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Common Macaw Characteristics

Common Macaw Characteristics 10

Macaws are popular pet birds among pro and newbie pet bird lovers. Their majestic size, regal color pattern, and intelligence can be paralleled but not surpassed by other popular pet bird species. However, if a macaw lands into the hands of the wrong pet owner, it can be a source of trouble too. So before bringing home a macaw, be sure you know what to expect from your pet bird. Read about common macaw characteristics to judge whether a macaw is right for you or you should stick to more common pets like a dog.

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Adorable Macaw Characteristics

People who like macaws will tell you they love their pet bird for these following characteristics:

1. Intelligent

Common Macaw Characteristics 11

Macaws are highly intelligent birds able to learn tricks and mimic few words and sounds. Other pet bird species, even other parrot species, don’t exhibit the level of intelligence that a macaw has. Macaws are able to distinguish colors, shapes, and some can even manage simple math problems after several training sessions with a pet bird trainer. You might have witnessed macaws exhibiting intelligence during pet bird shows.

2. Playful

Common Macaw Characteristics 12

Because macaws are intelligent, they are able to interact with their people more than other toy bird species. They’re a delight to play with while you relax from a hectic day at work. And macaws wouldn’t say no to an opportunity to play with their owners especially when they’re shown their favorite pet bird toy. Macaws are very playful pets.

3. Loyal

Common Macaw Characteristics 13

Macaws are also able to bond with their people. In fact, a macaw will readily treat its owner as its flock mate in the absence of other macaws. Granted you need to be endearing enough to your macaws for them to treat you as one of their own, but once they’re bonded with you, they’re very loyal.

4. Beautiful

Common Macaw Characteristics 14

And perhaps the very thing that attracts people to macaws is their beautiful color patterns. Macaws are among the few regal pet bird species you can own. Scarlet macaws, for example, are favorite subject on printer advertisements because of their vivid color that shames a new Crayola box. Macaws are very attractive pet bird species.

Detestable Macaw Characteristics

To help you decide whether a macaw is the pet bird species for you, however, you need to check the darker side of macaws too. They are

1. Noisy

Common Macaw Characteristics 15
Blue-and-yellow Macaw

If you’re going to ask any pet macaw owners, even the most avid macaw collectors, what they don’t like about their macaws is the noise. Being parrots, macaws are very loud pets. No matter how you keep macaws entertained and well-fed, they can still scream if they want to. That’s why macaws are not suitable pet birds for people living in an apartment or families with infants.

2. Chewing

Common Macaw Characteristics 16

Part of macaws’ natural characteristics is their penchant to chew. It’s not surprising to see a macaw chew its way out a wooden cage or chew away its wooded perch. The worse part about macaws chewing is when they’ll turn to their feathers if they have nothing else to chew. So to keep your pet birds from chewing off its source of pride, always have pet birds toys for chewing available to your macaws.

3. Aggressive

Common Macaw Characteristics 17

And when you mishandle a macaw or don’t properly house-train it, it can be aggressive. Macaws are known to lunge at people and bite whatever they can grab hold of. Macaws have powerful jaws; it’s very easy for them to inflict a nasty wound from their bite. That’s why you should never leave young children around a macaw when you’re not watching no matter how tame the bird is.

These are the common macaw characteristics that you should be aware of if you’re planning to shop for macaws. Although owning macaws can be a source of pride, they can be a handful. So careful planning for pet macaws is important.

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