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Best Rat Toys 2020: Reviews & Topicks

Rats can be very energetic animals and the best rat toys are designed to complement this behavioral trait. They like to run across different surfaces and even through tunnels and dark areas just to avoid any attention. In addition to comfortable cages and delicious foods, the rat also loves to play with different kinds of toys to keep them entertained and happy. Rats love to chew on toys, and even sharpen their gnawing skills.

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There are a wide range of toys you may want to consider especially if you keep rat as a pet, but the following are considered the best rat toys 2020 products;

Best Rat Toys Review

1. Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel, 39 x 4 inches

 This rat toy is one of the best-rated toys for 2020 and it fits adult ferrets and rats. It is the ideal way of interacting with your pet to satisfy their natural tunneling instincts. The tunnel is made up of expandable plastic that can expand up to 39 inches and also contract to 4 inches.

This has been one of the best sellers because it encourages the pet rat to exercise and also have fun within a comfortable toy funnel. The product itself is made of very durable plastic that is stain, and moisture resistant. This product is only designed for ferrets and rats and not for larger animals like rabbits.

This toy is completely flexible; hence you can set it up in different positions. It will fit perfectly into any cage, and it is easy to clean and store when not in use.

2. Kaytee Perfect Chews for Rats

Rats love to chew, it is therefore of no surprise that this product is one of the best-sellers around. Give your pet rat something to chew on, long before the main full-course meals. This product is a pack of 4 chewable toys arranged in different shapes and quite similar vibrant colors. The chewable toys look like cheese and that is why rats are attracted to them.

The entire pack measures 15.7 x 12.9 x 12.9cm in height, width, and length respectively. As a very cheap toy, you may want to buy as many packs as you can. The toy is completely safe for the rat, it does not contain any chemical painting and it is built to resist long-term usage.

3. SunGrow Seagrass Mat for rat

This rat toy creates an illusion that your pet rat is sitting on top of the real grass. It is also a chewable toy that can be placed inside a cage or floor. If your pet rat loves to dig and chew, this toy will be an ideal choice. It gives the rat the opportunity of gorging on the grass and explore. As a chewable toy, this product can help you trim the rat’s teeth and it can help keep your rat away from dust and outdoor illnesses.

This product can be used as a toy or a bedding option for the rat, it is made from a synthetic seagrass fiber and it is built to last. This toy resists water and chemical stains because they are completely non-porous. It is hand-woven and it can be cleaned with a clean damp cloth.

4. Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy, Fun Pet Balls

This handmade rat toy comes from 100% natural materials, therefore there are no glues, metal or plastic materials here. It helps avoid boredom while encouraging playing and nibbling. The product comes with a deep base that you can deep-fill with liter to allow your pet rat tunnel and burrow. It comes with a diameter of 2.6 inches and the package comprises a natural cornhusk ball, water hyacinth ball, seagrass ball, and rattan ball.

Simply set these balls and watch as your rat dismantle them into a pile of sticks. To provide your rat’s interest, simply put some of its favorite food inside the balls.

5. eCOTRITION Snak Shak Edible Hideaway

Designed for small animals, including mice and gerbils. This rat toy can be described as an activity log that is made of a golden honey flavor. The best feature of this toy is that it is a 3-in-1 activity log which is; the fun hideaway, a tasty treat, and natural chewing opportunity. 

The toy also comes with a natural wood appearance to stimulate your rat daily. The entire line comes with varieties of sizes and shapes, thus adding fun and excitement to rat’s activities inside their cages. This product is 100% safe for pet rats as it contains all-natural ingredients. It is also easy to clean and maintain this product from time to time.

6. Niteangel Luxury Double Bunkbed Hammock

If you have more than a rat as a pet and looking for a fun way to keep them busy, then this should be your ideal toy.  It fits perfectly for 5 or more adult rats. Made of soft fabric that provides superior quality, and this is just more than abed because the rats can lounge at the top layer or simply snuggle at the bottom one.

It is made from quilted material and can be attached to the rat’s cage with clips. The bottom length measures 16” while both the top length and depth measure 12”. This is a perfect bed where your rats can snuggle and nap or jump into the top area for fun activities. 4 durable straps can attach the bed to the rat cage safely.

7. BWOGUE Pet Small Animal Hideout

This is a two-layer wooden hut that can also serve as a play area for your rat. It promotes nesting and chewing instincts in rats and some other small animals. Made from all-natural wood which is completely safe for the rat.

The pet house measures 17 x 7.5 x 15cm in length width and height respectively, while the hole has a 4cm diameter that is comfortable for small and large rats to move through.  You don’t have to worry about assembling this toy because it is fully assembled already. It comes with a double layer which includes the feeding trough and can be folded for storage, when not in use.

8. Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy, Rat, and Ferret Cotton Rope Nets

This is a very sturdy climbing toy for your rat. It is made up of cotton rope and it is designed to allow one or more rats to play together. As you encourage your rat to climb and exercise more, it helps curb the use of their overgrown nails. This activity net will easily connect with all wooden and metal cages with clips that accompany the package.

You may combine this toy with a rope bridge or simply connects two ropes for more activities. The activity ropes measure 13.4” x 8.3” in length and width respectively. The durable cotton rope can be hung in different directions especially with the attached clips. This is one of the best-selling Niteangel rat pet products in 2020.

9. SatisPet Rat Sand Bathroom

One of the best-rated dry bathroom pet products for rats, this plastic sand bath container offers a great bathroom experience for your rat. It comes with a scoop you can use to clean the rat’s fur and provide relief from stress.

Made from high-quality plastic, the compact, durable and lightweight toy contains a non-toxic substance that can harm your pet’s health. It is designed to fit into any cage size. Sand baths are very sanitary and benefit rats in several ways, they also keep the rat entertained and happy for a long while.

This product comes with 100% risk-free purchase, hence there is 100% moneyback guaranteed within 6 months of purchase.

10. Niteangel Suspension Bridge for Hamsters, Small Pet Ladder

This is the perfect toy to teach your rat the habit of mountaineering. It is made from pure and natural wood that measures 21.8 x 2.8 inches in length and width respectively. It allows your pet rat to explore while enhancing its agility. This pet product also helps your pet maintain its coordination and balancing skills.

This toy can also be placed in any cage through the application of a quick link fastener. The toy bridge offers a horizontal ladder to allow your mice to sharpen their skills while the untreated wood is completely safe for them to gnaw to ensure that the growth of their teeth is completely under control.  

 Buyers’ Guide for Best Rat Toys 2020

The best rat toys are not necessarily the most expensive, they are the most flexible, most durable and easy to maintain options that don’t compromise quality. If you don’t have an idea of where to begin your search for the ideal rat toys, you should follow the simple guide below. The top factors you should consider are;

Type of toy

The type of toy you want to choose for your rat is very important. The commonest types are chewable, running, cuddling and sleeping, climbing, and digging toys. No single type is better than the other, it all depends on what activity you want your rat to enjoy most. Go for the multi-dimensional types that provide more than one type of activity.


The safety of a toy is non-negotiable. For the safety of your pet rat, you should go for a product with no part that can break off during chewing unless it is an edible toy. Some flimsy plastic pieces can choke your rat; hence they should be avoided. Also, you need to ensure that the toy is made of safe materials with no chemical painting that constitutes health hazards.

Style and Color

These may not be very critical factors but you may want a toy that can blend into the cage style and color of the rat for compatibility. Rats will normally prefer earthy colors like brown ad dark green because these colors give them an illusion of natural habitat, but you should consider your colors and style options too. 


Size matters when choosing toys with holes such as pet houses, and tunnels because you don’t want your pet rat to get stuck inside them. You want to choose a toy with at least three times the size of your pet, for convenience sake.


Most rate toys are made from materials such as wood, flexible silicone, chewable and safe plastic, soft fabric like fleece, and metals. Ideally, these materials can be made to be very safe and durable. Make sure the toy material meets standard safety and construction regulations before you buy it.


Rat toys come in a wide range of dimensions; this is the reason why you must measure your cage’s dimension before you buy a toy unless you don’t have intentions of placing the toy inside the cage. Another rule you should follow is that the toy must not occupy more than half of the entire space in the cage. If possible, you should go for toys that can be attached to the cage with the aid of clips or any other attachment method. 


As mentioned earlier, the most expensive rat toys are not necessarily the best, they are not necessarily the cheapest either. When it comes to costs of buying rat toys, it is practically okay to have a specific budget but never compromise top quality for a cheaper price. Be prepared to pay more for a safer, multi-dimensional and more durable rat toy.


This review and product buying guide has provided sufficient information on ways to find the best rat toys, you must take some time out to compare as many products as you can before you make a final choice. Instead of buying several toys that offer individual services, you may want to choose a flexible and more multi-dimensional toy that will offer diverse services. Doing this will not only save you money but will also help you reduce the risks of choosing the wrong products.

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