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Examining Dog Homeopathic Medicine

Examining Dog Homeopathic Medicine 9

The well-documented side effects of synthetic medicine not just on people but on pets too had many pet dog owners consider dog homeopathic medicine as an alternative. Despite the accolades of pet homeopathic medicine, however, many veterinarians are still doubtful about its efficacy. So what really is dog homeopathic medicine? How can it help your pet dog stay healthy the natural way? And is there a future about dog homeopathic medicine?

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What is Dog Homeopathic Medicine

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Dog homeopathic medicine is a form of alternative medicine that uses your pet’s natural self-healing mechanism to get well. Homeopathic medicine is based on the principle of “like cures like.” Perhaps the principle is best described with an example.

How Does Homeopathic Medicine Work

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Let’s say your dog is under the weather with kennel cough. Instead of giving your pet dog a barrage of synthetic antibiotics that kill good bacteria and burden the liver, dog homeopathic medicine will stimulate the same symptoms by giving your dog a reduced, diluted dose of the cause of kennel cough! Inducing the symptoms of kennel cough this way stimulates the healing process. Because the symptoms of induced kennel cough and the kennel cough from natural infection are so similar, the dog’s body cannot tell it apart. It fights off the easily curable induced symptoms from the diluted homeopathic treatment and the symptoms from the natural infection too, curing both.

Known Homeopathic Alternatives for Dogs

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The holistic approach of dog homeopathic medicine is known to cure just about any disease that conventional (allopathic) medicine can cure. Following are some common dog medical needs that homeopathy can help.

1. Homeopathic Alternative to Dog Vaccines

To avoid synthetic dog vaccines side effects, some pet owners are opting nosode, the dog homeopathic alternative to allopathic dog vaccines. Nosode uses a diluted amount of the causal organism to induce the symptoms of the disease. The dog’s immune system then develops a memory about how to combat the disease. When real infection happens, the immune system knows how to fight it off.

2. Homeopathic Alternative to Dog Arthritis

When opting for dog homeopathic medicine to treat dog arthritis, the owner needs to know how to read their pet’s arthritis symptoms. Different symptoms need different form of homeopathic treatment like Aconitum napellus which addresses the pain inflammation symptoms. So symptom identification by the pet owner is crucial.

3. Homeopathic Alternative to Dog Allergies

Dog homeopathic alternatives to allergies work by strengthening your pet’s immune system against allergens. The most common alternative is the use of diluted bee venom to combat common causes of skin irritation and severe reactions to common allergens.

Dog Homeopathic Medicine Controversy

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Despite many pet owners and holistic veterinarians proving the benefits of dog homeopathic medicine, western, orthodox veterinary medicine is still generally not convinced about its effects. Many orthodox veterinarians say that the effects are no more than placebo. Others say that the techniques and the homeopathic medicines used do not undergo scientific, medical research. Some vets even warn pet owners that relying on homeopathic or alternative medicine can put their dogs in real danger. So before going for dog homeopathic medicine, consult your veterinarian about it and talk to certified homeopaths to weigh your options.

Limitations of Dog Homeopathic Medicine

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Although it’s clear that dog homeopathic medicine is NOT quackery, it has limitations too. For example, dogs that suffer from advanced organ disease and debilitating disease may not benefit from homeopathy. It is possible, however, for their quality of life to improve to some degree from alternative treatment.

Consult a Pet Homeopathic Medicine Practitioner

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If you’re intrigue about the benefits of dog homeopathic medicine, consult a certified homeopath near you. Ask him or her about the many ways homeopathy can improve your pet dog’s health and wellness the natural way.

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