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Cheap But Healthy Home Made Dog Food

Cheap But Healthy Home Made Dog Food 9

If you want to secure that only safe and healthy ingredients go into your dog’s food, then you have to prepare it yourself. The talks and innuendos about horrible waste food products and double-dead meat that goes into making most of the dog foods you can buy from grocery stores are not baseless. Not to mention the hazardous contaminants that are either accidentally or deliberately placed into dog foods to augment its nutritional value on the scale. So unless you can stand the thought of feeding your dog rubbish or even deadly processed dog foods, then a home made dog food is your best and only option.

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Why Home Made Dog Food is Better

Cheap But Healthy Home Made Dog Food 10
Cheap But Healthy Home Made Dog Food 11

Aside from eliminating your four-legged best friend’s exposure to additives, contaminants, and dirty raw ingredients, there are a lot of other benefits from home made dog food. Dogs fed with homemade foods grow livelier with shiny, healthy looking hair. Most skin allergies common in some dog breeds are eliminated when you yourself know what goes into your dog’s food. And, the savings you get from buying and preparing your dog’s food yourself is certainly a budget saver, too.

A Dog’s Nutritional Requirements

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The dogs’ diet should be mainly made out of meat since they derived most of their energy needs from protein. They can’t digest grains like humans can! So the grain ingredients you see on commercial dog foods are only fillers. But since the dogs have evolved so much, they can now eat a lot like humans too. So they can digest some fruits and vegetables in their diet as well. In terms of ratio, a dog’s diet should consist of 40 percent meat, 30 percent vegetables, and 30 percent carbohydrates.

Raw Home Made Dog Food

Dogs were originally bred from wolves, so in their natural wild state, dogs eat raw meat products from their kill. This is the basis behind raw home made dog food otherwise known as BARF (biologically approved raw food). The major ingredient in BARF diet is ground raw meat that could be beef, poultry, or game which has a composition of 75 percent meat and only 20 to 25 percent fat. Given in small amount, you can’t eliminate fat on your dog’s diet entirely. And for the vitamins and minerals, you can get this powder supplement from choice vegetable products (no grains) and powdered bones you can add to the ground meat.

BARF Homemade Recipe

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For a quick, healthy, cheap, and yummy raw home made dog food, you need the following:

1 pound raw ground meat (e.g. beef, poultry, game)
2 cups pureed vegetables, preferably half cooked (e.g. carrots, spinach, broccoli, lettuce)
2-4 ounces ground organ (e.g. liver, gizzard)
1 cup water
Some powdered dog food supplement, recommended amount

How to Prepare

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl adding the water and the supplement in and the food chow is ready. A dog that weighs about 24-25 pounds should be given half-a-pound of this recipe a day, or about a cup.

Cooked Home Made Dog Food

Cheap But Healthy Home Made Dog Food 14

Although dogs can digest raw meat well, certain conditions such as digestive problems or allergic reactions prevent dog from properly digesting raw foods. Especially among puppies, cooked home made dog food is the best option since their digestive system is not fully mature yet. For this, you can just cook the raw meat that you would otherwise give to a healthy, adult dog until it’s tender. Add the same supplements to inject the needed vitamins and minerals in, and your pet is happy.

Cooked Dog Food Recipe

Cheap But Healthy Home Made Dog Food 15

If you need to cook your home made dog food, a quick way is to cook the raw dog food mixture in a pot and you’re good to go. For variety, you can also cooked two eggs either by frying or boiling mixed with yogurt and pureed cooked vegetables, too.

And if you’re like the rest of the loving dog owners, you’d like to give proportion and balanced treats in between meals, too. For healthy, easy to prepare doggie treats, don’t buy them; make them yourself with these recipes.

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