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Carefresh Pet Bedding: The Best Bedding for Pet Rodents

Although pet rodents are small, they can produce quite a lot of feces and urine that only the best pet cage bedding can handle. The bedding should be very efficient at absorbing urine and eliminating feces odor for you and your pet rodent’s sake. In this regard, pet shops and pro pet rodent owners trust only Carefresh pet bedding.

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What is Carefresh Pet Bedding Made Of

Carefresh pet bedding is made from wood fiber that are too short to make paper. The process involves grinding wood into fine pulp, turning the pulp into slurry, and drying the slurry to form small cotton balls made from wood pulp. That’s why Carefresh pet bedding is super absorbent bedding for your pet rodents. Before the pulp is turned into pet cage bedding, the aromatic benzene that’s harming pets like in ordinary cedar and pine is removed. So Carefresh is the safest wood based bedding there is, too.

Different Types of Carefresh Pet Bedding

For different pet rodents and different pet cage moods (yes, mood), there are four different types of Carefresh pet bedding to choose from:

1. Carefresh Original

The original Carefresh pet bedding is the very first edition of the number one pet cage bedding for rodents and other small animals. It’s made from reclaimed cellulose (the wood pulp slurry) without added color or disinfectant. You can say it’s a dried virgin wood pulp.

2. Carefresh Ultra

The Carefresh Ultra is made from extra long and extra soft bleached wood fibers that last the longest compared to other pet cage bedding products.

3. Carefresh Colors

Like Carefresh Ultra, the Carefresh Colors is made of extra long and extra bleached wood fibers, too, with an added twist. It’s colored! You can choose from blue, yellow, violet, green, and pink. So depending on your mood (or your pet’s mood), you can choose the right color for its bedding.

4. Carefresh Confetti

It’s great that you can choose individual colors for your pet cage bedding, but Carefresh pet bedding up the ante with the Carefresh Confetti. The combined colors of Carefresh Colors burst in a Carefresh Confetti pack for a festive mood in your pet cage.

Advantages of Carefresh Pet Bedding

Now you know what a pack of Carefresh pet bedding is made of and the different choices you have for your pet rodent’s cage, it’s time to delve deep into what makes Carefresh pet bedding the best for pet rodents.

1. Soft Texture

By far, Carefresh is the softest, safest pet bedding for small animals there is in the market today. It protects a small rodent’s feet from hard surfaces and it allows a more natural environment for small animals.

2. Safe for Rodents

Since a Carefresh pet bedding pack is made from wood pulp cleansed with harmful aromatics, it’s safe for small pet animals. It’s non-toxic and flushable in small amounts. It does not produce fine dust, too, that’s harmful to your pet’s lungs.

3. Ultra Absorbent

The manufacturing process of each Carefresh pet bedding pack makes it the most absorbing pet cage bedding available. It absorbs liquid like cotton. You’ll never have a damp spot in your pet’s cage again.

4. Eliminates Odor

Absorption Corporation’s own extended odor control technology is used in all Carefresh pet bedding types for you and your pet’s comfort. It’s a must for pet rodents as they tend to have very strong urine and feces odor.

5. Convenient

Cleaning Carefresh pet bedding is convenient also. The material produces zero dust particles that are the major hassle in other pet cage beddings. It also clumps on solid waste to make scooping easy; you can even pick individual soiled clumps with tongs.

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