain factors. These factors are explained in the following questions and answers.

Question: Will Cat caps cause damage to the nails?

Answer: It is important that you choose the right nail cap’s size that is comfortable for the cat. The shape of the caps must also fit, taking this step will help prevent the caps from damaging the cat’s nail. It is also recommended that you clip the nails before applying adhesive to the caps and before application. This will ensure that the nail does not grow beyond the cap especially when it starts to grow back. You should also avoid the glue touching the hair of the cat during the application. It is important that you leave sufficient space between the nail cap and the cat’s nail bed when applying the caps.

Question: How Long Do Nail Caps Last?

Answer: Ideally, nail caps should last for between 4 and 6 weeks, however, the best cat nail caps may last for more than 7 weeks. Even if a nail cap lasts for more than 6 weeks, experts veterinarians recommend that such caps must be replaced after 6 weeks to avoid them falling off when the strength of the adhesive glue weakens. You should consider buying products that come with complete accessories, these are caps, cat nail clipper, applicator, and adhesive glue.

Question: Does Price Determines the Quality of Cat nail caps?

Answer: To a large extent, the price of a cat nail cap may determine quality but that does not mean the best products are the most expensive. You should avoid extremely cheap products, they may contain poor quality caps that may change color, fall off or break easily. While budgeting is very important, you should avoid sacrificing quality for affordability when making your final choice.

Question: what type of cap materials are the best

Answer: Cat nail caps are made from diverse materials but it has been discovered that the natural resins and PVC are some of the most comfortable options due to their lightweight and non-reactivity.


Finding the best cat nail caps for your cat should not be a difficult thing, especially with the reviews and guides provided in this content. Nail caps are particularly great options especially for elderly cat owners, or those regular households where a member has skin bleeding or clotting problems caused by a health issue or medication. The cat caps are also ideal for families with it’s of kids and visitors or those with some unique furniture and other household items that are particularly sensitive to cat scratches.

Cat nail caps are also ideal for cats that are aggressive and play rough often, they are also suitable for cats that have developed skin issues, chronic itching or some other health-related problems.  

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