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Going For Custom Snake Cages

Going For Custom Snake Cages 10

For a hardcore snakes hobbyist, only custom snake cages will do to house their rare and exotic snake species collection. For them, readymade reptile cages are too small or too distasteful that insults their expensive pet snake inside. But what about reptile cages for a novice like you? Are you excused not to own custom snake cages because it’s your first time to collect a couple of pet corn snakes for example? No, you’re not. There a lot of reasons you should go for custom snake cages from the get go, and getting them (or even making your own) isn’t an impossible task too.

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Why Custom Snake Cages

If you’re not convinced that you should get custom snake cages, educate yourself about the reasons and benefits of going for these reptile cages investments.

Perfect fit

Going For Custom Snake Cages 11

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to reptile cages; different snake species grow to different lengths. So, custom snake cages designed to house your specific pet snake species should give you more freedom to replicate your snakes’ natural habitat without taking too much horizontal space in your house.


Going For Custom Snake Cages 12

Custom snake cages are practical investments because they not only complement your snakes’ awesome look, you can build them yourself if you got the acumen. The materials are pretty simple and cheap; you can even shop for old antique furniture to start as your frame… more on this in another post here.


Going For Custom Snake Cages 13

And who will argue that custom snake cages look way too better than readymade reptile cages out there? If your friends frown the thought of having snakes as pets, if they see yours housed in reptile cages worth Luxury Home Magazine’s shutter, it’s not farfetched to change their mind.

Choosing Custom Snake Cages

When choosing custom snake cages, there are few points you need to keep in mind.

Size of snake

Going For Custom Snake Cages 14

If you got your snakes as babies, don’t fail to ask the seller about how long they can grow as adult. You don’t want reptile cages that your snakes can outgrow into. However, see to it that the customized snake enclosure can be partitioned. It’s inconvenient to chase baby snakes in a large reptile enclosure; the partitions should help cordon your snakes while they’re growing.

Your available space

Going For Custom Snake Cages 15

If you have all the floor space at your disposal, then any custom snake cages shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re like most homeowners, your available floor space should be considered too.

Composite material

Going For Custom Snake Cages 16

Custom reptile cages can be made of several composite materials: wood, aluminum, glass, plexiglass, plastic, etc. Take the composite materials into consideration if you want temporary cages that you can dispose of when your snakes grow bigger. Remember that the more durable the materials used to build the cages, the pricier the cages should be.

Where to Buy Custom Snake Cages

Going For Custom Snake Cages 17

Now that you know custom snake cages are better options than readymade ones, you want to learn the trusted names in the business of reptile cage making. From Jworlds.net, you can order perhaps the most artistic, durable, and professionally designed reptile cages by a renowned Brazilian-born snakes collector, Jay Nelmes. His designs are suitable for all types of houses, which you can pre-order and have your own style incorporated into the making of your own custom snake cages… giving a meaning to the phrase “Built only for you.”

And if you’re looking for Jack Hanna’s (a celebrity zoologist) seal on your custom snake cages, then shop online at Cagebydesign.com to find what you’re looking for. Jack Hanna approved the quality and the design of all reptile cages you see from this maker. When it’s approved by a zoologist, you should be confident your pet snakes would approve it too.

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