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Cat on a High with Catnip

Cat on a High with Catnip 9

This may sound illegal in some countries, but people seek a “weed-high” in others. But no matter where you live, your cat can always get away with a high from catnip. In fact, catnip oil infused toys are among the bestseller cat toys today. What’s in catnip that creates the high in felines or is the weed even safe to pet cats?

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What is a Catnip?

Cat on a High with Catnip 10

Catnip is not a legal dope for cats. Believe it or not, the plant belongs to the ordinary mint family Labiatae. It has nothing to do with the more controversial – illegal in most countries – doping plants like marijuana and opium poppy. The herb has sturdy stems, heart-shaped, grayish to green leaves, and clustered blue, lilac, pink, or white flowers. The oil from catnip is used by natives for its sedative effects on humans, but its chemical content gives another effect to pet cats.

What is In a Catnip

Cat on a High with Catnip 11

From roots to tips, catnip contains nepetalactone that mimics the effect of sex pheromones toward cats. It targets that area of the brain that causes euphoria and the feeling of bliss among felines. Cats are even programmed by nature to know what to do with catnips to bring out the natural catnip oil that contains the nepetalactone in fresh catnips. You can tell that they like the effect.

The Effects of Catnip

Cat on a High with Catnip 12

When inhaled, the nepetalactone in catnip oil produces euphoric and stimulating effects to cats, which can last anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. Cats rub, roll, paw, and swoon over anything, or anyone, whom you rub some catnip oil onto. The same effects can be created by simply crushing dried or fresh catnip plant parts and scattering them on the floor. Catnip oil gives cats an overjoyed, somewhat hallucinating feeling; however, it’s not considered an aphrodisiac for cats, if you want to know.

Are All Cats Affected by Catnip

Cat on a High with Catnip 13

If you noticed your cat dismisses its catnip toy like the same boring cat toy you bought yesterday, that’s because some cats aren’t affected by the effects of catnip oil. For instance, cats less than 3 months old and elderly cats are unaffected from catnip high. And some 30% of cats are really genetically calibrated to dismiss the effects of nepetalactone; probably like how some people didn’t notice your new musk this morning. No matter if you bathe catnip oil to get these cats to swoon over you, they would not.

Does Catnip Cause Dangerous Side Effect

Cat on a High with Catnip 14

Since catnips have stimulating, euphoric effect on cats, some cat owners ask if catnip oil doesn’t have side effects after prolonged exposure. So far no veterinary study can prove that catnips cause adverse side effects on cats like how marijuana has side effects on people after prolonged exposure. Catnip is not a “cat dope” after all. The euphoric somewhat hallucinating effects of catnip oil or anything with nepetalactone to cats last no longer than 15 minutes also, so it’s safe to toy around with your cats with catnip.

Using Catnip to Play with Kitty

Cat on a High with Catnip 15

So now that you know catnips are safe to use, at last you might probably have a solution to dominant cats that ignores you like a dirty litter box. Try smothering your leg with some catnip oil and see if they would not swoon over you. If your cat is feeling a little depress looking at the dark clouds hanging outside, try spreading some catnip on the floor to perk your pet up in a flash. The high from catnip oil is the fastest way to create that imaginary mouse your cat used to chase on your yard during good weather.

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