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Essential Rabbit Accessories

Essential Rabbit Accessories 8

Rabbit accessories does not only improve the way your rabbit lives, they’re going to make your life easier too. For example, rabbit accessories for playing, eating, and accessories for the cage ups the ante of your rabbits comfort and entertainment. Rabbit supplies and accessories for grooming, toilet, and travel on the other hand improves the ease of providing proper care to your pet rabbit. But with the many choices you have, it’s easy to get confused about which rabbit supplies and accessories are important. So here are the essential rabbit accessories you need to be looking for.

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Rabbit Accessories for Grooming

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Rabbits generally don’t need to be bathed. A spot cleaning with unscented baby wipes should take care of most dirt. But, to maintain your rabbit’s cuteness factor, you need the following:

Nail clipper – A cat nail clipper should do well as a rabbit nail clipper too. It can be intimidating to cut your rabbit’s nails at first, but with practice you should be able to master it.

Hairbrush – Rabbits don’t need to be brushed frequently, but you need a brush to take out mattes and tangles once in a while.

Scissors – Sometimes it’s easier and less stressful for the rabbit if you snip than comb the tangle out. Keep a blunt ear and nose scissor for the job. Younger rabbits need their crotch area to be trimmed for hygiene reasons also.

Rabbit Accessories for Toilet

Essential Rabbit Accessories 10

Believe it or not, rabbits can be potty trained. So you can buy rabbit supplies for your rabbit’s bathroom:

Toilet litter – You need pine and cedar free, absorbent rabbit litter like Yesterday’s News by Purina.

Litter pan – The right litter pan for rabbits should have high top on one side to properly catch your rabbit’s urine.

Rabbit Accessories for Travel

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If you don’t want to leave your pet rabbit at home with a stranger while you travel, bring your pet with you. There are rabbit accessories you can buy that can make traveling with your rabbit safe and easy.

Rabbit cage – Always have a stylish and handy rabbit cage when traveling with your rabbit.

Rabbit carrier – For short distance travel, a stylish rabbit carrier will do.

Rabbit harness – You can also get rabbit harness nowadays from pet supply stores near you. It pays to train your rabbit to use a harness if you want to take him out for an occasional walk in unfamiliar territory.

Rabbit Accessories for Playing

You owe it to your rabbit to give it something to the entertainment itself with while you’re out. For this, you need rabbit toys. And the best rabbit toy is one that they could chew away and reveals a hidden treat inside like a wall nut. Wooden chew toys are not only entertaining for rabbits, it serves real purpose to trim their continuously growing teeth too.

Rabbit Accessories for Feeding

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Rabbit accessories for feeding are other essential accessories for your rabbit:

Feed dispenser – If you use a feed dispenser, don’t put more food than what your rabbit can consume in a day. Rabbits like their food fresh from the box.

Waterer – Keep the water bottle always filled with freshwater too. You can’t just top it up with more water; you need to replace the entire content once a day.

Rabbit hay dispenser – This accessory is essential to keep your rabbit’s hay neat in your rabbit’s cage.

Rabbit Accessories for the Cage

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Aside from the rabbit toys and feeding essentials, your rabbits would appreciate a place to play hide and seek in its cage too. For this, you need a grass hide mat where your rabbit can hide and chew if it wants to. To keep your pet warm during the colder season, a heating pad becomes another essential rabbit accessory also.

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