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Concise Emperor Scorpion Care Sheet

Concise Emperor Scorpion Care Sheet 9

Emperor scorpions are not for the faint of heart. They can potentially hurt people, and they look menacing to many. But for the right person, emperor scorpions can make very good pets. They’re available in most exotic pet stores around the world, and pet scorpion supplies are not expensive unlike supplies for other pets. But before bringing home one, it’s important to study how to care for an emperor scorpion to make you and your pet’s experience remarkable.

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Why Have a Pet Emperor Scorpion

Concise Emperor Scorpion Care Sheet 10

Although they’re not for everybody, emperor scorpions are popular pet arthropods. They’re easy to feed, they don’t demand elaborate housing, and they don’t need companion. Emperor scorpions are best suited for busy, enthusiastic pet lover who has less time or space to care for a bigger pet. Most of pet emperor scorpions supplies can be ordered from online pet supplies store and delivered right at home, so you don’t need to find time to visit Petco.

Emperor Scorpion Description

Concise Emperor Scorpion Care Sheet 11

Emperor scorpion is one of the largest scorpion species in the world. It can grow up to 8 inches from its stinger to tip of its pinchers. But despite its size, an emperor scorpion’s sting is not deadly to humans* although it does still hurt. Its shiny black color contains hues of green and brown under the right light that makes your pet look even more stunning. An emperor scorpion can live from 6-8 years, so make sure you’re committed to your pet.

Housing an Emperor Scorpion

Concise Emperor Scorpion Care Sheet 12

To keep your emperor scorpions healthy and happy, replicate their humid and warm natural habitat as much as possible. It’s good to keep only one scorpion in a 10 gallon tank, but if you want to keep one or more, order a 20-30 gallon tank from online pet supplies to house your pets. Provide plenty of hiding places to give each of your pets their own hiding places in the tank.

Concise Emperor Scorpion Care Sheet 13

Provide a heat mat under 1/3 of the tank’s area and maintain a 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit temperature within the tank. Take time to look for heat mat with thermostat and thermometer from you nearest pet scorpion supplies store to provide the correct tank temperature. The best substrates to use are sterilized dry soil, moss, or vermiculite, which need to be at least 3-6 inches deep in the tank.

Feeding an Emperor Scorpion

Concise Emperor Scorpion Care Sheet 14

You can feed emperor scorpions with crickets, mealworms, moths, or tiny beetles which you can order from online pet supplies store. An adult emperor scorpion can eat one large, gut-loaded cricket every other day, but don’t worry if sometimes your pet doesn’t eat. Scorpions are known to fast occasionally. And when they’re molting, they don’t feed at all. Always keep a very shallow water dish for your scorpions to drink from.

Handling an Emperor Scorpion

Concise Emperor Scorpion Care Sheet 15

In general, handling scorpions by your bare hands are not advised. But if you’re like any other pet emperor scorpion owners, you’d want to hold your pet once in a while.** If so, be very extra careful not to hurt yourself or your pet! You can scoop your pet out with a deli cup and gently pour it on your palm. Or you can gently pickup your pet by its tail using tong and gently put it on your palm. Never let children handle your pet emperor scorpion though.

As you can see, taking care of an emperor scorpion is easy. So there’s no reason you can’t have a pet at home even if you live in an apartment.

*People allergic to bee or ant venom are not advised to rear any scorpion species as pets.
**Hold your pet at your own risk.

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