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Best Indoor Rabbit Cages 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

Tried finding the best indoor rabbit cage for your little furry friend? Well, your search ends here as we have successfully gathered ten of the best indoor cages in the world. With amazing features and qualities, these rabbit cages are great for indoor use.

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Top 10 Best Indoor Rabbit Cages Reviews

01. Living World Deluxe Indoor Rabbit Cage – BEST INDOOR RABBIT CAGE 2020.

This indoor rabbit cage by the living world is a high-quality cage making it our pick for the best indoor rabbit cage of 2020. It is widely available in three different sizes which include the standard size, the extra-large size, and the large size. We, however, recommend the extra-large size for rabbit owners as it has a large space that will allow your rabbit to feel comfortable.

The indoor rabbit cage has amazing features like a hay guard, a ramp, a hideaway, a water bottle, and a large-sized balcony. In terms of measurements, the extra-large size has a dimension of 46.9 L x 22.8 W x 24 H inches. Asides its stylish look, this indoor rabbit cage comes with a plastic vase and a wireframe painted with non-toxic polish.

The rabbit cage has proper ventilation that keeps your rabbit comfortable. Its wiring allows it to provide complete safety to your rabbit.

02. MidWest Indoor Rabbit Cage

Another great indoor rabbit cage in our list is the MidWest indoor rabbit cage which is recommended by veterinarians around the globe. It’s 8 square feet living space area makes it perfect to breed healthy rabbits in a habitat that is very comfortable for them. When choosing the midwest indoor rabbit cage, you may also need to put the square feet space you need into consideration.

Choosing the right square feet space for your cage depends totally on the number of rabbits that you want to breed. You can purchase an indoor cage with about 7-12 square feet if you have one or two rabbits, but 8 square feet is very comfortable. If you happen to have about three to four rabbits, then you may need a cage with 16 square feet living space.

The indoor cage features a multi-folding system that allows you to fold it to your taste. Cleaning of the cage is very easy as the cage is leak-proof, durable, and washable.

03. MidWest Critter Single Indoor Rabbit Cage with Stand

If you are looking for an indoor cage that will provide maximum security for your rabbits, then this cage is what you need. It not only offers maximum security but it offers a very comfortable and cozy habitat that will fit your rabbit perfectly. This indoor cage features a stand and lockable casters, allowing you to fix the cage in a single position after rolling it.

The Midwest critter indoor rabbit cage has a dimension of 36″L x 25″W x 38.5″H featuring double doors with full width. With the happy feet ramp covers, you can safely protect your rabbit’s feet from injury when moving the rabbit cage. It has a smart look thanks to its strong construct and its finishing with gray quartz hammertone.

This rabbit cage features leak-proof pans and adjustable resting shelves to improve cleaning. You may need to assemble the cage yourself as the package may arrive flat-packed.

04. Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Indoor Rabbit Cage

This indoor rabbit cage by Ferplast Krolik is specially designed for comfort, making it one of the best in the market. The indoor cage is specially designed and constructed for rabbits only and can not be used for any other pet. One feature that makes this indoor rabbit cage stand out from the rest is the inclusion of a living room for rabbits.

The wooden rabbit living room provides a large and comfortable nesting space within the cage to give your rabbit a pleasurable experience. All the necessary accessories including a wooden home, hay feeder, bowl, and water bottle are present in the cage. Despite its numerous features, the indoor cage is quite easy to assemble, maintain and clean up, thanks to its removable wire section.

With this indoor rabbit cage, you can provide your rabbit with a real home. Its innovative design offers comfort to your rabbit while saving the space taken up.

05. Prevue Indoor Rabbit Home on Stand

When it comes to small pet cages, Prevue is very famous for producing some of the very best cages for small pets. Just like many of their other cages, this cage is not only one of the best indoor cages, it is also budget-friendly. This particular indoor rabbit cage provides great comfort and is constructed from heavy-duty tubular steel.

The cage comes with four casters, allowing you to move the cage to the position you want with ease. It has a dimension of 32 x 21.5 x 33.5 inches and features a ramp that allows you to include and extra platform for your rabbit. With an extra-deep pan that accommodates more mess, this rabbit cage is great if you have to go away for a long time.

This indoor rabbit cage will serve as an awesome habitat for your rabbit. The floor of the cage is in the form of a net, so adding some hay will make it comfortable for your rabbit.

06. Yaheetech Indoor Rabbit Cage

Yaheetech indoor rabbit cage is another awesome indoor rabbit cage, considered to be one of the best in the market. With a dimension of 25.2 x 16.9 x 51.6’’ inches, this rabbit cage can be used both inside and outside the house. It resembles a 3 story building with 5 Ramos and 5 shelves settled on the cage.

You can use this indoor rabbit cage to save space by using the upper part of the cage with a low and wide area. When it comes to cleaning, the indoor cage features a slide-out tray that you can easily take out for proper cleaning. The non-slip ramps of the cage allow your rabbit to move around the cage comfortably without slipping.

This indoor cage comes with three doors that make it easy for you to put in our bring out your rabbit with ease. Purchase this cage today and provide comfort for your rabbit.

07. AmazonBasics Indoor Rabbit Habitat

The AmazonBasics indoor rabbit cage is another low-budget indoor rabbit cage that also provides many amazing features for your rabbit. Based on reviews, this indoor rabbit cage by AmazonBasics is considered one of the best indoor rabbit cages. Despite being made from big-quality materials and having so many awesome features, this indoor rabbit cage is still budget-friendly.

Its upper frame is Perfectly constructed with iron wire while it’s base is made from PP plastic which is known for its high quality and durability. The indoor rabbit cage is very easy to clean as it has easy inside access with its large top and hideaway beneath the balcony. It has a dimension of 47.2×23.6×20.5 inches and has accessories which include tip-proof food dish, and water bottle.

The indoor rabbit cage comes flat-packed and can be very easy to assemble with no tools required. It’s PP plastic base and iron wire upper frame makes it sturdy and durable.

8. Petmate Kennel-aire “A” Frame Indoor Rabbit House

Petmate is not a new name in the pet industry as they are famous for producing some of the best pet products. This indoor rabbit cage by petmate features a simple and easygoing design to give your rabbit a cozy and comfortable habitat. Like other products from petmate, this cage is designed to enhance the beauty and health of the pet family.

The indoor cage features two doors, one on top of the cage and the other one on the side of the cage. With a dimension of 29.5*16.5*24 inches, this indoor cage comes with four wheels to allow easy mobility of the cage. For easy cleaning, the rabbit cage comes with a plastic tray that can be easily removed and cleaned.

This rabbit cage is one of the best indoor rabbit cages as it offers safety and comfort for your rabbit. It is also very easy to assemble as it comes flat-packed.

9. MidWest Wabbitat Folding Indoor Rabbit Cage

If you happen to be a first-time rabbit owner, you need a rabbit cage that will make your job a lot easier. Well, the MidWest Wabbitat Folding Indoor Rabbit Cage is just what you need as it is great for beginners. MidWest Wabbitat is one famous name in the pet product industry as they have been making pet accessories for decades.

The rabbit cage is also one of the most affordable indoor rabbit cages you will find anywhere on the market. It comes flat-packed and is very easy to assemble as the foldable cage connects all the materials without using any material. This indoor rabbit habitat offers durability, safety, and comfort for your little furry friend.

With a front door and a versatile top door, this indoor rabbit cage allows easy access to take out and clean the plastic trays. The manufacturer advises that the cage should be cleaned with only warm water as harsh materials may cause damage.

10. Petsfit Indoor Rabbit Cage

This rabbit cage is a smart cage that resembles a standard human house with two sections, a cage, and a wooden roof. Petsfit Indoor Rabbit Cage has a very simple design with a very gorgeous look thanks to its strong finishing. It is not only gorgeous, but this rabbit cage by Petsfit is very comfortable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Unlike some of the other indoor rabbit cages on our list, this cage does not have casters for easy mobility. With this extreme quality indoor rabbit cage, your rabbit can spend time playing and resting without disturbance. It is a very durable indoor rabbit cage that provides both safety and comfort for your pet rabbit.

Like the rest of the indoor rabbit cages in our list, this indoor rabbit cage is very easy to clean, thanks to its removable plastic trays. This rabbit cage remains one of the best indoor rabbit cages out there.

Buyer’s Guide

What is the advantage of keeping my Rabbit indoor?

Safety is the biggest advantage of keeping your rabbits inside with you as they are safe from predators. If you have other pets indoors, this is only applicable if your pets are well mannered.

Keeping your rabbits indoors means they don’t have to be exposed to harsh weather conditions. They are also safe from parasites.

What size of the rabbit cage is suitable for indoor use?

As they say, bigger is always better. If you’re going to be keeping your rabbit in its cage for long, then getting a large cage is only practical. As a general rule, you need to get a rabbit cage that is 4 times bigger than your rabbit.

For small rabbits that weigh less than 8lbs, 24” by 36” is perfect. As for larger rabbits, 30” by 36” is great.

How long should I keep my rabbit inside the cage?

It is not advisable to leave your rabbit in its cage for long while you’re at work during the day. You shouldn’t keep your rabbit in its cage all day like a prisoner. A good idea is to have a fun enclosure where your rabbit can play while you are away.


The best indoor rabbit cages are very difficult to come by as many manufacturers claim that their products are the best. However, after careful research, we have been able to select the very best indoor rabbit cages for you. As you can see from the list above, these cages offer amazing features that make them stand out from other rabbit cages.

Some of the indoor rabbit cages in this list provide maximum security for your rabbits from large pets. They do not only offer maximum security but they also offer a very comfortable and cozy habitat that will fit your rabbit perfectly. Most of these indoor rabbit cages feature a stand and lockable casters, allowing you to fix the cage in a single position after rolling it.

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