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Best Cat Scratching Posts 2020: Reviews & Buying Guides

I know you are tired of your cat messing up your furnitures. Probably you are looking for the best cat scratching post to keep your cat engaged rather than to scratch your crouch. Don’t worry we have written an in-depth description that will help you make your best choice.

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With a cat scratching post, you can safely kill two birds with a stone as you can satisfy the scratching needs of your cat, while keeping it engaged. This means you no longer have to worry about your cat scratching on your furniture.

However, finding the best cat scratching post for your cat can be a bit tasking. But not to worry, we have been able to gather 10 of the best scratchers to make your search a lot easier.

Top 10 of the Best Cat Scratching Posts of 2020

1. PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratching Lounge and Post – BEST SCRATCHING CAT POST TO FILE NAILS

PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratching Lounge and Post is one cat scratching post that significantly outlasts other cheaper alternatives. Based on its super amazing features, it is considered the best cat scratching post for filing nails. Constructed with a special two-tier design, this cat scratching post is built to be more durable than any other cat scratching post.

When it comes to giving your cat a fun session, the PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratching Post can keep your cat engaged for long. With this scratching post, you no longer have to worry about your cat scratching all your items and furniture.

Customers like this product because of its sturdy nature and the recycled cardboard material, which has saved their furniture from cat scratching. If you happen to have multiple cats, this cat scratcher is big enough to hold as many as four large cats at once.

2. SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Cat Scratching Post – BEST CAT SCRATCHING POST-2020

Having a cat that scratches all your items and furniture can be a bit frustrating as it is their nature to scratch. With the SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Cat Scratching Post, you can keep your cat occupied with scratching without having to worry anymore about your items. The cat scratching post comes with a height of up to thirty-two inches, allowing your cat to tone their muscle while stretching.

With its cross woven fibrous post, this durable post can heavily withstand the sharp claws of a cat. Unlike regular carpeted posts, this cat scratching post is believed to be superior as it does not snag the nail beds of your cat.

The SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Cat Scratching Post is an excellent way to help your cat relieve its boredom. Despite being so sturdy and durable this cat scratching post is quite easy to assemble.

3. AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post

If you have multiple cats tearing and scratching up things in your house, this cat scratching post will do you a lot of good. This particular cat scratching post is designed to meet the scratching needs of multiple large cats. All your cats can be completely engaged, scratching away their boredom with its seven distinct scratching posts.

Your cat will surely fall in love with the curved rims, top platforms, and the comfortable cat bed made from soft plush. You can decide to place this cat scratching post in an unused corner of your house thanks to its stable square base.

If you happen to be working with a budget, this cat scratching post will make an excellent alternative for other expensive posts. This catch scratching post can also make for a nice lounge for your cats.

4. Kitty City XL Wide Cat Scratching Post

You can’t help but fall in love with the neutral-toned and visually pleasing design of the Kitty City XL Wide Cat Scratching Post. With its extra tall height and stable width, this cat scratching post is specially designed to suit adult cats. The jingle ball toy at the top of the post will encourage your cat to continuously use the post.

This amazing cat scratching post is properly woven from sisal carpet which is a shed-free material that promotes the growth of your cat’s nails. The material also prevents your cat’s nail from being snagged by the material, protecting the sensitive nail beds.

Customers have confirmed this cat scratching post to be entirely pet safe, so you can be assured that your cat will love it. Lastly, this scratching post is very durable and comes with a three screw assembly.

5. PetFusion Three-Sided Cat Scratcher Post – BEST CAT SCRATCHING POST EVER

This Three-Sided scratching post by PetFusion is an all in one as it offers a play area, a bed, and a scratching post for your cat. With the use of this scratching post, you can easily encourage your cat to exercise and rest at any given time of the day. The scratching post is made using non-toxic corn starch glue, a material that is confirmed to be let safe.

Your kitty will always remain happy and safe with this catch scratching post as it is designed to keep it completely engaged. If you want to optimize the use of this product, you can rotate the triangular post as much as six times to maximize its use.

This cat scratching post has dominated the cat market for many years, making it the best cat scratching post ever. Your cat will certainly remain glued and attracted to the post all day, thanks to its naturally attractive material.

6. Trixie Pet Products Parla Cat Scratching Post

Although this cat scratching post may seem a bit unassuming, it’s unobtrusive and sleek design makes it very appropriate for any home. Besides have a study and plush base, the Trixie cat post comes with triple-woven fibers that offer comfort even with continuous scratching. The gray tones of the Trixie cat scratching post allow it to effortlessly blend into any home decor.

This amazing and healthy outlet that soothes your cat scratching behavior is designed to suit cats of any age and size. Unlike regular scratching carpets, your cats can safely scratch on the lost without snagging on your cat’s nails.

With this post, you will no longer have to worry about your cat scratching on your furniture and walls. This post can keep your cat completely occupied and engaged for hours as your cat will surely enjoy its new post.

7. Trixie Cat Scratching Triangle Post

If you happen to be in search of a cat post that will fit into the small space of your apartment, this is the right choice for you. This cat scratching triangle by pixie is ideal for owners who do not have enough space for large cat posts. With this post, you can save space and storage in your home as the Trixie triangle post can be simply shut and folded.

This is one post that is both durable for scratching and ideal for lounging as it features a soft plush lying hammock. To save even more storage, you can easily remove all the components of the post including the cushion inserts.

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a dorm room, this triangle post is safe and comfortable for cats of all sizes and ages. So do yourself a favor and get this amazing cat scratching post to keep your cat happy and engaged at all times.

8. Furhaven Pet Cat Scratching Tree Post

Though you’re expected to replace your cat’s scratching post when it wears out, getting a good cat post will save you that stress. Available in seven different colors, this Furhaven Pet Cat Scratching Tree Post is one very durable cat scratching post. Besides being extremely durable, it is also able to offer ultimate entertainment, engagement, and exercise for your furry friend.

The cat scratching post offers a range of stimulating activities, from its hanging puff ball toy to the IQ busy box. Asides from helping your cat to relieve itself of the heightened urge to scratch, this post offers a more economical use over the years.

The Furhaven Pet Cat Scratching Tree Post is also a healthy choice for your cat as it is made from quality sisal material. Based on reviews, customers who purchase this cat scratching post are always satisfied with the features it offers.

9. PetPals Cat Scratching Tree and Tower

It is a good idea to get your cat used to scratching posts at an early age, and the PetPals Cat Scratching Tree and Tower is a fun way to do so. Made from premium quality and paper and felt rope materials, this cat scratching post is great for your cats to attack.

Your cat will fall in love with the additional lounging surfaces and the teasing toy of the post. You can now keep your furniture and wall safe from your cats as this post will help keep your cat entertained for hours.

Customers who have purchased this product commend the use of the safe recycled material, paper rope, and felt used in its production. Generally, this cat scratching post is durable and helps to minimize the frustration of watching your cat scratch on your furniture.

10. AmazonBasic Cat Scratching Post & Hammock

With this cat scratching post, even the largest of cats can comfortably scratch to their heart’s content while relaxing. The scratching post features an elevated two scratching posts and elevated cat hammock to keep your cat feeling comfortable. Also, this cat scratching post and hammock feature a natural jute fiber that will help keep the nails of your cat healthy.

You also don’t have to worry about the frustrating shreds that may litter your carpet when using regular scratching posts. The long-lasting and durable construction of the post will help satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch and climb.

Not to mention, with this post your cat’s nail can be safely filed without damaging their nail beds. So save yourself the frustration having damaged property by choosing this cost-effective cat scratching post today.

Buyer’s Guide

How do I train my cat to use a cat scratching post?

It is a common fact that cats are quite difficult to train despite being a highly intelligent animal. The best way to train your cat to do anything new is to think like a cat. A common way is to place the scratcher exactly where your cat likes scratching.

How often do I need to change my cat’s scratching post?

When it comes to changing cat scratching posts, it is dependent on how well your cat uses it. Some cat scratching posts may last for only about 5 months before requiring to be changed. A more durable scratching post can stay over 2 years before getting completely damaged.

How will I know if my cat is scratching too much?

If you notice that your cat is scratching a lot more than usual, this may be a sign that your cat is uncomfortable or insecure. Cats often use scratching as a means of marking their territory.

Things to Consider When Getting a Cat Scratching Post

When choosing the right cat scratching post for your pet, there is a list of things you need to consider. Having these features in mind will make your job a lot easier.


Size is an important feature to look out for when choosing a cat scratching post. You have to put the width, height, and depth into consideration as cat posts appear to come in different sizes. Getting a post with a wise base is a great option as it won’t cause your cat to topple over.

Mounted or Standalone

One has to understand that some cat scratching post can be attached to the floor or walk, or even allowed to stand alone. However, if you decide to go for a mounted scratcher, you have to know that mounted scratchers take more time to set up.

Replaceable Cardboard

No matter how durable a cat scratcher is, it will wear out, requiring you to change the cardboard. When buying a scratcher, it is wise to buy one that comes with replaceable cardboard. This will save you the cost of having to buy a completely new scratcher.


With the features and qualities stated in the reviews above, finding a good cat scratching post shouldn’t be much trouble anymore. This list features 10 of the best cat scratching posts you can find anywhere in the country.

Based on their super amazing features, they are considered the best cat scratching posts in the market. Constructed with different and special designs, these cat scratching posts are built to be more durable than other regular cat scratching posts.

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