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Feline Weight Loss Program

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In case you notice your cat can use a little – or a big – trim, it’s time to look at some feline weight loss programs. Your cat’s health and fitness depend on you. You can control what and how much food goes into your cat’s feeder. So bringing back your cat’s weight to normal depends on you, and it all starts with a good weight loss method for cats.

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How to Begin

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As with a weight loss method for humans, a feline weight loss program should begin with a visit to the doctor. In this case your pet’s doctor. A veterinarian can rule out other causes of obesity such as hormonal imbalance and anything that may hamper the weight loss method you follow for your pet. After a thorough examination, a vet can advise you as to a realistic weight reduction goal per month and feline weight loss program you can try.

Rally Everyone in the Household

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If you have some people living with you in the house, the next step in implementing a feline weight loss program is to get everybody involved. You can’t be the only one religiously implementing the weight loss method to your cat and everybody else is fun as usual with your cat giving it endless supply of cat treats. Let everyone, including your visitors, know that the cat is on a diet, and everyone else is expected to participate.

Changes in the Diet

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If the cat food you’re giving your cat is vet-recommended to begin with, then changing the menu is not advisable. A feline weight loss program that changes the cat food menu is bound to complicate the feline weight loss program – your cat has to continue liking its food but now you’re going to give it in calculated proportions.

1. Count the calories

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So count the calories. Your cat has gotten fat because it’s getting more calories than it’s shedding off. If you don’t know how to count the calories your current cat food brand is giving your cat, a veterinary nutritionist can help you. The nutritionist should be able to recommend the correct amount of calories you should be giving your cat in a 24 hour period.

2. Feed frequently in small portions

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Using the same food that your cat is used to eating, you need to take just the right amount and divide it into four. These four small portions are what you should give your cat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and maybe before bedtime… no more free grazing for Tom.

3. Cap the treats

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Don’t forget to count the calories in the cat treats too. A feline weight loss program will surely fail if you’re going to leave out the cat treats in the equation. A weight loss method isn’t complete without capping the treats – remember you should not give more calories than what’s advised by your vet, treats included!

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

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And no matter how you religiously follow the feline weight loss program if you’re not going to encourage your cat to move, then weight loss should be slow to non-existent. You have to devise some activities wherein your cat can shake its “tush” to shed those calories off. Catnip toys should do it with your cat.

Finish it Off with Water

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Limit the amount of your cat’s normal diet, but you should never limit water. As always, keep clean water always available to your cat especially now that it’s on a feline weight loss program. Water is essential for proper metabolism and toxin elimination as your cat burns off the stored calories.

Here’s what a veterinarian can advise about feline weight loss programs.

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