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Top 10 Best Dog Ramps 2020: Review & Topicks

The best dog ramp is the one that has sufficient traction to ensure that your dog doesn’t slip when the ramp is in use. There are several other features expected from a typical ramp for the dog, for instance, the best dog ramp for pickup truck should have raised sides for better security, while the best dog ramps for older dogs are expected to have lower elevations to ensure that the dog is not stressed when walking over the ramp. The following products are considered to be some of the best options you should consider right now

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Best Dog Ramps 2020

1. PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp

This foldable and portable lightweight dog ramp to help your dog move in and out of cars or trucks. Made from durable and tough material, and can support the weight of up to150 lbs. The ramp weighs just 10 lbs. which makes it easier to carry around. With its high traction surface, this ramp has no risk of slipping. According to several dog ramp 2020, professional tests conducted on several ramps, PetSafe happy ride folding dog ramp is one of the safest ramps you should consider right now.

The ramp folds easily in half and comes with a safety latch to ensure it stores safely in the car. The ramp measures 62 x 16 x 4” in Length, width and height respectively. This product comes with technical support plus a Limited lifetime warranty.

2. Range Kleen Petstep Gray Folding 2 Step Dog Assist

This is one of the best dog ramps for older dogs because it reduces strains on the muscles and joints of old and young dogs, caused by jumping. It is also considered as one of the ideal best dog ramps for bed because it is designed at angles that provide easy access to bed, car, couch or RV.

It is a collapsible dog ramp that can support up to 300lbs. of weight. It comes with a non-slip surface, and it is designed with a rigid and durable sturdy plastic material that provides great stability. There are no-slip rubber grips on the bottom to provide a firm grip on the ground. You can open or close the ramp with one hand.

It weighs just 5.75 lbs. It measures 19.5 x 20 x 17” in length, width and height respectively.

3. WeatherTech Pet-Ramp – High-Traction Foldable Pet Ramp

This foldable and high-traction ramp weighs just 16lbs. making it lightweight for easy transportation. This ramp will handle dogs and other pets weighing up to 300 lbs. There are rubberized feet on both ends of the ramp to prevent sliding and slipping on the ground or your car. The ramp is very easy to operate, simply unfold and place on the surface or car. This durable ramp is easy to clean and it is built to be resistant to corrosion, and moisture. This product measures 37 x 18 x 7” in length, height and width respectively. The hinge end of the ramp is flat, thus providing better storage.

4. Upgraded Pet Dog Car Step Stairs

Made from an accordion metal frame, this lightweight outdoor dog ramp is ideal for large dogs and cats and for the couch, high bed, cargo, and SUVs. It offers 4 steps for side entry, making it convenient for the dog to move in and out of the car or bed. It weighs just 10 lbs. but strong enough to hold dogs weighing up to 150 lbs.

It comes with a non-slip plus plastic board insert, and the steps have been upgraded with a rubber coating surface to prevent slipping while going up and down. The plastic board insert will make your dog secured while walking up the surface without scratching its paw pads.

It comes with a carabiner to secure the ramp to your car, and it comes with a storage bag for easy packing and transportation.

5. TOBBI 62” Bi-fold Portable Dog Ramp for Large Pet

The space-saving design of this dog ramp is one feature you will appreciate it. It provides a high traction walking surface that is also textured to prevent slip hence it is suitable for older pets and those having mobility issues. Even at elevated heights, this ramp does not put any pressure on the dog’s joints. The ramp folds nicely and compactly for easy storage.

There are rubber grippers located at the bottom, and these grippers make the ramp steady when in use. The rubber grip can secure the ramp over a slippery surface. While the lightweight ramp weighs just 10 lbs. It can support dog weights of up to 200 lbs. The ramp measures 62 x 31 x 16 “in length, height and width respectively.

6. YEPHHO 4 Steps Upgraded Folding Pet Stairs Ramp Lightweight

This is a portable dog ladder with a slip-free and waterproof surface for cars, SUVs, and trucks. The height and angles are completely adjustable for a personalized effect. The length is adjustable from 40 to 60” and it can be adjusted to a low angle for small dogs, while the larger angles are for bigger dogs.

It is lightweight and durable; the fabric is a non-slip Oxford cloth that prevents the ladders from being scratched by the dog paws. Despite its lightweight design, it can hold up to 150 lbs. weight of the dog. Foaming sponges are placed on the front and side of the car to prevent scratches from the ramp.

There are reinforcement plates at the bottom of each step. There are also bottom rubber pads for easy grip on any surface. The deluxe anti-slip fabric is breathable and insulative and there is a quick connect carabiner.

7. Rabbitgoo 4-Step Pet Car Step Stairs for Large Dogs & Cats

This portable and foldable dog ramp is lightweight and also comes with sturdy metal frames plus a metal hook that will help you fix the stairs and provide extra safety for the pets. The non-slip surface comes with PE boards to prevent your dog from slipping, and to provide long-term usage.

With the presence of PE boards located inside the steps, the ramp will support the dog fully for great safety and stability. The entire ramp will support up to 150lbs. weight of dog and there is an anti-skid foot of the ramp that makes the ramp firm on the ground. You can easily adjust the height and angle of the ramp to suit your dog’s needs.

8. Atoz Create Bi-Fold Pet Ramp for Large Dog Collapsible

This portable ramp can support a dog weight of up to 200 lbs. It is a reflective ramp that comes with side safety reflectors for maximum visibility even in dark conditions. It weighs just 10 lbs. but capable of holding up to 200 lbs. of weight. This product is most suitable for older pets and those with mobility or disability issues.

The high traction walking surface provides sure footing for your pet, while the rubberized feet prevent the ramp from falling off. This product also comes with a simple setup, all you need to do is open the safety lock, unfold the ramp and place on the vehicle. Fold up the ramp again after use and close the safety lock.

The total length of the ramp is 62 inches but can be folded into half for efficient storage and carriage.

9. Niubya Upgraded Car Dog Stairs, Nonslip Foldable Metal Fram Pet Steps

Made from an extra-thick rust-proof metal material, this ramp will last for many years under continuous usage. It is most suitable for the medium and large dogs, and it comes with a waterproof surface plus adjustable height for all types of cars, and beds.

The ramp can support dog weights of up to 150 lbs. It comes with a non-slip rubber-coated surface to protect your pet from slipping. The anti-slip rubber grippers at the bottom will also ensure that the ramp stays firmly on any ground surface. The ramp provides adequate protection against joint and knee injuries. This ramp is ideal for both outdoor and indoor usage, and it comes with a 2-year free quality assurance warranty plus 24-hour customer support.

10. Heeyoo Upgraded Nonslip Car Dog Steps, Portable Metal Fram Large Dog Stairs

Upgraded to meet the demands of all kinds of dogs. It offers wider steps for convenient climbing for dogs. There are plastic boards added inside the ramp to prevent steps from sagging while your dog climbs.

The rubber-coated surface provides a non-slip surface that will prevent the dog from slipping when climbing. The ramp is built to withstand the weight of small, medium and large dogs. There is a quick connect carabiner that secures the ramp stairs to the back of your car.

The anti-skid rubber feet are located at the bottom for added traction and improved contact with wet surfaces. The ramp can be folded into a smaller size and taken everywhere with you. This product comes with a chewy gift for your dog. The product itself comes with a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Buyer Guide for Choosing Dog Ramps

The best dog ramp is usually the most versatile ramp that is flexible, stores easily, and protect the dog against accidents and injuries. The following factors must be considered when choosing a dog ramp;

The Size of Ramp

The dimension of your dog must determine the size of the ramp. A shorter ramp, for instance, may fit inside your car easily but will provide a steeper walkway for your dog. If you drive a high SUV for instance, you should get a longer ramp which means less incline and less pressure on your dog’s joints. A shorter ramp will be the most suitable for beds.

Material design of the ramp

Another factor you should consider when choosing a ramp is the design material. Most dog car ramps are made of aluminum metal or plastic and both are lightweight. If you have to choose plastic, it must be a heavy-duty plastic that will last long, cheaper plastic materials may not last for months. Plastic ramps may be ideal for an occasional trip with your dog while metal materials are more durable and can be the ideal option for more regular trips.

Other features

You should consider extra features such as safety latches, skid rubber for extra surface traction and rubberized feet for added grip on the floor surface. For added protection for your car, there should be a form of cushion in-between the contact of the ramp with your car to prevent scratches from the ramp. A foldable ramp is also preferred in terms of storage and convenience. A telescopic ramp, for instance, will cause less stress because it folds readily after use. The weight of your ramp is also important because it must support your dog’s weight. Adjustable heights and angles are also desirable because they make it easier to personalize the ramp for your dog’s situation.


When it comes to choosing the best dog ramp, you should consider the Price factor as the last thing because you don’t want to compromise top quality for affordability. You should keep in mind that the more heavy-duty your ramp is or the more accessorized the product is, the higher you will likely pay. You should be aware of your dog’s conditions when making your final choice. If you have an older dog with mobility or disability, you should consider a ramp with lower elevation, or you should simply consider a ramp that has adjustable height and angle elevation. If you are a beginner hoping to get the right ramp for your dog, perhaps you should consider buying 2 or more different variations.

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