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Core and Non-core Pet Dog Vaccines

Core and Non-core Pet Dog Vaccines 14

Pet dog vaccines are not cheap, and the yearly booster shot recommended to most of them makes matter worse. Not to mention the known side-effects of dog vaccines established by some veterinary studies. Therefore, pet dog owners should know which dog vaccines are core and non-core toward the health of their pets and their wallet subsequently.

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Core Dog Vaccines

These are the core dog vaccines according to the American Veterinary Medical Association; your pet dogs need these:

1. Rabies

Core and Non-core Pet Dog Vaccines 15

Rabies is the number one deadliest zoonotic disease humans can get from dogs; therefore, rabies vaccine is core. In fact, laws demand all dogs to be vaccinated against rabies. It’s given to 16 to 26 weeks old puppies, which need to be repeated in a year and every three years thereafter. The booster shot, however, depends on the rabies dog vaccines brand used.

2. Canine Distemper

Core and Non-core Pet Dog Vaccines 16

Canine distemper virus is considered the most deadly virus among pet dogs. Approximately 90% of pet dogs infected, especially puppies less than 3 months old, will die from the infection. That’s why canine distemper vaccine is number 2 on AVMA’s core dog vaccines list.

3. Parvovirus

Core and Non-core Pet Dog Vaccines 17

Without timely and proper treatment, 80% of dogs, mostly puppies, infected with parvovirus will die. AVMA listed parvovirus vaccine number 3 on their list of important dog vaccines because of this. Parvovirus is quick acting; some infected pet dogs even die within 24 hours after viral activation in their system.

4. Hepatitis

Core and Non-core Pet Dog Vaccines 18

Caused by canine adenovirus-1, canine hepatitis is another common pet dog killer. At 12-16 weeks old, puppies are vaccinated with canine adenovirus-2 which protects dogs from hepatitis caused by canine adenovirus-1.

These four dog vaccines should NOT be missed by all pet dog owners to ensure long and healthy life among pet dogs.

None-core Dog Vaccines

In case you’re concerned about the side-effects of dog vaccines to your pet and your wallet, AVMA listed non-core pet dog vaccines whose administration depends on your will.

1. Measles

Core and Non-core Pet Dog Vaccines 19
A vet is examining a chihuahua by listening to the dogs heartbeat.

Canine measles vaccination is good in preventing the disease, but not the infection of the causal virus. If your area is known for canine distemper infections, however, it’s good to consider the vaccine. However, AVMA still refused to list canine measles vaccine among core dog vaccines.

2. Respiratory Disease from Canine Adenovirus-2

Core and Non-core Pet Dog Vaccines 20

Commonly known as kennel cough, there are several other agents that cause the disease aside from canine adenovirus-2. And no dog vaccines created thus far that are found effective against preventing kennel cough.

3. Parainfluenza

Core and Non-core Pet Dog Vaccines 21

Parainfluenza virus is another known cause of kennel cough. And like the canine-adenovirus-induced kennel cough, no virus is found effective against this curable disease. Probably the cost and the risk from these dog vaccines are better reserved to pet dogs that are at high risk of developing kennel cough.

4. Bordetella

Core and Non-core Pet Dog Vaccines 22

The Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria are another cause of kennel cough among dogs expose to other pet dogs in a kennel or dog shows. If your pet dog is sheltered, you and your pet is probably better off to skip this pet dog vaccine.

5. Leptospirosis

Core and Non-core Pet Dog Vaccines 23

Although the effects of leptospirosis to pet dogs is nothing short of deadly if untreated, the risks involved from the existing leptospirosis dog vaccines are great. So AVMA still reserve dog leptospirosis vaccine to high risk pet dogs only.

6. Coronavirus

Core and Non-core Pet Dog Vaccines 24

Together with parvovirus, coronavirus is another leading cause of pet dog diarrhea. However, death rates from coronavirus diarrhea are very low and infected and treated dogs develop natural immunity from the virus. That’s why AVMA listed coronavirus vaccine as non-core unlike parvirorus pet dog vaccines. Coronavirus (COVID-19 and Animals at CDC)

7. Lyme

Core and Non-core Pet Dog Vaccines 25

Lyme disease is a tick-borne disease common to outdoor-active pet dogs. If you live in the inner city where no tick infection has been reported, you can save your dog and your wallet from the unnecessary burden. Lyme disease dog vaccines are still non-core according to AVMA.

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