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Best Rabbit Hutches 2020: Reviews & Topicks

The best rabbit hutches are quite difficult to come by, that is why we have saved you the stress by creating this list. For this reason, you no longer have to worry about finding the best rabbit hutch for your little furry friend. We have taken out time to gather information from genuine sources before comparing the features of each hutch.

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This list features only the 10 best rabbit hutches you can find anywhere in the world. Feel free to dive and choose the rabbit hutch that suits your needs and that of your rabbit.

Best Rabbit Hutches

1. Bunny Business Rabbit Hutch – BEST RABBIT HUTCH 2020

Manufactured by the number one rabbit brand in the UK, the Bunny Business Rabbit Hutch is one outstanding hutch for you. With a dimension of 42 cm x 43 cm x 51 cm coupled with a weight of about 6.1kg, this rabbit hutch is built to be sturdy. Its weatherproof quality makes it one of the best rabbit hutches that can be used outdoors in the garden.

Made from super quality wood, this particular rabbit hutch is elevated from the ground and comes with a lockable front flap. Elevating the rabbit hutch from the ground allows the hutch to safely protect your rabbit from humid floors and cold. When you buy this rabbit hutch, it comes fully assembled saving you the stress of having to put the hutch together.

If you need a portable, lightweight and budget-friendly rabbit hutch, then this item is for you. Thanks to the open front flap and roof, you can easily clean up the rabbit hutch.

2. Oypla Wooden Cage Rabbit Hutch – BEST OUTDOOR RABBIT HUTCH

If you’re looking for a rabbit hutch that you can use for other related pets, this Rabbit Hutch is your best bet. With its size reaching up to 118cm X 50.8cm X 45cm, this rabbit hutch weighs up to 13.2 kg. Made from high-quality wood, this rabbit hutch has a very cozy sleeping area to give your rabbit a comfortable rest.

With its sturdy and durable design, this rabbit hutch is one of the best rabbit hutches suitable for outdoor use. High-quality fire wood is the major material used to craft out this masterpiece making it suitable to stay outdoors for years. It’s a highly spacious interior and the wooden floor keeps your rabbit feeling dry and comfortable at all times.

When cleaning the rabbit hutch, you can easily take off the detachable doors to make your cleaning very easy and effective. This rabbit hutch is quite easy to set up.

3. MidWest Rabbit Indoor Hutch – BEST INDOOR RABBIT HUTCH

MidWest rabbit hutch measures up to 24L x 18W x 19.25H inches and is considered the best indoor rabbit hutch. Its extension is made from untreated natural wood and comes with a 158 and 158xl rabbit cage model. Also, the extension features a plastic pan where you can place your rabbit’s bedding so the wood doesn’t get soaked.

MidWest rabbit hutch comes flat packed which means you will have to assemble the hutch yourself. However, the rabbit hutch is very easy to assemble and does not require you to use any tool. Your rabbit will have enough space to play and run around thanks to the spacious extension of the hutch.

Cleaning up the rabbit hutch is quite easy thanks to the detachable roof of the hutch. This hutch will provide your rabbit with a haven where it can live and play comfortably.

4. PawHut Wooden Hutch for Rabbits

This rabbit hutch is a two-tier rabbit house with a courtyard placed in a slightly enclosed part of the top. If you need a hutch that can accommodate multiple pets the PawHut Wooden Hutch is a great choice for you. With measurements reaching up to 98 cm x 55 cm x 93.5 cm, this rabbit hutch can fit up to four guinea pigs and two rabbits.

With the use of high-quality fit wood, this rabbit hutch is designed to be very sturdy and extremely durable. Non-toxic paint is used on the rabbit hutch to make it waterproof with rain resistance and high resistance to sun rays. It’s resistance to dripping water and UV rays are also due to its asphalt roofing for increased longevity and durability.

Protected with a mesh made from galvanized wire, this rabbit hutch will prevent predators from sneaking into the hutch. With the lockable doors on the mesh, you can easily clean up the hutch.

5. Confidence Hutch for Rabbits

The Confidence Hutch for rabbits is a great multipurpose hutch as it can be used for several small pets. Owners of Gerbils, guinea pigs, and ferrets can also use this rabbit hutch as a home for their pets. Its waterproof quality is due to the antifungal finish which is known to be very comfortable besides the change in weather.

This rabbit hutch is great for outdoor use as the hinges are also made from waterproof asphalt for increased durability. When cleaning the hutch, you can easily take off or open the roof to access deep areas for easy and effective cleaning. Featuring three lockable doors each with metal latch and wooden attachment, this rabbit hutch is designed to last for a long time.

This rabbit hutch also features a fox-proof cage wire which is essential to keep foxes and predators away. The wood used to make this product is high grade and pet friendly.

6. Scurrty Wooden Hutch for Rabbits

Cozy Pet Hutch For Rabbits is a two-way rabbit hutch that you can use outdoors or place in your home. Constructed solely from fir wood, this rabbit hutch comes with an asphalt roof to keep your rabbit feeling comfortable in any weather. With a door at the top, adjustable feet, and two pull out ABS shelves, this hutch is one of the best hutches out there.

When you purchase this rabbit hutch, it comes flat packed which means you may have to assemble it yourself. Not to worry, the rabbit hutch is very easy to assemble as you can set it up in less than 30 minutes. Suitable for both adult and young pets, the rabbit hutch is available in different heights and four different colors.

It is an easy-to-clean rabbit hutch with weatherproof features and high durability. With the inclusion of the asphalt roof, your pet can have a very comfortable rest in any weather.

7. FeelGoodUK Hutch for Rabbits

Manufactured from fit wood and high-quality wire, the FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch is among our ten best rabbit hutches. An environmental-friendly stain is used to treat the timber used in the production of the FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch. The woodwork used in the production is properly screwed, sanded, and jointed, retaining its natural wood color.

When you order the rabbit hutch it is delivered to you flat packed and unassembled similar to other rabbit hutches. The cage of the rabbit hutch has an extension that gives your pet more space to run around and play. With the removable lid on the top of the hutch, you can easily take off the lid to clean the hutch properly.

This rabbit hutch is suitable and small pets like rabbits and guinea pigs. It’s an environmentally friendly feature that makes it a great choice for rabbit owners. So order the FeelGoodUK Hutch For Rabbits and give your rabbit a comfortable home.

8. FeelGoodUK Rain Cover Rabbit Hutch

This product is one of the best outdoor rabbit hutches in the market thanks to the addition of the rain cover. With measurements of about 120 cm x 50 cm x 104 cm, this rabbit hutch has a very spacious interior. Dried fir wood of about 10 mm used in manufacturing this rabbit hutch makes it very sturdy and secure for pets.

When it comes to the safety of your rabbit, the hutch comes with highly secure locks with latches to raise the roof. The rabbit hutch comes with four access does and features a two-tier design that gives it a sleek look. At night, you can shut the top floor of the hutch to keep your pets safe from intruding predators including foxes.

The curved edges of the roof allow water to run off without entering into the hutch. This rabbit hutch also cokes flat packed but can be easily assembled in a few minutes.

9. Chartwell Double Rabbit Luxury Hutch

When looking for a luxury hutch with a great design for your rabbit, you shouldn’t look too far from this hutch. This luxury rabbit hutch is one very spacious rabbit hutch with a two-floor dwelling design to add a bit of luxury. As a luxury hutch, it offers a lower run area, a panel for hanging water bottles, and a bedding area for your rabbit.

Also, the luxury rabbit hutch comes with a removable kick-board to allow you to reach and clean corners in the hutch. This rabbit hutch comes with a side safety panel that allows you to easily access the lower recreation area of the hutch. An animal-safe water-based preservative is used in the hutch to protect the structure of the hutch from UV rays and rain.

With the inclusion of legs, the hutch is properly elevated from the ground. Raising the hutch from the ground keeps your pet safe from predators.

10. Kendal Outdoor Hutch for Rabbits

The Kendal Outdoor Hutch For Rabbits features a two-tier design for your rabbit, with the hutch part on top of the run. Manufactured completely in the UK, this hutch has a measurement of 180.4 cm x 120 cm x 120 cm with a weight of 26kg. To allow easy access for you, the hinge of the doors are placed to open outwards.

The hutch comes with sleeping doors and is made to offer 2feet of floor depth and headroom of about 2 feet. You can easily access the run section of the rabbit hutch to make your cleaning process more easy and effective. Thanks to the roof access doors, you can easily place food and toys inside the rabbit hutch at any time.

Treated to withstand rainy conditions, this rabbit hutch is weatherproof. Safety from predators is guaranteed for your pets. This outdoor hutch is designed to be flexible and durable.

Buyer’s Guide

Are Rabbit Hutches easy to clean?

Yes, cleaning a rabbit hutch may be quite easy if you can reach deep areas in the rabbit hutch. As a rabbit hutch owner, you may think cleaning a rabbit hutch will be difficult because of the deep areas. When cleaning a rabbit hutch, you can easily take off or open the roof to access deep areas for easy and effective cleaning.

Where can I place my rabbit hutch?

Rabbit hutches come in two two types, indoor rabbit hutches, and outdoor hutches. Some hutches are made from high-quality fir wood, a major material used to craft out hutches making them suitable for outdoor use. There are some hutches with two-stories measuring up to 100 cm X 52 cm X 100, great for indoor use.

Do rabbit hutches come already assembled? If No, are they easy to assemble?

Depending on the product you buy, you may need to assemble the rabbit hutch yourself. When you purchase some hutches, a minor assembling may be required as they may come flat packed and ready for assembly. Not to worry assembling some rabbit hutches can be easy and simple thanks to the instruction manual that accompanies the product.


With our list of the ten best rabbit hutches, there’s no way you’ll have a hard time picking the hutch that suits your needs. Made from high-quality wood, these rabbit hutches provide a very cozy sleeping area to give your rabbit a comfortable rest.

Most of the hutches have non-toxic paint to make them weatherproof with rain resistance and high resistance to sun rays. These rabbit hutches are built to be sturdy and durable design, making them the best rabbit hutches out there.

The rabbit hutches on our list provide safety and security for your pets at all times. These hutches are protected with a mesh made from galvanized wire, to prevent predators from sneaking in.

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