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Clever Ways to Build Cheap Reptile Cages

Clever Ways to Build Cheap Reptile Cages 9

Although custom reptile cages look exceptional, some reptile owners would want to opt for cheap reptile cages for obvious reason. Cheap reptile cages serve the same purpose as the more expensive, custom-made ones, so why pay for more? And with some ingenuity, you can buy your beautiful, durable reptile cages for a fraction of the price – you can save even more money by making them yourself.

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Here are some tips to build your own cheap reptile cages from cheap materials to start with.

Check the Flea Market

Clever Ways to Build Cheap Reptile Cages 10

If you haven’t been into a flea market before, then it’s high time for you to try this favorite gold mine for other people. You’ll never know what you might find in a flea market – so prepare to be surprised.

But since you’re trying to build cheap reptile cages, you want to look for furniture such as armoires, cabinets, dressers, and even large treasure box. You can use these to frame your reptile cages so that you don’t have to build them from scratch.

Stop by Garage Sale

Clever Ways to Build Cheap Reptile Cages 11

A garage sale should be a good opportunity to find other stuff that you can use to build your cheap reptile cages. Try to find stuff like old furniture, glass pane, screen door, light bulb, wiring, paint brush, etc. that you can use in a carpentry project. And because you’ll never know when you’re going to see the next garage sale sign, prepare a list of things you need for your cheap reptile cages project. Carry this list with you in the car so that you’re prepared to hit the next garage sale you can pass by.

Check the Newspaper or Craigslist

Clever Ways to Build Cheap Reptile Cages 12

If you’re not doing anything in the office, it’s time to browse the classified section on the newspaper. Or better yet, log on to the Internet and hit Craigslist to find useful things that can go into your DIY cheap reptile cages project. You can almost find anything you need from your local Craigslist nowadays – an old bookshelf can be used to stock several reptile cages one of top of the other, for example. This style of reptile cages is a great saver for a cramp apartment.

Visit Garden Centers

Clever Ways to Build Cheap Reptile Cages 13

Garden centers or nurseries should be your next stop to find cheap material you can use as substrate. You can buy anything from wood chips, used peat moss, or gardening soil for a bargain price at these places. Just make sure the wood chips are not cedar or pine as it can be harmful to your pet reptiles. Try to ask around if they have used log or discarded tree branches you can use to decorate your DIY cheap reptile cages, too.

Other Supplies You Need

Clever Ways to Build Cheap Reptile Cages 14

To make your DIY cheap reptile cages suitable for your pets, you need the following items:

1. Under the tank heating with thermostat
2. Thermometer
3. Hydrometer
4. Water dish
5. Basking bulb

If you didn’t manage to find these items from flea markets or garage sales, you can always find them in discount reptile supplies store near you. There are also online discount reptile supplies you can find by Googling. Logging on to Ebay should give you several affordable choices for items you can use in building your own cheap reptile cages, too.

Don’t Compromise on Security

Clever Ways to Build Cheap Reptile Cages 15

Even though you’re trying to save money by building your own cheap reptile cages, you cannot compromise on security. Most pet reptiles, especially snakes, are excellent escape artists. So never compromise on lid covers, latches, or clasps if you don’t want to waste everything by losing your precious pets. You know what’s waiting for your small pet reptiles once they escape from their enclosure, so be sure to spend a little more on security to perfect your cheap reptile cages project.

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