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Caring for a Pet Duck

Caring for a Pet Duck 9

Although ducks are cute birds to have as pets, they are not for everybody. For one, ducks need at least an artificial pond to live happily. And ducks are social birds; they live in flocks. So you can’t get just one duck; you need at least two. If you have the necessary space, however, adult ducks are cute farm animals you can have waddling in your backyard as pets.

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Why Pet Ducks

Caring for a Pet Duck 10

Ducks are colorful big birds that are entertaining to watch wading on your pond or waddling in your backyard. They’re pretty sturdy compared to other big pet birds, so you can save on veterinary bills. And unlike other big pet bird species, you can pet and carry ducks. In fact, being social animals, they love human companion. That’s why it’s necessary to allocate few minutes of your time a day to keep your pet ducks company.

Housing Pet Ducks

Caring for a Pet Duck 11

No matter how cute they are, you can’t take your pet ducks inside your house. They can’t be potty train; you don’t want them relieving themselves on your floor or furniture. Luckily, ducks aren’t too picky when it comes to housing. A simple building or a large dog house will do for a pair of ducks. And adult ducks are pretty efficient in insulating themselves; they don’t need heat lumps during winter as long as they’re protected from rain, wind, and snow. Keep their house warm and comfy with hay or other warm farm animal beddings, too.

Feeding Pet Ducks

Caring for a Pet Duck 12

Feeding pet ducks is easy. You can buy poultry pellets or poultry mash from farm feed supply store near you or you can shop poultry feeds online. This can serve as your ducks’ main diet. However, know that most of these commercially prepared poultry feeds are medicated. So to keep everything organic with your duck, shop for un-medicated feeds online or ask the feed supply store technician for un-medicated feed. Another important thing to remember when feeding ducks with commercial poultry feeds is to always keep clean water near the feeder. Ducks need water to clear dry food particles stuck on the roof of their beaks obstructing their breathing vents. It’s important to feed them leafy greens like vegetables and cut grass too. For treat, you can give ducks hard-boiled eggs, insects, bait worms, and bird seeds.

Make Pet Ducks Happy

Caring for a Pet Duck 13

Do you notice that duck’s feet are webbed? That’s because the bird loves to wade on water. So to make pet ducks happy, just keep an artificial pool or pond with clean water where they can swim whenever they want. It’s very entertaining to watch them dive raising their hiney in search of food in the water. Putting small feeder fish and snails on their artificial pond should keep them busy. If a dug up pond is not available, you can use an inflatable pool as an alternative.

Permit to Raise Pet Ducks

Caring for a Pet Duck 14

Ducks are farm animals, so to keep a couple as pets, you need permit issued by your local Department of Agriculture or animal control. Don’t forget to secure a permit before shopping for ducks online or checking some from farm fairs.

Other Things to Consider

Caring for a Pet Duck 15

Aside from the permit, you need to consider other things when planning to have pet ducks. To help you decide, see if you can answer yes to all these questions:

1. Do you have few minutes a day to keep your ducks company?
2. Do you have a space in your hard for duck house and a small artificial pond?
3. Is your yard safe from wild animals that can prey on ducks?
4. Are you ready to take care of ducks while it lives up to maximum of 15 years?

If you can answer yes to all these, then you’re ready to shop for your first pair of pet ducks.

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