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Top 10 Best Dog Paw Balm 2020 review

The best dog paw balm should not just provide soothing relief and coating for dog’s paws especially in protecting them from environmental hazards, injuries relating to weather conditions and surface hazards. The balm must not create a mess on the animal. Floor or on surfaces of any material within the home. While a range of different balms are available in the market today, it is important to consider certain factors when choosing the ideal product.

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Review of Top Dog Paw Balm

1. Mushers Secret Paw Wax (60g)

This is the best dog paw balm 2020 because it provides protection for your dog, in all seasons. It is formulated with beeswax, Vitamin E and other natural ingredients that offers great protection to the paws always.

It does not contain gluten, nut, soy and some other chemical substances that can cause irritation to the dog’s paw, hence it is completely reliable. It provides an invisible but breathable shield on the paws whether the animal is walking on sand, snow, salt, and hot pavements. 

It is non-staining hence it does not create a mess. It can also be applied to sensitive areas like snout, elbows and ears. It is non-allergenic in nature hence it is suitable for all dog breeds. It is fast-drying, therefore it can be easily applied to the paws. It should be applied 2-3 times a week.

2. Natural Dog Company – Paw Soother

Natural paw soothing balm will heal all dry and cracked irritated dog paws. It protects the dog’s feet whether the animal walks on dry, hot, cold, salty and wet surfaces. It is considered as the best paw balm for dogs, because of its gentle and holistic approach to heal rough, chapped and dry feet.

It moisturizes and support the dog’s feet and it contains a wide range of butters and oils. You can also apply the balm to other areas such as rough elbows and dry noses. There are no artificial preservatives and other harsh chemical ingredients, hence it is completely safe on the animal

Simply glide this balm directly on the paws of the dog and between the pads and toes, to achieve the best results. You don’t have to shave the hair around the paws.

3. Paw Nectar 100% Organic and Natural Paw Wax

Designed to naturally soothe, heal and repair damaged dog paws. This propriety balm is fast acting and last long on the paws. It is formulated to penetrate deeply into the affected areas with ease.

The 100% organic formula contains raw organic paw butter which is safe for application on dogs and humans. The product can be applied 3-5 times a week to achieve the best possible results and you need to apply just a finger scoop at a time.

This product comes with 100% satisfaction guaranty. If you are not 100% satisfied, you will get your full refund immediately. It comes in a 2 oz. container which should last for a long while when applied according to instructions.

4. Paw Soother Natural Dog Company Balm

It is formulated to heal dry, cracked and highly irritated dog paws and this is the reason it is considered as the best dog paw balm for winter.

The organic, all-natural ingredient balm is quite easy to apply.  it is safe and effective and that is why it will protect cracked, rough and dry paw from heat, cold, sand and salt conditions. It is a great treatment for both indoor and outdoor conditions.

In addition to serving as a natural moisturizer for the dog’s paw and pads, this balm can also be easily applied to the dog’s elbow and dry noses. It comes with no artificial preservatives or chemical ingredients hence it does not cause any side reaction when applied to your dog’s paws.

5. Penny’s Paw Rescue – 100% Natural Dog Paw Balm

This balm provides relief to dog under heat, cold, and allergenic conditions especially those affecting the paws.

The dog paw protection and soother, is made with natural ingredients like Moringa, hemp oil and jojoba. As one of the best balms for the winter season, it will keep your dog’s frosty paws adequately protected in snow and ice.

The hemp oil and jojoba ingredients are known to provide relief against inflammation and they also act as antiseptic for protection against fungal and bacterial infections through the paws, elbow, and some other parts of the dog’s body.

Hemp oil ingredient comes with lots of healing properties because it contains fatty acids, antioxidants and GLA compounds. It is not too greasy and it absorbs quickly into the paws.

6. PetSupply Dog Paw Balm

A protective balm with 100% natural ingredients, it has been recommended by veterinarians worldwide for its protective shield on the paws of the dog. The nourishing wax barrier it creates will protect your paws in snow, heat, and under any other condition.

This product boasts of an unmatched performance. Dry can cracked paws can cause serious discomfort to your dog if not treated, the paw shield will moisturize and relief crusted and irritated paws in no time. It absorbs easily into the paws without creating any mess. The dog will not leave any greasy prints after application.

The company stands behind its quality rating; hence it offers 100% money back guaranty if you are not satisfied with the results shown by the balm. The smooth and perfect consistencies offered by this balm make it reliable in all situations.

7. Fur Goodness Sake All-Natural Dog Paw Balm, Paw and Nose Balm for Dogs

This product is designed by veterinarians, that is why it remains one of the best balms for dogs’ paws. The product provides and immediate relief plus long-lasting protection against dry and damaged paws.

It contains organic ingredients that hydrates deep down through its deep penetrating formula to provide immediate relief and long-lasting result against dryness, cold, heat and other adverse conditions. while it helps retain moisture in the paws, this balm can also help reduce or treat inflammation of the nose. It is therefore one of the most versatile dog balms around.

The Abyssinian oil, bamboo extract and kale extract are some of the main ingredients in this product, these are ingredients found in some other high-end cosmetic products and they work fast without any side effects. 

8. BODHI Organic Paw Balm for Dogs

It heals rough pet skin and restores cracked and chapped dog paws and pads. This balm will glide over the applied surface to provide relief against itchy, irritated bleeding pads and paws. It is ideal for extreme or normal hot and cold weather conditions and it does not create a mess after application.

Since the ingredients used in making the balm are 100% organic, you don’t have to panic if your dog licks some of it because it is completely safe. Scabbed scaly, and rough skin parts of the skin can also benefit from the healing powers of this balm.

It is applicable for all age groups of dogs, and cats, it is neatly packed in a safe cannister with a screw for adequate protection, therefore you can store it safely without it getting spoiled.

9. Paw Magic: Organic Natural Dog Paw Butter Moisturizer

100% natural paw butter has been certified to provide soothing relief against common issues associated with irritated, cracked, and dry paws.

The mixture of beeswax, organic shea butter, with natural oils like coconut oil, makes this moisturizing balm more unique and potent.

This dog breeder and veterinarian recommended balm is one of the popular AKC award winning products that is recommended for all breeds of dogs, even those that suffer from allergic conditions.

There are no GMOs, harsh parabens, Phthalates, dyes and alcohol included, hence it is completely safe.  Though, dog paw hyperkeratosis is a condition that cannot be cured but it can be controlled, and that is one of the conditions this product is formulated for.

10. Davis Pad & Elbow Protector for Pets, 4 oz

Natural balm that heals cracks and crevices on the dog’s paws and pads. It is suitable for small puppies and larger dogs.

Though, it is thick in nature, but it is very easy to use because it penetrates through the paws to speed up healing. It contains essential ingredients like chamomile, Bisabolol and moisturizing emollients to provide a complete package for healing and moisturization.

It is an ideal product for dogs living in harsh conditions and those suffering from age-related conditions. The 4 oz. container is large enough to last for several months.

Cracked pads and swollen elbows are not common in old dogs alone, some smaller dogs also develop such complications and this balm will surely work on different skin types to provide relief against such issues.   This product can be found online at; .

The Best Dog Paw Balm Buying Guide

Question: What type of Dog Paw Balm Can I Find in The Market?

Answer: There are diverse kinds of dog paw balms out there, but all of them and pretty similar. You should focus on the texture and needs of your dog’s paws before buying one. Some balms are just mere moisturizers, others contain ingredients that will heal cracked, and badly damaged and irritate pads from within. If your dog has more serious paw issue, you should go beyond the moisturizing balm, choose a balm containing ingredients that will stop inflammation and revive the cracked paw.

Question: Does Ingredient types Matters When Choosing a Paw Balm?

Answer; Yes, you must consider checking the ingredients in the paw balm before making your final choice.  The best dog paw balm is the one that has 100% natural ingredients. Some products may come with mineral oils and petroleum, these are the products you want to avoid to protect your dog from certain complications.

You should also try as much as possible to avoid products that also contain ingredients like Zinc oxide, diclofenac, lidocaine and related products. These items are known to be toxic to your dog and may even increase the sensitivity of the skin.

Some of the ingredients that are desirable in the ideal dog’s paw balm are; shea butter, beeswax, Vitamin E, Rosemary extract, coconut extract, and extracts of herbs like lavender and chamomile.

Question: Does Price and Brands Really Matters?

Answer: Perhaps the last thing you should consider when buying a dog paw balm is the brand. Unfortunately, top brands have top quality products but their prices are higher than less known brands. You shouldn’t be bother by the brand, when making your final choices, rather you should focus on the quality. Though it is okay to have a budget before buying a product, extremely cheap products may no be the best option for your dog. Most cheap balms may create greasy feel and may not work deep into the paws to create a lasting effect. A balm that moisturizes and at the same time heal affected paws is better than a balm that performs either of the functions only.


When it comes to buying the best dog paw balm, you should consider the more versatile option that can be applied not only to the paws or pads but also to sensitive places like elbows.

If your dog reacts to a paw balm, you should discontinue such product immediately and report the case to the veterinarian. There are some imitation products out there with hidden ingredients that are not included on the label. Make sure you read details of each labelled ingredient and know what they contribute before making your final choice. You may want to conduct some research on the certification status of the product before buying.

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