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Essential Pet Gerbil Accessories

Essential Pet Gerbil Accessories 8

Sure, gerbils are pretty passive pets, but you can help them embrace their funny side through some pet gerbil accessories. And hey… don’t think that these accessories are just money traps. Some of these gerbil accessories are essential to your pet’s well-being like pet cages, training wheels, grooming accessories, and toys. Get your pet gerbil these accessories and observe it transform from a docile pet rodent to a gregarious tiny hairball in few hours.

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Pet Cages Suitable for Gerbils

Essential Pet Gerbil Accessories 9

Although you can get pet cages designed for gerbils, but often they’re smaller giving you less option to house your gerbil together with its other accessories. Try a bunny cage that’s wider and taller than regular gerbil cages available in pet stores instead. You won’t regret the extra height and floor space in a bunny cage – if your pet gerbil can speak, it would thank you for making the switch. A bunny cage with deep, transparent bottom tub that allows you to see your gerbil’s underground construction is a very good choice.

Fashionable Gerbil Carriers

Essential Pet Gerbil Accessories 10

Aside from pet cages, another related essential are pet gerbil carriers. You don’t want to carry your gerbil in a seedy pouch on one hand while you parade a Channel on the other, right? So get one of those equally fashionable gerbil carriers that won’t have the fashion patrol complaining. A fashionable small pet rodent carrier is one accessory you can’t go without if you want to bring your gerbil anywhere with you.

Grooming Supplies

Essential Pet Gerbil Accessories 11

Other essential pet gerbil accessories your tiny furry friend needs are grooming supplies.

Your gerbil needs the following items on its grooming kit:

1. Gentle shampoo for pet rodents
2. Hypo-allergenic rodent wipes
3. Antibacterial ear-cleaning solution
4. Soft gerbil hair brush
5. Small nail clipper

All these items are needed to keep your pet gerbil stay healthy and presentable for PETS Magazine cover.

Pet Gerbil Toys

Essential Pet Gerbil Accessories 12

Sure your pet gerbil wouldn’t sulk if you’re too busy during weekdays to even pet it for two minutes. But give your friend some justice by spoiling it with some favorite gerbil toys. Gerbils love to chew, so a wooden chew toy should help your gerbil forget the hours that it’s spent alone in different pet cages. There are gerbil chew toys you could get that hides treats inside; your gerbil will surely love to find an almond nut after hours of chewing a wooden ball.

Gerbils love to climb and explore logs, too. So a wooden tower toy where you can hide treats in the corners is an awesome toy to have. That’s why you want a bunny cage instead of a small pet gerbil cage to allow these types of toys inside your gerbil’s kingdom.

Gerbil Training Wheel

Essential Pet Gerbil Accessories 13

To keep your pet gerbil in tip-top shape, a training wheel should be given priority. Remember that letting your gerbil sit in a bunny cage all day doing no real workout is detrimental to your gerbil. So help your tiny friend lengthen its life by giving it a training wheel to stretch its muscles and strengthen its bones. However, some gerbils don’t know how to dismount from a training wheel once they’re on, so it’s advised that you supervise your gerbil while exercising to avoid over fatigue.

Gerbil Dust Baths

In the wild, gerbils would roll over fine sand or dusts to get rid of parasites. So even though you’re very thorough about grooming your pet, allow it to indulge in a dust bath occasionally. There are dust bath pans designed to fit in pet cages that you can fill with chinchilla dust or fine, clean beach sand for your gerbil to enjoy. Not only will you make your gerbil happy, you’re going to help it maintain a healthy fur too.

These are the essential pet gerbil accessories that you should buy to have a happy, healthy gerbil.

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