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Caring for the World’s Most Expensive Pet Fish

Caring for the World’s Most Expensive Pet Fish 8

Are you loaded enough to care for the world’s most expensive aquarium fish? Some of these fish species can fetch close to $50,000 when fully grown; pound for pound, they’re really a gold mine in a fish tank. You can buy common pet Arowana species, though, such as the Silver and the Jardini Arowana, for 20 to 50 bucks when they’re a baby. However, and it’s a big HOWEVER, setting up the tank and caring for one can still be very expensive.

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Plus, if you live in the U.S. or Canada, be careful buying just any Arowana species through illegal pet fish trade, or else you might face a hefty fine from caring an innocent pet fish.

Arowana for a Pet Fish

Caring for the World’s Most Expensive Pet Fish 9

Arowanas are the ultimate exotic pet fish that you can own. They’re the jewel of the crown when it comes to aquarium fish, and they command respect from other pet fish species. The Dragon Fish as the Chinese would call it; an Arowana is believed to be auspicious in Chinese Feng SHui, too. And they’re certainly a source of envy among your friends (even those who don’t have fish tank) and pet fish enthusiasts.

Legal Arowana Species

Caring for the World’s Most Expensive Pet Fish 10

If you live in the U.S. and Canada, you can only own any of the following Arowana species:

– Silver Arowana
– Black Arowana
– Blue Arowana
– Jardini or Australian Arowana
– Leichardti or Spotted Arowana

Hands off to all Asian Arowana species even if somebody gives them to you… they are endangered, thus protected by Uncle Sam.

Arowana Fish Tank

Caring for the World’s Most Expensive Pet Fish 11

Arowanas are long pet fish – some species like the Silver Arowana can grow up to 3 feet in length! Thus, it’s no joke to set up a tank for an expensive Arowana. The minimum capacity should be 250 gallons, but of course, with an Arowana bigger is always better. Arowanas are good swimmers, too; a long, rectangular tank should satisfy their penchant to swim.

Caring for the World’s Most Expensive Pet Fish 12

Arowanas live in fresh (meaning no dissolved minerals and chlorine), clean, well-oxygenated water. Thus a reverse osmosis setup or a chlorine filter is a must. And, you can do away with other fish tank décor, but never without an aerator and filter. In fact, if you can afford only the minimum tank size requirement for your pet fish, Arowana, it’s best to leave the tank embellishments. Your Arowana can use the entire space.

The long, streamlined body of your pet fish makes it an excellent jumper. Arowanas love to jail break. A tight tank lid should be closed all the time to avoid your cat from filleting your $8,000 Arowana. A whole tank setup for an Arowana could cost very well over $1,000 minimum.

What Do Arowanas Eat

Arowanas live up to being the most expensive pet fish in the world through their expensive palate, too. All Arowana species are hunters eating small fish and insects, nothing less. So feeding involves buying large quantities of live feeds such as small fish, shrimp with its shell intact*, crickets, worms, grasshoppers, even small frogs. Too bad for your wallet because live feeds are always the most expensive when it comes to pet fish ration.

Common Arowana Disease

Caring for the World’s Most Expensive Pet Fish 13

If water is kept clean and fresh and food sufficient all the time, then expect less health problems with your pet fish. But this is hardly the case for most Arowana owners. Therefore, common diseases such as bulging eye, cloudy eye, and fin rot can occur. Parasites can also ravage your Arowana’s scale, greatly lowering its value in the market. Watch for signs of internal diseases like hemorrhage also. This could kill Arowanas. Otherwise, your Arowana should be okay – they are pretty hardy fish after all.

So not only are Arowanas expensive to buy, they are expensive pet fish to maintain also. However, a fully grown, healthy, and beautiful Arowana can fetch huge price in the exotic pet market. The most expensive Arowana so far is a Silver Arowana, which fetched a whopping price of £250,000!

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