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Best Rabbit Toys 2020: Reviews & Topick

Have you wondered where you can get the best rabbit toys? Luckily for you, we have taken out time to review all the rabbit toys in the country just to bring you the best choices. These rabbit toys on our list are rated among the best rabbit toys in the market.

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Our list contains 10 of the very best toys that will keep your rabbit active and entertained. If you’re bothered about your rabbit chewing on the toys, these toys are made from non-toxic materials that are safe to chew on. Below are the 10 best rabbit toys available in the market.

Best Rabbit Toys

1. Prosper Pet Tunnel for Rabbits

The Prosper pet tunnel for rabbits is a three-way collapsible tunnel designed for rabbits, puppies, and kittens. With three spacious entryways, this collapsible tunnel rabbit toy will keep your rabbit happy and engaged for hours. Its collapsible feature makes it portable and easy for you to store when your rabbit is done playing with it.

Composed of tear-resistant materials, this prosper pet tunnel contains a steel frame that makes it sturdy and extremely durable. With this rabbit pet tunnel, your rabbit can freely roam this tunnel for amusement or exercise. Another thing that makes this rabbit toy stand out is that you can easily wash and clean up the tunnels.

With the swinging bell toy included in the tunnel, your rabbit will have a fun time playing with this tunnel. The tunnel is composed of polyester material to prevent it from collecting fur. It also comes with a peephole right in the middle of the tunnel.

2. Timali Pet Mini Activity Zone Toy For Rabbits – BEST RABBIT TOY 2020

You can get the Timali Pet Mini Activity Zone Toy if you own a rabbit that weighs up to 3 pounds. It is considered the best rabbit toy 2020, suitable for rabbits with weights of about three pounds. If you happen to own a rabbit that weighs more than 3 pounds, this zone toy for rabbits is not for you.

Rabbits with weights of up to 3 pounds can play with the rabbit toy as it provides a lot of activities. If you’re wondering where to put this toy, you can place it inside your rabbit’s cage or put it out in the open. Like every other rabbit toy in this list, this mini zone rabbit toy is safe and healthy for your rabbits to chew on.

Made from non-toxic wood, your rabbit can chew on this toy with you worrying about any health hazards. This toy is proudly made and assembled in the United States.

3. Kaytee Perfect Chew Toy for Rabbits – BEST RABBIT TOY ON AMAZON

The tree pet toy for rabbits is a product of Kaytee Rabbit Toys, designed to suit rabbits that have a free-range. Carrying a resemblance similar to that of a tree, the tree pet rabbit toy reaches a height of up to 8 inches. Since this toy can stand on its own, you do not need to attach any hook to it.

You can decide to place this tree toy outside or within an enclosure depending on which keeps your rabbit entertained. Your rabbit can never get tired of this toy as it can remain engaging and entertaining for your rabbit. Also, this tree toy comes with a lot of different toys that your rabbit can safely chew or nibble on.

The Kaytee Perfect Chew Toy is rated as the best rabbit toy on Amazon. This tree toy appears to be very sturdy and durable allowing your rabbit to play with it for a long time.

4. Peter’s Woven Grass Play Ball For Rabbits

This woven grass play ball for rabbits is an engaging rabbit toy suitable for rabbits of all shapes and sizes. When you purchase this rabbit toy for your little friend, your rabbit will be able to play for hours without stopping. With measurements reaching up to 5 x 6 x 9 inches, this rabbit play ball will fit any rabbit environment.

The height of the woven grass rabbit play ball makes it tall enough for your rabbit to conveniently push around. This rabbit ball toy is built to be sturdy and durable enough to withstand chewing or nibbling by your rabbit. However, the rabbit ball toy is made from natural woven grass, making it safe and healthy for your rabbit to chew on

You can purchase this wooden grass play ball in a two-pack set. The grass ball may appear simple, but it is effective enough to keep your rabbit entertained for hours.

5. Prevue Hendryx 1098 Nature’s Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy for Rabbits

Prevue Hendryx 1098 Nature’s Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy is a great choice for people who own dwarf rabbits. Generally, this toy is for rabbits that have an instinct that convinces them to burrow through holes and tunnels. With this hideaway grass tunnel toy, your rabbit can burrow and crawl through the tunnels while having a fun time.

You can decide to use this grass tunnel toy as a natural hideaway for your rabbit during its playtime. With its length reaching up to 13.5 inches, the natural hideaway tunnel is one of the best rabbit toys out there. Produced of natural hand-woven grass, this hideaway tunnel toy for rabbits is safe for your rabbit to nibble.

The tunnel is built to be sturdy and extremely durable for your pet to use comfortably. Natural couch grass is used in the production of the to, making it great to chew on.

6. Tropical Fiddle Sticks from Interpet Limited

Tropical fiddle stick rabbit toys are specially designed for rabbits, ferrets, or other small toys that love hiding a lot. This rabbit fiddle stick provides a natural hiding spot to give your rabbit all the privacy that it requires while playing. One thing that makes this rabbit toy stand out is that you can bend and shape the toy in various ways.

When you buy this rabbit toy, you can decide to use it to make a stairway or a log cave. Sometimes, your rabbit may decide to use the toy to create a cozy place where it can sleep in comfortably. Additionally, this rabbit fiddle sticks can help to satisfy the insatiable chewing and nibbling instinct of your pet rabbit.

The sticks of the rabbit fiddle sticks have a length of 9.62 inches with a width reaching 11.87 inches. Fiddle Sticks come one bright color and are safe for your rabbit to chew on.

7. Kaytee Natural Pumice and Wood Hanging Rabbit Toys

Owning a rabbit or a chinchilla is great, but keeping them engaged and occupied can be a bit stressful for owners. With its chewable natural wood pieces and it’s volcanic pumice rock, this rabbit toy is always appealing to nibbling rabbits. This rabbit toy will keep your pet occupied and engaged even at times when you are too tired to play.

Your rabbit’s teeth will always remain clean and healthy as it continues to play and chew on the chew toy. With the hook on the chew toy, you can decide to hang the toy inside the cage or hutch of your little pet. Hanging the chew toy in your rabbit’s cage or hutch will increase your rabbit’s engagement and activity with the toy.

The natural wood chunk and volcanic pumice rock will keep your rabbit busy and happy. With its long-lasting quality and durability, this toy is a great gift to your pet.

8. Bunny Blast Yucca Rabbit Chew Toy

Bunny Blast Yucca rabbit chew toy is another great chew toy on our list suitable for rabbits that like to chew. You can conveniently keep your rabbit busy and occupied when you provide it with this amazing rabbit chew toy. Thanks to its great design and structure, your pet can easily chew the toy, toss it around or roll it.

Produced from dried yucca, the Bunny Blast Yucca rabbit chew toy is safe for your rabbit to chew on. This rolling rabbit chew toy contains a lot of all-natural ingredients, this makes it an environmentally safe toy. Your rabbit or other small pets can chew on this toy without you having to worry about their health.

It’s 100% biodegradable properties make it safe for both your pet and the environment. Unlike other chew toys, this rabbit chew toy does not splinter at all. Make your pet even happier by getting this amazing toy to take away its boredom.

9. Willow Branch Ball Toy for Rabbits

When you own a rabbit that loves to chew, finding the right chewing toy may be a bit of a stretch. The Willow Branch ball toy for rabbits is specially designed to suit rabbits or small pets that enjoy chewing. This rabbit toy comes with a lot of features that make it one of the best rabbit toys in the market.

Buying the willow branch ball toy for your dog can help you to completely get rid of boredom for your pet. Made from natural and organic willow, this rabbit toy is safe for your rabbit or other small pets to chew on. Your rabbit’s teeth will be kept clean and healthy with frequent use of the branch ball toy.

Your pet rabbit will remain completely entertained when you are feeling too tired or busy to play. The ball toy for your rabbit encourages your rabbit to engage in playful and healthy activities.

10. Trixie Snack Board Toy for Rabbits

This is an ideal toy for people who happen to own a rabbit, hamster, guinea pigs, or other small pets. The Trixie snack board rabbit toy is a great toy for your rabbit, as it features up to seven different plastic lids. These plastic lids allow you to conveniently hide your pet’s favorite food inside the lid, to enable them to find it.

If you’re not sure of what to place inside the plastic lids, you can place blueberries or apple slices inside the holes. You can also place dried papaya or any other food that your rabbit enjoys eating to give your pet a fun time. With this rabbit toy, you can easily train or shape the mind of your rabbit while teaching it new skills.

The rabbit toy features a rubber ring that is placed around the bottom for improved stability. As a first-time rabbit owner, this toy is easy to use and put in place for your rabbit.

Buyer’s Guide

Why do I need to buy a toy for my rabbit?

Like many other pets, rabbits also love playing with toys. Playing with toys can encourage your rabbit to stay active and healthy. Buying a toy for your rabbit to play with will improve its activity and interaction with you.

What type of woods is suitable for making rabbit toys?

When looking to buy a rabbit toy for your pet, safety is one thing you shouldn’t try to compromise. Researchers and experts around the world suggest the use of non-toxic woods like dried pine, oak, beech, and maple. However, rabbit toys with oak barks can be dangerous for rabbits.

Is it okay for my rabbits to chew on the toys?

Yes, it is okay for your rabbit to chew on its toys as long as the toys are made from non-toxic materials. Most rabbit toys are made from non-toxic wood and coloring to allow your rabbit to safely nibble and chew on the toy.


With up to ten rabbit toys each with their features, you can easily scam through this list to find the right toy for your rabbit. As seen above, this list features the best selling rabbit toy on amazon as well as the best rabbit toy of the year.

Some of the toys in this list are composed of tear-resistant material and steel frames that make them sturdy and durable. With these rabbit pet toys, your rabbits can freely use them for amusement or exercise. Another thing that makes these rabbit toys stand out is that you can easily wash and clean them up.

Additionally, these rabbit toys can help to satisfy the insatiable chewing and nibbling instinct of your pet rabbit. Most of these rabbit toys contain a lot of all-natural ingredients, making them healthy and environmentally safe toys.

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