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Best Dog Treat Pouch 2021: Reviews & Buying Guides

The best dog treat pouch is one that can be attached conveniently to your waist, belt, or even easy to carry over on your shoulder without spilling its contents. The pouch is also expected to be easy to clean and maintain and it should hold as many treats as it can. Though there may not be a one-size-fits-all when it comes to dog treat pouches, perhaps you should consider a pouch that will be comfortable outdoors and even resist all weather conditions.

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Top 10 Best Dog Treat Pouches

 According to tests and professional reviews conducted, the following are considered to be the best dog treat pouch 2020 products online;

1. Chuckit Treat Tote (1 Cup)

When it comes to convenience, this is probably one of the best you should consider. It is designed as an easy treat dispenser plus a training tool. It comes with a clip-on feature that attaches easily to the waist or belt, and also allows you to take the treats out.

It is an easy-to-open pouch with a drawstring closure that can be opened with one hand to have access to the treats. This storage pouch can hold up to 1 cup of dog’s treat at once, and it seals quickly via the drawstring closure.

Made from heavy-duty material alongside a pack cloth that is water-resistant to keep your dog treats dry. It also comes with a rip-stop liner for extra durability. It is available in two sizes; hence you can choose the most suitable option for your dog.

2. MuxiLH Dog Training Treat Snack Bait Waist Bag

This pouch supports obedience and agility training of dogs through treat rewards and can be used both outdoors and indoors. It is a portable and durable pet pouch that measures 18 x 13 x 6 cm in height, length and width respectively.

Very lightweight in design, which means it can be carried around your waits, shoulder or hand, easily. It comes with a removable and adjustable belt buckle design which varies in length for maximum comfort around your waist.

It also comes with a drawstring pocket design to ensure that the treats are prevented from leakages. This product is suitable for walking and training dogs in most places. It comes with a mesh design that can accommodate extra items like your smartphone or dog whistle.

3. Kudden Dog Treat Waist Pouch Bag Hands-Free Pet Dog Training Pouch

This is one of the best pouches for outdoor use. Made from oxford fabric materials and measures 3.5 x 1.6 x 5.1” in length, width and height respectively. It comes with separate pockets that can serve as garbage bags, or for keeping essential items like smartphones, earpiece, toys, and keys.

Oxford material fabric design ensures that the pouch is durable and wear-resistant. The material is also dirt-proof and to some largest extent, waterproof. This pouch is designed to be compatible and useful for all pet events.

The product comes with a nylon clasp design that ensures that dog treats don’t fall off, it also makes it easy to handpick the treats. The buckle can be easily fixed because it is stable, it will also ensure that the pouch is carried along conveniently.

4. FairOnly Dog Treat Pouch, Silicone Portable Pet Training Waist Bag

This is one of the best silicone dog treat pouch options you should consider this year. The healthy silicone material used in its design is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe for human contact.

It comes with a stainless-steel metal frame plus a very practical ball-buckle. It is designed with great compactness, which makes it easy to carry and store. It is durable and soft, likewise, it comes with heat, cold and wear-resistant features.

The simple, elegant and stylish design of the bag makes it attractive to all dog owners out there. It comes in pink color and you can also find it in light blue color. There are features like a hands-free pocket, belt clip and magnetic closing for safe and easy protection plus convenient usage.

5. Dog-Thing Dog Treat Pouch with a Built-in Poop Bag Dispenser and 2 Pockets

This is one of the most versatile options of dog treat pouches you should consider because it comes with inbuilt pockets and dog poop dispenser bags.

This pouch will help you accelerate dog obedience training by giving you easy access to dog treats. The inbuilt poop dispenser bag will facilitate easy clean up after the dog. There is secure storage comprising of several pockets to help you secure items like wallets, and keys. The zipper pocket can help you keep your credit cards.

There is a sturdy metal belt clip plus a shoulder strap that makes the pouch fun to wear. This product comes with a money-back guaranty for ultimate satisfaction.

6. Hengzhi Dog Treat Outdoor Training Pouch

This is a portable dog treat pouch that has a nylon liner and clasp for extra comfort and to prevent losing the treats. It comes in a unique camouflage design and color.

It is also made of Oxford quality fabric which dirt-resistant and easy to clean. The separate mesh pocket inside the pouch can also hold other small items. The buckle is easy to clasp on your belt at the waist, and can also be released with one hand.

The pouch is applicable to all pet events, these include pet schools, competitions, and regular outdoor training. The bag comes in different fascinating colors and can be easily cleaned and maintained.

7. Dexas Training Bag Popware Pooch Pouch Clip-on 100% Silicone

This is one treat holder for dogs that is very easy to handle and compactly designed to store easily. The open-top comes with a flexible and sturdy design to ensure that the treats don’t fall out. There is an attached clip that ensures the pouch stays attached to the belt and waist- This design will keep your hands-free.  

The bag measures 4.25 x 1.5 x 3.3” in length, width and height respectively. It is your ideal companion during agility and obedience training of small, medium and large dogs. This product comes in green color, you can also find it in the pink and gray colors.

The non-porous silicone will resist oil, water, and bad odors from getting to the treats. The pouch is dish-washer safe, hence it can be easily clean and dry for everyday use.

8. FakeFace Dog Treat Pouch Food Treat Pocket Camouflage Pet Dog Training Bags

This is a detachable dog treat pouch with great quality. Available in a green camouflage design. It is made from top-quality nylon fabric and that makes the pouch durable, and easy to clean. It comes with an extra rubber pad with a cross opening for taking the detachable poop bag that comes with the pouch.

It comes with a sturdy clasp that will easily hook to on the waistband of your pant, there is also an in-built loop that can attach easily to your belt. There is a pocket at the front that can handle other items like keys, ID cards, clickers, and your smartphone. The internal waterproof material protects the treats against water damage.

This product measures 13 x 6 x 13.5cm in length, width and height respectively.

9. Pet Treat Bag Dog Obedience Training Waist Pouch

This black-colored food snack pouch that comes with multiple pockets that will allow you to separate different sizes of dog treats. There is an elastic rope inside that allows you to get your hand inside easily and get your treats out easily too.

It is portable and convenient, it comes with a zipper pocket located on the front that that can help hold your smartphone and some other items like key and cards. Made from high-quality cloth, this pouch is durable, waterproof and environmentally-friendly. It is safe for cleaning and it only requires occasional cleaning.

Very compact in nature, yet it is stylish, light and handy. It weighs just 2 oz. It is soft and very comfortable on your waist. It comes with an adjustable opening to prevent any item from falling out even when you are running with your dog.

10. Guohanfsh Dog Treat Pouch Training Bag

This is an outdoor training reward waist pouch for dogs of all sizes. It is made from the durable and washable Oxford fabric material and it comes with an in-built dog poop holder bag. There are several pockets designed by the front and sides of the pouch to help keep your smartphone and other items in place.

This pouch is designed to be compatible with all kinds of dog training, it sticks with you while you run, walk and perform obedience training. The pouch only requires occasional cleaning as it is built to withstand moisture and stains. It is heat resistant and breathable as well.

Buyer Guide for Dog Treat Pouch – FAQs

Question: What is the most important factor I should consider when buying the best dog treat pouch?

Answer: Perhaps the type of fabric used in making a dog treat pouch is the most important factor you should consider when buying a product. There is a wide range of fabrics and design materials, some may come in a mixture of soft fabric with some stainless steel or plastic frames for more durability. Experts suggest that you go for pouches made from durable Oxford materials or something similar. These fabrics are known to resist dust, dirt, and moisture to a very large extent. They can be easily cleaned, dry and re-use.

Question: What other factors should I consider when purchasing a dog treat pouch

Answer: You should consider whether the pouch comes with extra features such as pockets, wire mesh or any other feature that can prevent the treats from falling off, and the availability of hooks or snaps to connect the pouch to your waist, pocket, and even shoulder. Some pouches do come with an extra in-built bag to collect dog poop and dispose of them later, this should be an added advantage. The availability of extra compartments, including zippered pockets, can help you keep essential items like smartphone and keys.

Question: Is it important to have a budget for a dog treat pouch?

Answer: Yes, it is important to set out a budget for your dog treat pouch even though most of these pouches are affordable. It is equally important to avoid sacrificing quality for a cheap budget. Some pouches may start wearing out after the first few washes or cleaning hence such pouches must be avoided. This does not mean that the most expensive pouches are the best, you just have to consider the quality of the product ahead of other factors like cost.


This piece of content has provided sufficient information on how you can make the ideal choice when it comes to the best dog treat pouch. You have also been given information on some of the top pouches available in the market today. The secret to getting the best result is buying a couple of pouches at a time and see which one works best for you. You should also consider the size of a pouch when making your final choice. Ideally, a larger pouch should be purchase for larger treats and a smaller one for smaller treats. Some pouches may not contain more than a cup of a treat; hence you should consider such pouches when you are spending less time outdoors or when you are training the dog indoors only. The aesthetic appearance of a pouch may be the least factor you should consider since it does not affect the quality.

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