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Best Dog Wipes 2020: Reviews & Topicks

We say it is hygienic for humans to use wipes, so why should the same logic not apply to dogs as well? The Best Dog wipes are the best option for you if you have a dog. That way you won’t have to worry about your puppy getting his ears or paws dirty wherever he goes.

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It is also particularly recommended if you are traveling with your puppy. Not only will you feel clean and safe with your surroundings, but your furry friend will also feel the same.

Although the wet wipe is not intended to replace a regular dog bath routine or veterinary exam, it is a must for the back pocket when you go out with your dog. Let us help you perfect your grooming on the go with our overview of what we believe to be the 10 best dog wipes.

Best Dog Wipes Review

1. Pet MD Chlorhexidine Dog Wipes – BEST DOG PAW WIPES

If your pet suffers from fungal or bacterial skin infections, these powerful Pet MD wipes will soothe their itch without damaging their skin. These pet-friendly medicated wonders are ideal for several canine skin problems and help soothe and heal superficial scratches or insect bites. Containing chlorhexidine, which is an effective antiseptic and disinfectant, and antifungal ketoconazole, these wipes are straight in the case to kill the bacteria and yeasts most commonly associated with skin infections in cats and dogs.

Also, aloe vera is added to soothe and calm your dog’s irritated skin. The leaves are small but contain a lot of medicated lubricant, which makes them perfect for the folds and folds of your delicate face, paws, and body parts.

2. Pogi’s Grooming Dog Wipes – BEST DOG WIPES 2020

If you want to give your dog a bit of well-being and a refreshing washcloth, then take a look at these general natural grooming wipes from the popular Pogi ecological line. With rather luxurious revitalizing ingredients, including Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Hawaiian Awapuhi, these natural wipes will leave your pet clean, smooth, and smelling fresh, without harsh chemicals that could irritate its skin. The cleaning sheets are large and padded, strong enough to be used even on the largest dog, and can give a clean shine on the thickest layers.

Use it on your coat, face, legs, and buttocks to cleanse and refresh yourself, at home between baths or away from home. There are no artificial villains in these wipes, as they are parabens, alcohol, chlorine, and without harsh chemicals.

Also, the wipes are made from durable and biodegradable bamboo, which makes them not only friendly to your dog but also safe for the environment. It can also be used on cats and can help reduce dandruff in your coat, one for the wardrobe, all year round.

3. VetWELL Dog Ear Wipes

You may be having problems with your dog’s ears or want to prevent any infection from coming back, check out these alcohol-free pet wipes from VetWELL, specially formulated for sensitive ear. Developed with veterinary experts, EarWELL Dog Ear Wipes will help gently remove wax build-up, dirt, and debris that could cause painful itching and smelly ears.

Eucalyptus acts as an antiseptic and helps reduce inflammation without stinging, while added aloe vera soothes, cools and calms. Soft enough to use every day, EarWELL can be used to eliminate existing ear irritation or to prevent buildup that can cause problems.

Without alcohol, they then gently deodorize your pet’s ears, leaving it with a fresh, itch-free smell. They are also good for relieving the ears of dogs with allergies. The leaves are small, but there are 100 in a bathtub, so it should last a long time.

4. Arava Dog Eye Wipes – BEST DOG EYE WIPES

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to dry rags and wipes, then these amazing pet eye wipes are just what you need. A single package contains 100 wet wipes, all made with the same hypoallergenic formula. Now, a problem with most wipes is the use of toxic chemicals and ingredients. However, these dog eye wipes use purely organic and herbal ingredients in their manufacture.

Many pet owners have seen a significant improvement in their dog’s eye spots with this dog spot remover and that too in a day or two. For large dogs, these wipes may be a bit small, but their owners have used two wipes for the best results. Animal lovers also rejoice in how these wipes are a great alternative to medication.

Despite the positives, animal lovers complain that these wipes are a little dry, which can lead to the use of more wipes. Apart from that, the product is one of the safest and healthiest options available.

5. Earthbath all-natural grooming wipes

Super soft and completely natural, these Earthbath care wipes can be used on puppies from the age of six weeks, to help keep the coat, feet, face, and butts clean, without irritation. With green tea, aloe vera, and vitamin E, there is no bad guy here, just a fresh-scent cleaning lubricant in a thick, wide cleaning pad that not only cleans but also conditions.

6. Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Bath Dog Rags

For the smelly dog ​​above average, we love these gentle yet effective Daily Deodorant Bath Wipes from Nature’s Miracle. These good-sized alcohol-free wipes use an exclusive odor cleaning solution to eliminate bad odors, while the moisturizing formula leaves your pet’s coat free of dirt and shine. Store in your purse or coat pocket for the daily walk, and you can be sure you can fight any trauma from odors no matter where your pet goes.

While they won’t give you a lasting miracle when it comes to odor control for your dog, these wipes are also great for intermediate baths and full refreshments. A great value product, you can choose between two fresh but not overwhelming fragrances and they come in resalable packaging. Slip into a zippered package for freshness and to prevent drying out.

7. PPP Ear Wipes for the Care of Pet Fragrances

If stinky ears become a problem for your pet, but you do not want to clean them too much in case it causes more irritation, check out the Care Wipes PPP pet flavor. With natural aloe vera and eucalyptus oil, this proven and humane formula will gently cleanse and disinfect your dog’s ears while deodorizing unpleasant odors to leave him with a sweet smell and listening.

These dog ear wipes are soft enough to be used daily to maintain a healthy ear or for quick cleaning when the smell of the ear becomes too strong. They are also a good alternative if your pet simply does not like ear cleaning drops. They are not recommended for dogs under 12 weeks and contain salicylic and lactic acid, so check if your dog is sensitive, but for most dogs, they are good, strong, and effective daily wipes to keep their happy ears.

8. Pet MD Dog Ear Cleaning Wipes

For superior cleaning for your pet’s ears, this advanced Pet MD formula can provide much needed but gentle relief for your dog. With salicylic acid to reduce inflammation, antiseptic eucalyptus, and soothing aloe vera, these quality dog ​​ear wipes will gently cleanse, deodorize, and dry your dog’s ears while reducing the accumulation of wax. Effective for any ear irritation that can lead to infection or to clean up dirt and prevent other problems, they can also reduce unpleasant ear odors.

Now you and your dog will be happy! You may need to check that your pet is not sensitive to salicylic acid, but for most dogs, it is a truly effective and natural disinfectant and will leave your ears calm and clean. Wipes can also be used to control and reduce ear problems your dog may have with yeast and mites. These ear wipes are not recommended for young dogs under 12 weeks of age.

9. Glandex Pet Wipes

Many dog ​​owners are aware of the odor that occurs when their pet’s anal glands are blocked and are not pleasant for dogs or humans. These glands play an important role, both to mark the territory and to help lubricate the passage of excretion. Sometimes these working glands are blocked, that’s where these effective Glandex wipes come in to help you.

Use it to avoid the problem after a gland has expressed itself, or as part of cleaning a blocked gland, your pet will feel relieved from the gentle cleaning that these glands provide. They can be safely used on sensitive areas of your pet, but they are strong enough to clean up any stubborn mess and deodorize stubborn odors.

Also, the fresh natural scent helps keep your pet smelling sweet. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E then work to calm and hydrate, leaving your dog comfortable and happy.

10. WAHL Dog Refresh Cleaning Wipes

The favorites of pet owners Wahl have created an awesome pet wipe with their refreshing cleaning wipes that can be safely used on your pet’s face and body, including their ears. A natural formulation whose pH has been balanced to prevent irritation, WALH uses gentle ingredients that are also effective in blowing up dirt.

The list reads like a premium facial moisturizer: coconut oil, chamomile extract and aloe vera with a natural lavender scent, no bad guys like alcohol or parabens. The wipes are a good size and the cloth is thick but soft, and we have to say very wetly, which gives you a feeling of satisfactory cleaning like cleaning and rubbing your pet.

Coconut oil can also do wonders for your pet’s coat and skin condition. To keep in the back of the car or your bag, these dog wipes will be your appointment when you face a smelly or dirty dog ​​who needs a quick update.

Buyer’s Guide

Can I use baby wipes on my dog?

Baby wipes can be used on dogs and even puppies. However, the liquid from the wipes should not get into your eyes or ears, and if skin irritation occurs, the use of the wipes should be stopped and the condition should be reported to a veterinarian.

How often should I use dog wipes?

Dog wipes should be used as often as you need to. Whether it’s a dirty paw or dirt on your dog’s coat, the wipes can be used immediately to remove stains and dirt where a bath cannot be provided. If the wipes are used as a form of treatment or hygiene contribution, they should be used according to the manufacturer.

Is it safe to use disinfectant wipes on dogs?

Yes! Disinfectant wipes for dogs can be used safely around dogs. When not in use, as with many other wipes and cleaners, you should keep them out of the reach of children and pets.


1. The sensitivity of your dog

Some dogs are too sensitive to chemicals applied to their skin. If you know your dog has allergic reactions to various compounds like dog shampoos and baths, it’s best to buy hypoallergenic pet wipes. Additionally, if your dog is suffering from hypersensitivity conditions, this is why you should invest in dog wipes.

2. The scent of the pet wipes

There are several cleaning wipes available on the market that have a strong or fruity odor. However, if you know that your dog is not very interested in this, then you should look for unscented puppy wipes. Antibacterial wipes for dogs usually do not have a strong scent to which puppies can be allergic. But if you want your dog to have a clean, fresh smell after cleaning, go ahead and choose a puppy wipe with a more fruity and sweet smell.

3. What part of your dog you want to clean

If you think there is only one dog wipe available, then you are wrong. There are a variety of dog wipes to choose from. There are dog ear, dental and grooming wipes. Therefore, before buying, you need to measure the type of dog wipes you will need for your puppy. Or better yet, get all the variations!


Dog wipes are a practical solution to keep your pet clean, fresh, and healthy. These special pet wipes are made from gentle and safe pet ingredients that are versatile, portable, and easy to use. But it is important to choose the right type and quality of dog wipes.

In this article, we listed 10 of the best dog wipes available on the market for grooming and cleaning your pet. We review the main features of these special pet wipes, the benefits of using them, the factors to consider before choosing the best dog wipes, and we also share our best options.

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