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Top 10 Best Hamster Wheels 2020 Reviews

Have you thought of the best way for your hamsters to exercise? Hamster wheels are a great way for your hamsters to exercise, which is why you need only the best hamster wheels. Our list contains only the best-rated hamster wheels you can find anywhere. These wheels offer safety and comfort to give you hamster a healthy lifestyle.

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Below are ten of the best hamster wheels in the market.

1. Kaytee Run-around wheel

With the Kaytee run-around hamster wheel, you will be able to provide your little pet with a fun and free-wheeling experience. This size of this run-around fun wheel makes it very suitable and perfectly sized for mice, young and dwarf hamsters. You can purchase this amazing hamster wheel in a range of four beautiful colors that will capture the eyes of your hamster.

This hamster wheel is extremely durable as it is covered in a powder-coated surface which makes it resistant to rust. Produced from extremely durable wire, this wheel features a Kaytee E-Z and tail-safe design that is unique and safe for hamsters. This hamster wheel is currently rated as one of the most enticing hamster wheels in the market.

If you’re worried about how to clean this hamster wheel, this wheel is very easy to clean and does not require much cleaning. You can encourage your hamster to have healthy exercise by buying this product.

2. Kaytee Comfort Large 8.5 Inches Hamster Wheel – BEST HAMSTER WHEEL 2020

If you need a hamster wheel that has a solid and safe running surface for your hamster, then look no further. This comfort hamster wheel by Kaytee is our pick for the best hamster wheel of 2020. Like some other hamster wheels by Kaytee, this wheel comes with quiet operation and unique “tail-safe” design.

The tail-safe design of the Kaytee comfort large hamster wheel allows small pets to easily enter and exit the wheel. With the heavy-duty wire stand and two-way attachment clip on the wheel, you can decide to clip it to a wire cage. Additionally, the hamster wheel comes in different sizes which make it perfect for other small pets.

The use of this hamster wheel will encourage your hamster to effectively carry out a healthy exercise. You may need to put a few drops of vegetable oil on the wheel to keep the wheel running quietly.

3. Kaytee Silent Spinner Hamster Exercise Wheel – BEST SILENT HAMSTER WHEEL

Sometimes, the squeaking noise of a hamster wheel can be a bit unpleasant for both you and your little hamster. However, this silent spinner hamster wheel by Kaytee is a wonderful wheel that offers a quiet workout for your hamster. The super silent property of this wheel makes it the best silent hamster wheel in the market.

With the wheel spinning on a plastic spike, it eliminates the annoying sound that is produced by the wheel. Your pet’s tail or tiny feet are safe from getting caught or pinched thanks to the absence of wire spacing in the wheel. Pet safety is taken to a whole new level with the integration of raised treads which also provide better traction.

Being able to work two ways, you can decide to attach the wheel to a wire cage or use it while it’s free-standing. It also features a two-tone plastic rubbing surface that is comfortable and safe for your pet.

4. ZOOPOLR Silent Spinner Hamster Exercise Wheel

ZOOPOLR Silent Spinner Hamster Exercise Wheel comes with a round corner design to prevent your hamster from any accidental injury. Designed to be very effective for a hamster exercise, this wheel is made from high-grade material making it exquisite and beautiful. It’s super silent feature can allow your hamster to play at night without producing sounds that may disturb your sleep.

When using this silent spinner hamster wheel, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your pet from a potential hazard. The size of this hamster exercise wheel makes it suitable for many small pets including chinchillas, guinea pigs, and ferrets. Plastic is the major material used in the production of this exercise wheel making it available in different colors.

This wheel has a detachable design, making it easy for you to assemble for your hamster. So grab this hamster exercise wheel for your little pet and watch it exercise and have fun at the same time.

5. Zacro Hamster Running Wheel

Zacro Hamster Running Wheel is specially designed to fit mice, gerbils, hamsters, and other small pets that love to run. Made from high-quality stainless steel ball bearings, this wheel is designed to spin smoothly without making any squeaking sound. The hamster exercise wheel can be installed in two ways, both including mounting it on the wall or mounting it to stand freely.

Based on its safe design, the wheel reduces the risk of your pet’s tail or fur entanglement by eliminating the use of the center rod. Its easy cleaning feature is based on its transparent and fully open design which allows the owner to access all corners. This running wheel for hamsters has a dimension of 3.7 inches in width and up to 8.7 inches in diameter, making it suitable for small pets.

The hamster wheel comes with a removable thin protect film which you can take out if you don’t like it. You can improve your hamster’s health and fitness by getting this hamster wheel for your little pet.

6. Kaytee Comfort 12 Inches Giant Hamster Wheel

This particular hamster wheel from Kaytee looks to provide your hamster with the ultimate enjoyable and comfortable experience as they run. The hamster wheel can easily stand on its own inside your hamster’s cage or can be attached to the wires of the cage. Attaching the hamster wheel to a wire cage makes it more sturdy and stable to allow it to be used by larger pets.

Not only will your hamster be happy with this wheel, but it will also be encouraged to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle. Designed to be safe, it conveniently keeps the tail and toes of your hamster safe thanks to its solid running surface. Your hamster can easily enter and exit the exercise wheel without having its fur or toes caught in the wheel.

Now you can comfortably sleep at night without the sound of the wheel disturbing you when your pet goes for a run. You get a complete package when you buy this product as it includes a very durable wire stand and an attachment clip.

7. Mcage Hamster Running Wheel

The Mcage Hamster Running Wheel is specially designed to help promote and improve exercise for a healthy and happy hamster. With measurements of 5 inches in height, 7 inches in depth, and 7 inches in width, this wheel is a good choice for small pets. Offering a wheel that allows tail and toe exercise for your pet hamster while providing a silent spinning operation.

When you buy this wheel for your hamster, your hamster will immediately fall in love with its unique and solid running surface. Your hamster will experience a running session that is out of this world, thanks to the smooth operation of the running wheel. This running wheel for hamsters is also considered one of the very best silent hamster running wheels out there.

Safety is not ruled out as this hamster running wheel prevents your hamster from any accidental injury. Buy this hamster running wheel for your little friend and watch it run in health and joy.

8. Petzilla Quiet Hamster Running Wheel

Petzilla Quiet Hamster Running Wheel is another great hamster wheel to make it on our list of the best hamster wheels. The silent spinning feature of this wheel is due to the use of a small piece of an acrylic circle that is indispensable. It is essential to install the wheel following the right order to ensure proper quality and safety for your hamster.

But busing the silent spinning wheel for your hamster, you can help to encourage healthy exercise to improve your pet’s fitness. Made from wood and other pet-safe materials, this product can be used by other small pets including gerbils and mice. You can decide to stand the wheel or screw it to a wire cage, both of which will still provide efficiency for your hamster.

Noise from hamster wheels will become a thing of the past once you purchase this wheel for your hamster. This product is very easy to clean and comes with high resistance to odor.

9. Petzilla Silent Hamster Running Wheel

The Petzilla Silent Hamster Running Wheel is one of the best from the series of the Petzilla hamster exercise wheels. It comes in sizes of 9 inches, 7.5 inches, and 5.9 inches which are available in a wide array of colors. You can get a metal stand for your hamster wheel when you buy any of the large size wheels, 9 inches, and 7.5 inches.

Like other hamster wheels in the Petzilla hamster exercise wheel series, this wheel comes with a small acrylic circle to reduce noise. You have to make sure to properly install the wheel in the right order once you purchase this amazing wheel. This wheel is also great for other small pets including gerbils, mice, and small animals that love to run.

If you’re wondering where to place the wheel, it can be placed to stand freely or screwed to a wire cage. This wheel is made of wood and other materials that are safe for pets.

10. Ware Manufacturing Exercise Wheel for Hamsters

This Ware Manufacturing hamster exercise wheel may be a bit expensive compared to other hamster exercise wheels on our list. The huge size of this hamster exercise wheel makes it perfect and suitable for owners who have bigger pets. With a height of 7.5 inches and a diameter of 12 inches, this hamster wheel provides enough room for your hamster.

Made from mainly lightweight plastic material, this wheel provides safety and comfort for the tail and toes of your pet hamster. When you purchase this wheel, your hamster can run on this wheel without fear of their toes or tail getting caught. As a pet owner, you will no longer be bothered about your pet using the will as it produces a low and quiet sound.

The fun and bright colors on the running surface will keep your hamster attracted to the exercise wheel. With this hamster wheel, your hamster will be able to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Buyer’s Guide

Are running wheels good for hamsters?

Yes, getting a running wheel for your hamster is essential for its well being and health. This does not mean that hamster wheels may not be able to cause injuries to your hamsters. You can prevent the risk of injuries by getting the right wheel size to ensure your hamster does not run with an arched back.

How often should my hamster use the running wheel?

The time your hamster spends on the running wheel depends totally on the hamster. As an owner, you have to ensure that your hamster has access to the running wheel whenever it needs it. Hamsters tend to use the running wheel mostly at night, so you have to make it accessible to them.

How fast does a hamster wheel go?

A hamster wheel does not propel on its own as it needs the hamster to propel it. The speed of the hamster wheel depends on the speed of your hamster. Hamsters can run and maintain speeds of up to 2.5mph.


In summary, this list comprises of awesome hamster wheels that’ll give you and your pet a great experience. Not to forget, these wheels have a lot of great features that make them the best hamster wheels in the market.

These awesome hamster wheels will help you provide your hamster with safe and sturdy wheels to run on. Your pet’s tail or tiny feet are safe from getting caught or pinched thanks to the absence of wire spacings in these wheels. Noise from these hamster wheels will become a thing of the past once you purchase any of these wheels for your hamster.

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