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Best Hamster Toys (May 2020) Review

If you’re looking for the best hamster toys of 2020, you have come to the right place. It is quite difficult to find hamster toys that are safe and durable.

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We understand how tiring it can be to find the perfect toy for your best hamster. Based on our understanding, we have put together a list of the best hamster toys for your pet. The toys on our list are very fun and practical for your pet hamsters.

 Below are our top best hamster toys of 2020

1. Rainbow Play Bridge for Hamsters

The wooden material used to create the hamster toy is chewable. The material used is safe for your pets to chew. This will allow your pet to meet its gnawing and chewing needs.

Animals can easily play with the boredom breaker in many ways. The boredom breaker is large and can allow animals to pass under it with ease. The boredom breaker provides you with a sense of security, thanks to its fun design.

Some of the companions did not appear to have any interest in the product. The lack of interest from the companions has nothing to do with the quality of the product.

One of the customers complained about its foul odor, it developed when her pet urinated on it. The customer claimed she had to throw the toy away after the incident.

2. Activity Suspension Bridge Toy for Hamsters

This hamster toy has a lot of activities and obstacles that will keep your pet busy. With this hamster toy, you can be sure that your pet will never get bored.

The hamster toy is chewable; this allows your pet to meet its biting needs. This helps to wear down the growing teeth of your pet. Previous customers say the hamster toy is very easy to assemble.

If you do not plan on investing a lot of money in a proactive toy for your hamster, this toy is a great pick. This hamster toy will certainly keep your pet busy.

The hamster toy has some if its downsides. We got a complaint from a customer whose hamster injured its wrist playing on the bridge. A customer also made a complaint about the toy being a bit terrifying for her pet.

 3. Sleep ‘n’ Play Cheese Toy for Hamsters

This item is a great toy for medium-sized rodents thanks to its dimensions and size. Small pets can go in and out of the toy without difficulties.

The product is very easy to assemble in many different ways. This makes the item very versatile and exciting for your pet.

The hamster toy does not feature a magnet to keep the parts together. The hamster toy has a hinge on one of its sides to allow you to assemble the toy the way you want. This feature was specifically designed by the manufacturers.

Few customers made complaints about the edges of the product being a bit sharp. These edges may cause injury to your pets if you do not attend to then when they play with it.

One customer has also complained about the toy having a strong smell of an air freshener. This appears to be the only complaint of this type.

4. Fun Tunnels Play Tube for Hamsters by Ware Manufacturing— Best Hamster Puzzle Toys

This Fun Play Tube is a great toy for your pet hamster. Even with its size, the Fun Plat Tube remains a good addition to your pet’s habitat. The Play Tube is our pick for the best hamster puzzle toy.

This hamster toy is constructed from a durable plastic material. This plastic material has stain resistance and doesn’t lose its shape.

Despite the size of your pet’s cage, the fun play Tube will make a good addition. The model is flexible and bends easily.

The hamster toy is made of plastic and is not a chewable material for your pet. You, therefore, need to continuously monitor your pet while it plays with the toy.

As the same with most other products, some pets may not find the toy interesting. This does not have anything to do with the hamster toy model in itself.

5. Kaytee Igloo Hideaway Toy for Hamsters

With the Igloo toy, you can monitor your loved pet at all times. The material is made from a translucent plastic material. With this toy, your pet will have the impression of privacy.

Despite your budget, the igloo pet toy is affordable. The hamster toy is very durable compared to other toy choices.

The igloo model is produced from plastic. This makes the toy easy to clean and wash when needed. It is resistant to stain.

According to previous buyers of this product, the pet toy is odor resistant. This feature is very appealing to buyers.

The igloo product comes in a variety of colors. If you’re buying the product, you may not be able to choose the color you want to buy. Most customers don’t consider this a drawback.

Some customers complain about getting a larger toy than expected. You can pick the dimensions of the toy you want.

 6. Get-A-Way Hamster House by Kaytee Woodland

The Get-A-Way hamster house will supply your pets with the accurate security needed. This toy allows your pet to chew and nest.

The hamster toy-house is made from pine timber wood. This wood is safe for your pet to chew on.

Your hamster can enjoy undisturbed sleep and rest in the toy house. The toy house provides privacy for your pet.

The toy house has the size to meet the needs of your pet hamster. With a height of 4.25” and a width of 7”, the house fits perfectly in most habitats.

Many customers are unhappy with the size of the house despite its dimensions being displayed. Sellers often display the dimensions of the product. You can get the toy house in different measurements.

There has only been one complaint about the integrity of the toy. The owner claims the toy fell apart immediately it developed a crack.

7. Fruit 3D Nibble Stix Toy for Hamsters— Best Hamster Chewing Toy

This toy is great for your hamster as it allows it to meet its chewing needs. Getting this toy can be considered as a good investment. The nibble Stix is our pick for the best hamster chewing toy.

The Nibble stix is a great chewing toy for your pet. The nibbles stix is made from 100% natural materials. Your pet can safely chew on it with no health issues.

The toy product is very attractive to the eyes. You can use the toy as a decor piece for the cage if your pet loses interest in the toy.

The nibble stix product is made from fruit-like wood material. It is a very efficient way for your pet to kill boredom.

With the features of this product, buyers seem to complain about its high price. The product may not be accessible to every hamster owner due to its price. A customer complained that her pet has started to lose interest in the toy.

8. Tropical Fiddle Sticks Hideout for Hamsters

The Fiddle Sticks hideout has a metal support that helps you to construct a firm hideout for your pet. For safety reasons, you may need to replace the metal support once it is exposed.

This toy hideout will be very intriguing to your pet. This is as a result of the ability of the sticks to bend shapes. With this hideout, boredom won’t be an issue for your pet anymore.

The hideout has a width of 2 inches and a length of 7 inches. It can fit into most pet hamster habitats.

This hideout is a very practical pet toy to have around. It encourages the chewing and biting instincts of your pet.

There have been few complaints from previous buyers of the toy. There was a complaint from a buyer about a strong odor from the product. The customer also said the odor disappeared after letting it air out.

9. Trixie Pet Products Cuddly— Best Hamster Climbing Toy

If your hamster likes to feel comfortable at all times, then the cuddly toy is your perfect option. With this toy, your hamster will be able to chew in wooden pieces and ropes. The cuddle toy comes with a wooden ladder to enable your pet to climb in and out of the toy.

The toy unit comes along with a rope ring. This rope ring is one of the practical features of the cuddly toy. The rope ring allows your pet hamster to chew without feeling bored.

The cuddly toy is a very appealing product for pet hamsters. This cuddly toy is our pick for the best hamster climbing toy.

A customer complaint was made about a hamster that was too big for the toy. This was the only complaint regarding such an issue. A customer has also complained about her pets not being able to use the ladder.

10. Timothy Treat Hideout Toy for Hamsters

The treat hideout toy is a great chewing toy for your pet hamster. It is chewable because it is made from Timothy hay.

The hideout toy is sizeable because of its varying dimensions. This hideout toy is great to develop the nesting instincts of your pets.

This hideout out toy can help improve the dental health of your hamster thanks to its chewable features. You can be sure of the dental health of your hamsters when you buy this toy.

You can increase the durability of the hideout toy by storing it in a cool and dry place. Your hamster will surely enjoy the toy because of the materials used to make it.

There was a complaint about the toy not being big enough for rabbits. The toy is created to be used by hamsters and small rodents. Some customers complained about the toy being too expensive.

Buyer’s Guide

Is it okay for my Hamster to chew on the toys?

Some of the hamster toys on our list are chewable. Some of the toys can help improve the dental health of your hamster thanks to their chewable features. You can be sure of the dental health of your hamsters when you buy this toy.

Some toys are great chewing toys for your pet. Some toys are made from 100% natural materials. Your pet can safely chew on them with no health issues.

How do I know when to change my hamsters’ toys?

Pet hamsters tend to chew a lot on their toys. When the hamsters chew on their toys for a long time, the toys may become too ragged. When your pet’s toys become too ragged, your pet can’t chew on them anymore.

When the toys get ragged, your pet will ignore the toys and stop chewing on them. Knowing when to change your pet’s toys is ideal to keep them attracted to their toys.

When is the best time for my hamster to play?

Studies have shown that hamsters are crepuscular animals. This means the hamsters begin their day after sunset. To avoid the hamsters from biting, it is best not to wake them up before their complete cycle.

Hamsters are genetically modified to behave in such a manner. It is very difficult to change the behavior of your hamster overnight. So it is best not to play with them before sunset to avoid them from biting you.


Hamsters can easily play with their toys in many ways. Some of these hamster toys are large and can allow hamsters to pass under them with ease. These hamster toys provide you with a sense of security, thanks to its fun design.

The hamster toys on our list have lots of activities and obstacles that will keep your pet busy. With these hamster toys, you can be sure that your pets will never get bored.

The materials used to create most of the hamster toys are chewable. The chewable materials used are safe for your pet hamsters to chew on. These toys will allow your pets to meet their gnawing and chewing needs.

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