Cat Toilet Training Systems: Say Goodbye to Cat Litter!

Can you imagine having a cat minus the need to buy, let alone clean, cat litter? No more lingering odor, no more cat litter germs contaminating the entire house, no more hassles? All you need is little patience, lots of understanding, and some amazing cat toilet training systems you can choose from.

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But before anything else, take a word of advice: if you don’t succeed in one or two cat toilet training systems, don’t stop trying. Some cats do well in one cat toilet training system that others have no luck about. So keep on trying until you find one cat toilet training system that clicks with your cat.

Train Yourself First

Yes, you already mastered the use of the toilet seat since you can remember, so what do you need to train yourself about? You need to train yourself on few aspects all contributing toward a successful cat toilet training.

First, you need to learn to be extra patient with your cat. Don’t punish it if it makes accidents; instead, reward it for good behavior.

Second, train yourself (as well as the rest of the house occupants) to leave the bathroom door always open.

Third, train yourself (as well as the rest of the house occupants) to always leave the seat down, toilet cover up after using the toilet.

Any mistakes on these aspects could have your cat regress to its old toilet habit or go in your bathtub instead. If you think you (and the rest of the house gang) have mastered these three aspects, you’re ready to learn about few cat toilet training systems that other cat owners found very helpful.

Cat Litter Kwitter Training System

The Cat Litter Kwitter training system is the most favorite cat toilet training system among finicky cats. The system is designed by vets, animal behaviorists, and cat breeders to be as simple to implement and as cat-friendly as possible. Litter Kwitter uses three color coded training discs and a standard size white toilet seat in training your mouser to use the toilet. The three different color codes represent the three different stages of your cat toilet training. First, your cat learns to use Litter Kwitter like a regular litter box until it learns to sit on the toilet without the aid of the Litter Kwitter device. The stages are very intuitive and easy to follow through the complete user guide that comes with every Litter Kwitter.

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training System

Beware of buying just any cat toilet training kit from pet stores. Some of these kits are substandard that can’t hold the weight of your cat. The last thing you want to happen when toilet training your cat is a disaster like a breaking cat toilet training kit in the middle of your cat’s business. This kind of incident is tantamount to saying goodbye to cat potty training. This is what CitiKitty cat toilet training system wants to avoid by providing a training kit made from very strong material. CitiKitty works like other cat toilet training system minus the worry about it breaking and scaring your cat.

Charles Mingus Cat Toilet Training System

If you don’t want to spend money on a cat toilet training kit much more than you want to spend money on cat litter, you can make your own cat toilet training kit. Charles Mingus, the famous Jazz musician and cat lover, teaches fellow cat lovers how to make their own cat toilet training system using available materials in their house. He even went further by teaching you how to toilet train your cat.

Cat Toilet Training Tips

To increase your chances of success, apply the following cat toilet training tips together with your chosen cat toilet training system.

1. Only start toilet training your cat if you don’t expect to travel any time soon.
2. Put a “CAT TOILET TRAINING IN PROGRESS: Always Put the Seat down and Leave the Door Open” sign on the back of your bathroom door.
3. Leave an inch of water in your tub and cover your bathroom sink.
4. Remove bath mats that your cat may use as its new toilet.
5. Remove potted plants in your house.
6. Be patient; don’t stop trying.

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