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Best Cat Window Perches 2020: Reviews & FAQ

What a delight would it be to see your lovable cat peeping out of the window while sitting on the best cat window perch!

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It is undeniable that cats are fond of peeping out of the window. They enjoy stalking critters and birds out of the window and lying in the sunshine. This not only entertains them but also, gives them a feeling as if they are a part of the environment outdoors- at the warmth and comfort of their home. Why not add more cheer to their entertainment hours with a comfortable bed on which they can stretch and relax!

But how would you know which one is the best window perch for your adorable kitty? A list of the best window cat perch has been given below to aid you in making the best choice that brings quality, budget, size, and other important factors into consideration.

Best Cat Window Perches Reviews

1. Original Kitty Cot cat perch – The Best Cat Window Perch

If you are searching for a secure and comfortable window perch then halt your search at the Original kitty Cot cat perch. The frame of the perch is made using durable and strong PVC pipe and the hammock is made using easy-to-clean and tough weather-resistant material. All these features coupled together make the Original Kitty Cot perch the best cat window perch 2020. 

The support cables of the perch are made using stainless steel and measure about 1/8-inches. They are attached to huge suction cups made with long-lasting quality. The window perch for cats measures 25.5 inches x 14 inches and can bear a weight of 25 pounds. One of the major advantages of having the Kitty Cot is that you do not need to screw the perch into your walls as it is held with the help of suction cups. 

2. K&H Pet products kitty sill – Best Cat Window Perch For Fat Cat

If your search does not end at Original Kitty cat cot perch, then you might wish to go for K&H pet products kitty sill. The K&H pet product kitty sill is an amazing option if you do not possess a flexible budget. It offers a sturdy design that measures 24 inches by 14 inches and can support up to 40 pounds of weight. The legs of the perch are 8 inches long and ¾ inches wide.

The design of the K&H Sill for cats is oval in shape and possess extra-soft foam. The foam possesses a faux-lambskin cover that can be removed and washed easily. You do not require any tools to install the perch. The perch can be installed permanently by screwing it on your window sill. Also, the perch cover can be cleaned easily- remove it, wash it gently and then line dry it.

3. PETPAWJOY cat Bed – Best Cat Window Perch for Glasses

The PETPAWJOY Cat bed is the most budget-friendly option that does not let you compromise on the features or the quality of the window perch for price. The PETPAWJOY Cat bed possesses suction cups of industrial-strength that can hold up to 30 pounds. The hammock measures 12 inches by 22 inches and is made using oxford cloth. The cloth maintains its coolness in the warm weather and prevents the kitty’s body from overheating. Moreover, it can be installed in a few moments. All you need to do is to fix the suction cups on the window. The PETPAWJOY Cat Bed can accommodate multiple pets without a heck and is extremely safe. The interesting part of the product is that it comes with a fun cat chew toy for your cat to play with.

4. TabbyNapper Cat window perch by Prevue Pet products

Are you in search of a hammock-fashioned window perch? The TabbyNapper window perch is the ultimate option. The window perch does not need any tools to be installed and can be installed easily with the help of suction cups. The maximum weight that the window perch for cats can bear is 50 pounds. The hammock perch is made using stretchy fabric that pampers your kitty in fleecy, soft comfort. It can be fitted in any double-hung window or casement in your home. Moreover, the perch can be installed very easily without causing any damage to the window sills.

5. K&H Pet product EZ Mount Penthouse

If you want a box-style window perch that contains whistles and bells to add jolly to the playful hours of your cat, then the K&H Pet products EZ mount penthouse is a great option. It is the one-stop for recreation and entertainment for your lovable. The perch consists of a built-in ledge so that your kitty can enter and exit the penthouse easily. Also, it possesses 6 windows for increased visibility and a microfleece surface for sleeping. The suction cups possess additional strength and can hold up to 60 pounds. The K&H pet products penthouse offers a 15 by 24 inches sleeping surface for pets.

Moreover, the penthouse can be installed easily. You just need to affix the suction cups to a clean glass surface. Also, the perch can be cleaned easily- remove the pad, wash it, and line dry.

6. Deluxe Sill for cats with bolster by K&H

The Deluxe Kitty Sill with bolster by K&H offers incredible solace and splendor to your adorable kitty. Not only the comfort is accountable but the classic and sophisticated look of the cat perch is commendable. Moreover, the deluxe model possesses a bolster that runs across the back of the perch and tapers off on all the side. The bolster can be removed easily if your kitty disapproves of it.

Furthermore, the inside region of the window perch will surely attract your kitty for some nap- credit goes to the exceptionally smooth microfleece texture. The window perch measures 14inches by 24 inches by 10 inches, making it a sizeable place for your cat to love. The bed can bear weight up to 40 lbs. The cover can be removed for washing it and it can be machine washed.

7. Sunny seat cat window perch by MoMaek

The MoMaek Sunny Seat Cat window perch is architecture to allow your cat to enjoy the sunlight whenever possible. It is ideal for adult cats and kittens who weigh less than 50 lbs. The sunny seat perch is a great option for a household with multiple cats. The installation is simple and can be done using strong suction cups.

The versatile seat cat window perch possess a removable cover that can be washed easily. Also, the smart design denotes the fact that your cat is going to have a pleasurable time while positioning by the window and having a peek of the outside world in its comfortable seat. Moreover, the design allows sufficient light to pass through the bed. Also, it measures 12×22 inches and thus, provides ample space to your cat to spread out.

8. L.S. 2018 Cat window perch

The L.S. 2018 cat window perch possess incredible nut suction cups that are three times stable and more powerful than regular transparent suction cups. The L.S. 2018 cat window perch is double-storeyed and can hold up to 60 pounds, making it a good option if you have more than one cat.

The solid metal frame of the window perch features a removable plush mattress that can be machine-washed easily. Also, the height between the two storeys can be adjusted. The 18-months warranty just acts like the cherry on the top.

9. K&H Pet Products EZ Mount window Pod kitty

The K&H Pet Products EZ Mount window pod kitty offers a great deal of encompassed hideaway for your cat. If your cat likes to have a hidey sneak of the outside world then the K&H EZ mount window is a great option. The pod can possess entry and exit on either the right or left side for ease of access. The K&H EZ Mount window pod kitty perch features a comfortable sleeping surface that can be removed and washed easily. The window cat perch offers a sleeping surface of 8 inches by 6 inches. The window perch comes with four strong and sturdy suction cups that can hold a total weight of about 60 pounds.  

10. Window cat perch floating indoor bed for cats by Deici

The Deici window cat perch is the ultimate cat lounger that lets your kitty have a comfortable bath in the warm sun while relaxing away from the dogs. The window perch can support large cats and can hold a weight of up to 60 lbs. The perch is made using heavy-duty fabric that offers a breathable and ventilated surface that increases comfort and support. The window perch by Deici is safe and features a pet-friendly design. It rests on four suction cups that are ultra-strong and holds the bed firmly into its position even when your cat jumps hard on it- you never have to say no to the playful activities of your kitty. Moreover, the floating window perch is crafted with premier reliability, craftsmanship, and durability. 

Best Cat Window Perchs Buying guide (FAQs)

What is the need for the best cat window perch?

Cats are fond of remaining outdoors. However, being outside can prove itself dangerous for them- they can get lost, get involved in a fight, or get hit by a vehicle. Therefore, it is better and a safe option to keep them indoors. A window perch for cats is the perfect solution that brings together the love of cats to lie in the sun and looking out of the window while keeping them in a comfortable and safe. The window perch can even become the favorite spot of your kitty in the whole house.
Alongside, a window perch keeps is good for the mental and physical health of your cat. It increases the activity of your cat as they have to jump to climb the perch. Also, it keeps their mind sharp and active while preventing them to behave destructively.

How does a window perch work?

A window perch is typically a small bed that is placed in front of the window. A window perch can be in the form of a box, pod, or a hammock. The hammock style complements the weight of your cat with a stretchable material that is supported using a frame. A pod or box styled window perch is hooded or enclosed that makes it a comfortable retreat for your kitty.

What is the installation process of a window perch?

There are two different kinds of installation processes of window perches- those that hang from the window and those that are installed on the windowsill. For the installation of the perches for cats that hang from the window, you will need to affix four suction cups to your window that provide support to the perch- two to provide support to the cable that bears one end of the perch and two to offer strength to the frame. To install perches on the windowsill, you can use either a Velcro tape or screws.

What is considered to be an ideal spot to install the window perch?

You need to consider the outdoor activity levels and the sun while determining the window that is best suitable to place the perch. Most cats are fond of playful activities outside and sufficient sunlight. Make sure that you go for the window that receives enough sunlight during the daytime while providing a lookout of wildlife and greenery.

How much weight can a window perch bear?

Most of the window cat perches can carry less weight than others. They work well for cats that weigh less. On the contrary, if you own a larger breed, you need to look for a perch that can bear more weight. You must check the maximum weight limit of the perch and ensure that it differs is significantly compared to the weight of your cat. Moreover, the weight becomes an important consideration if you have two cats. Both might want to use rest on the window perch at once.
Furthermore, the size of the perch is also an important consideration. The cats like stretching out, and thus, you need to be sure that the perch lets them do it.

Window sill perches VS window suction cups perches- which one is better?

The window sill perches can be attached to the window with the help of adjustable fixings whereas the window suction cup perches hang from the window. The window sill perches are a good option for you if you have a larger breed or if your cat weighs more. On the other hand, the best window suction cup cat perch can be hanged on most of the glasses and also on patio doors. They offer increased versatility as they are not restricted to the windowsill. 

What material is used in making a cat perch?

A cat perch can be made using various materials but you will want a long-lasting material and strong construction. Also, the materials should be easy to clean with a sponge or can be removed and washed in a machine. Some of the perches possess a bed for a cat that can be removed and washed easily when required. Plastic, fabric, mesh, and steel can be used to make a cat perch.
Some of the perches are built to cater to your cat’s love for scratching with carboard elements or wood. As per the design, they can be replaced with refills.

Does the design of the perch matter?

The consideration of the design of the perch varies with its owners. A limited number of perches are available in a variety of colors, giving the owner the allowance to select the best one according to the room. Usually, increased emphasis is put upon the cat perches being unobtrusive while offering the position of nosiness along with luxury your cat demands.

What is the cost of a good cat window perch?

Cost does not play much role as far as your lovable pet is concerned but, of course, you will demand a bang on the buck. However, you need to stay away from the super cheap ones as they are made of cheaper materials and hence, do not provide enough comfort or weight limit get your hands on the best that you can afford and you can also take assistance from the reviews of the product.

Shall I go for an open space of an enclosed one?

The open-style window perch is similar to a hammock. It comes with a soft bed at its top making it suitable for your cat. Alongside, the enclosed one possesses a box-styled design- the panels provide walls and roof. These features numerous holed via which the cat can enter and leave the perch. Some of the enclosed perches possess a sturdy ceiling that allows the cat to climb on the top as well. 


The best means to select the window perch is to emphasize on how you would fix it- to the window or windowsill. It is also a wise consideration to think about the comfort of your cat- do they prefer a teensy hole to sneak a peek of the outside world they prefer a bed.

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