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Best Rabbit Litter 2020: Reviews & Topicks

Have you ever wondered how to choose the best rabbit litter for your little pet? Well, you shouldn’t because we have been able to do just that for you. We have gathered a list of the 10 best rabbit litters each with amazing features and qualities.

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Choosing the right rabbit litter for your little bunny cannot get any easier. The features and properties of each rabbit litter have been carefully studied and reviewed. So feel free to go through the list and pick the right litter that suits your rabbit’s needs.

Best Rabbit Litters Review

1. So Phresh Paper Pellet Rabbit Litter

As a rabbit owner, it is only appropriate for you to use the So Preshy rabbit litter for your rabbit. With up to 95% of recycled paper, this paper pellet rabbit litter keeps your rabbit away from defiance when wet. This pellet rabbit litter is an eco-friendly and biodegradable rabbit litter that is greatly favorable and comfortable for your pet.

The addition of baking soda makes the pellet paper litter very effective in reducing and controlling the odor from the litter. Moisture is naturally locked into the pellet paper litter which confirms that it has a very high absorbency level. A pack of this rabbit litter holds up to 20 pounds of the paper pellet which is completely free of dust.

Additionally, this rabbit litter has a fragrance-free feature and doesn’t cause any irritation to your rabbit. Being larger than other rabbit litter, the paper pellets are covered with Timothy hay.

2. Fresh News Paper Rabbit Litter

Despite being newly introduced to the market, Fresh News Paper Rabbit Litter offers excellent products with a lot of amazing features. Composed of 10-liter recycled paper litter infused with ammonia locker, this rabbit litter is suitable for rabbits and small pets. Through the addition of baking soda, the odor can be controlled to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your rabbit’s cage.

One of the most outstanding features of the Fresh News Litter is its amazing ability to absorb moisture completely. This rabbit litter has a dust-free property of up to 99%, making it easy to put up with the territory of your rabbit. When producing the paper pellets of this rabbit litter, biodegradable materials are used to finish up the product.

Its budget-friendly price makes it one of the most affordable rabbit litters in the market. So if you need a rabbit litter that wouldn’t stretch your budget, then Fresh News is for you.

3. Marshall Rabbit Litter

Marshal Company is famous for producing items and products that are suitable for rabbits and other small persons like ferrets. The marshal rabbit litter is favorable and suitable for rabbits and ferrets as both pets are quite similar in many ways. It is made from natural paper fiber that is known for its ability to absorb odor and moisture including urine.

This litter will not cause any allergies for your rabbit as if it produced from recycled materials which also fight ammonia on rabbits. Proudly manufactured in the United States, this rabbit litter is considered one of the best rabbit litters in the market. It is also gentle in the respiratory system of rabbits thanks to its dust-free feature that reaches up to 99%.

When you buy this rabbit litter, you also get a free prize which is included in the package. Although the rabbit litter isn’t the best in absorbing moisture and foul odor, it is still a great choice for your rabbit.

4. Oxbow Ecostraw Rabbit Litter Bedding Box

The key ingredient used to form the straw pellets of this rabbit litter is natural wheat gotten from the best source. When compared to recycled pellets, straw pellets provide up to three times more efficient in absorbing wetness making it a better choice. Still made from natural materials, the Oxbow Ecostraw Rabbit Litter is designed to offer comfort to your pet rabbit.

Additionally, Wheat appears to be richer in fiber when compared to regularly recycled paper pellets used for rabbit bedding. Designed to be easily scoopable from the cage, this rabbit litter is produced without the addition of any chemical or fragrance. Also, this rabbit litter box does not contain dust making it safe for the respiratory system of your rabbit.

Before changing the bedding Of your rabbit, you need to consider the wellbeing of your pet. This rabbit litter box comes sealed with a ziplock and can be used for seven pets including ferrets.

5. Carefresh Custom Rabbit Litter – BEST RABBIT LITTER 2020

Thanks to its long-lasting odor control feature, the Carefresh Custom Rabbit litter is rated the best rabbit litter 2020. With this rabbit litter, you and your rabbit will experience up to 10 days of underneath freshness to keep your rabbit’s cage clean. This rabbit litter saves you more time and effort which you may spend cleaning up the rabbit cage daily.

With a great capacity to absorb moisture and odor, this rabbit litter keeps your rabbit’s cage looking fresh and dry. Even after absorbing a large amount of moisture, the rabbit litter still retains a white nesting look of stillness. Dust-free capability is another great feature of this rabbit litter which is beneficial to both cleaning and the health of your rabbit.

The nesting form of the rabbit litter provided a cotton-like comfort for your rabbit. This litter remains one of the most affordable rabbit litter in the market.

6. Small Pet Select Natural Paper Litter for Rabbits

When trying to sell a product, especially one that involves pets like rabbits, the packaging is one important factor you can’t ignore. With the use of unbleached packaging, the Small Pet Select ensures there is no chemical effect on the rabbit litter. This rabbit litter is proudly manufactured in the United States and does not involve the use of chemical additives in the production.

The Small Pet Select litter is an ideal pet litter for small animals including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and hamsters. It’s soft texture and high absorbent power to prevent odor makes this rabbit litter one of the best litters in the market. With an end look that seems three times bigger in volumes compared to that of its packaging, this rabbit litter is a high-end product.

This rabbit litter can be delicate in the feet of small pets and comes with a dust-free property. The manufacturers of this product assure customers of a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every purchase.

7. Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Rabbit Litter

The Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Rabbit Litter is another great rabbit litter that has made it to our list. With the integration of baking soda into its production process, it can control foul odor for as long as 14 days. This, however, allows you to spend less time and energy in cleaning up the cage of your rabbit or small pet.

When you spend less time cleaning up the cage, you will have more time to spend bonding and interacting with your pet. With the ability to absorb moisture reaching up to three times of its weight, this rabbit litter is one product you need to buy. Composed mainly from recycled and crumbled paper from the PaperGator recycling Program, this rabbit litter is biodegradable.

Not only is this rabbit litter beneficial to you and your pet, but it is also beneficial to the environment at large. Manufactured in the United States, this rabbit litter is made from unbleached paper to increase your pet’s safety.

8. Kaytee Soft Granule Blend Rabbit Litter

If you’re considering getting a rabbit litter that suits your small animal cage, then you should also consider this rabbit litter. This rabbit litter can easily be turned into comfortable bedding for your rabbit thanks to its wood fiber composition. Scented with sweet lavender, this rabbit litter will keep your rabbit’s cage looking and smelling fresh for a long time.

Although many specialists do not recommend the use of a scented rabbit litter, many owners still prefer this rabbit litter. This is because rabbit owners tend to appreciate the other features that this rabbit litter offers them and their rabbits. The Kaytee soft rabbit litter is a great addition that can help you to beautify the cage of your rabbit.

The wood fiber used to produce the rabbit litter can absorb moisture that measures above three times its size. With this rabbit litter, you can prevent the early formation of odor provoking substances and molds.

9. Kaytee Kay-KOB Rabbit Litter and Bedding

The Kaytee Kay-KOB Rabbit Litter is a two-way rabbit litter that you can use both as a rabbit litter or bedding. Made from corn cob that is highly processed, this rabbit litter and bedding is an all-natural and eco-friendly litter. For the complete safety of your rabbit, this rabbit litter can eliminate wood and dust debris that may accumulate in the cage.

After careful examination, it is safe to say that there are no added artificial colors or chemicals used during the production. The packaging of this rabbit litter makes it one of the cleanest litter compared to other litters made with a corn cob. There is no sticky feeling on this rabbit litter, making it completely sufficient to sustain good health for your rabbits.

When cleaning your rabbit’s cage, the remaining litter does not stick to your hand. This means you can spend lesser time cleaning up your rabbit’s cage. The Kaytee rabbit litter comes in a pack of 10 litters.

10. Living World Pine Shavings for Rabbit Litter

When looking to get a rabbit litter, it is advisable to get litters made from pine shavings as they are great for litter. Based on its superiority to hardwood and cedar beddings, this litter equals the quality of other rabbit litter products. It is made from 100% naturally scented pine shavings to keep your rabbit cage smelling nice and fresh for long.

You can’t rule out the moisture absorption of this rabbit litter as it prevents the growth and bacteria and molds. This rabbit litter can expand to reach a measurement of up to 2500 cubic inches, occupying the space of the cage. Produced in the United States, this rabbit litter is composed of dried shavings that often have no wood debris or aromatic scent.

You can be certain that the respiratory system of your rabbit is completely safe. This is because the rabbit litter has a dust-free feature that prevents your rabbit from respiratory problems.

Buyer’s Guide

How often should I replace my rabbit litter?

It is always advisable to change your rabbit’s litter box every two days irrespective of the amount of paper used. If you use litters made of paper pulp pellets, you may not be required to change it as frequently as when you use a regular newspaper. However, with the right rabbit litter, you and your rabbit can experience up to 10 days of underneath freshness.

Should I put hay in my rabbit’s litter box?

Yes, it is advisable to put hay in your rabbit’s litter box to entice your rabbit to use it. When using hay, make sure to avoid cedar shavings, pine shavings, and clay cat litters. You can also choose to use a fair amount of fresh hay in your rabbit’s litter box.

Can I use a rabbit litter for multiple rabbits?

If you happen to have more than one rabbit using the same litter box, it is important to get a large box. This will allow the rabbits to get enough supply of fresh litter and hay.


Rabbit litters provide cozy and comfortable bedding for your rabbits as they can be placed in your rabbit’s cage. The list above contains ten of the best rabbit litters that will surely give you and your rabbit something to be cheerful for. Almost all the litters in this list are manufactured in the United States and are made from unbleached paper to increase pets safety.

Some of these litters are made from up to 95% of recycled paper to keep your rabbit cage dry and free from odor. These rabbit litters are some of the most eco-friendly and biodegradable rabbit litters in the market. Dust-free capability is another great feature of these rabbit litters as they are beneficial to both cleaning and the health of your rabbit.

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