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Essential Guinea Pig Supplies

Essential Guinea Pig Supplies 13

Different pets need different essentials to stay healthy, happy, and strong. Guinea pigs are no exceptions. Guinea pigs need essentials supplies which can be grouped into four categories: food, medicine and supplement, grooming, and housing.

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Guinea Pig Food

If you feed your cavies the right guinea pig food, you’ll eliminate by more than 50% the chances of your pet guinea pig getting sick. Cavies are pretty sturdy pets if they’re given the right diet like the following:

1. Guinea mix and pellet

Essential Guinea Pig Supplies 14

The bulk of your guinea pig’s diet should be guinea pig mix and pellet, which you could buy from your nearest pet store. The guinea pig mix consist of grains, pellets, and dried fruits and vegetables that are safe for cavies to eat. Your cavies’ main diet, however, should be specially formulated guinea pig pellets loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

2. Timothy hay

Essential Guinea Pig Supplies 15

If it’s important to ration formulated guinea pig pellets to promote proper diet, it’s different when it comes to Timothy hay. Your cavies need to have constant Timothy Hay supply to keep their digestive system in shape and their ever growing teeth checked. It should be Timothy hay for adult cavies; alfalfa hay (which is more common in pet stores) should only be given to pregnant and young cavies.

3. Treats

Essential Guinea Pig Supplies 16

Although your cavies’ main diet of specially formulated guinea pig pellet is almost complete, you can’t give your cavies solely mixes or pellets. How would you feel if you’re served only one menu for an entire week? So as a treat, give your guinea pigs fresh vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, carrots, kale, spinach, or zucchini–lay off on raw beans and peas. You can also occasionally give them apples, bananas, grapes, potato peel, and tomatoes; but these should not consist more than 10% of your pets’ diet.

Guinea Pig Medicine and Supplement

In your guinea pigs’ medicine cabinet, you should keep the following items always ready:

1. Vitamin C

Essential Guinea Pig Supplies 17

Guinea pigs need an unusually large amount of vitamin C supplement in their diet. So keep vitamin C tablet or powder supplement all the time. The tablet can be given to cavies as treats, and the power can be sprinkled onto their food to augment it. Vitamin C drops that are added in the water are not recommended because water can denature the vitamin fast.

2. Pedialyte

Essential Guinea Pig Supplies 18

Cavies can get diarrhea easily with slight change in their gastrointestinal fauna. To keep your cavies hydrated if this happens, add pedialyte to their water. But keep in mind what pedialyte label says: “If symptoms persist, consult your doctor,”–a vet in this case.

3. Probiotics

Essential Guinea Pig Supplies 19

To restore your cavies’ digestive system fauna, add probiotics to their diet. Your vet could provide you with the best probiotic brand available in your place, which you should keep always ready in your refrigerator.

Guinea Pig Grooming Supplies

To keep your guinea pigs presentable and neat, keep them well groomed using these items:

1 Nail grooming supplies

Essential Guinea Pig Supplies 20

Cavies can grow pretty long nails, but regular clipping should take care of the problem. Keep styptic powder or corn starch ready also. These should help stop the bleeding in case you accidentally hit your cavies’ nail quick during trimming.

2. Disinfectant cleansers

Essential Guinea Pig Supplies 21

To prevent infection, you need disinfectant for your cavies’ ears. And if you have guinea pig bores, you need mineral oil or Vaseline to keep their perineal sacs clean and germ free, too.

Guinea Pig Housing Supplies

Your guinea pigs spend most of their daytime in their house, so do your cavies a favor and keep it very habitable using the following items:

Guinea pig bedding

Essential Guinea Pig Supplies 22

The guinea pig bedding should be soft but compact enough to allow your cavies to dig tunnels. The ideal guinea pig bedding is aspen shavings and coco peat, but you could also use sterilized garden soil if you have a big cage. You should never use cedar or pine shavings as guinea pig bedding because they are detrimental to your pets’ health.

Guinea pig toys

Essential Guinea Pig Supplies 23

To entertain your cavies while you’re away, get them Hidey Houses to climb and play hide and seek with. Toilet paper and paper towel tubes also make cheap but very entertaining toys for cavies. And although your cavies need exercise, please don’t get them training wheels as these can injure your cavies spine. Cavies get their exercise by playing with you in the living room to do their famous popcorn in a large guinea pig run.

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