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Grooming Your Cat the Easy Way

Just because you see your cat clean itself all the time doesn’t mean it can’t use some help in this arena. Cats can’t reach their ears, clean their bottom, trim their nails, or remove external parasites for example. Therefore, grooming cats is still necessary. And don’t think that grooming cats is easier than grooming dogs because of the size difference. Remember that cat’s claws are a lot sharper than a dog’s teeth.

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What cat owners need are useful cat grooming tips: anything from cat grooming items to tips on bathing cats.

Cat Grooming Supplies

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Cats don’t like to be held let alone lathered or having their nails trimmed. So you need good cat grooming supplies to help you do a better job in the least amount of time possible. What you need are the following cat grooming supplies:

Cat shampoo and conditioner – Your cat’s shampoo and conditioner should be capable of growing, disinfecting, and moisturizing your cat’s hair, especially if you have a Persian cat. That’s why Persian cat owners use only cat show products from Sergeant’s Gold in grooming their cats.

Cat comb – Although you need nothing fancy to comb your cat’s hair, you can’t use your comb in grooming cats too. The cat comb should remove mats and dead hairs while polishing your cat’s hair at the same time.

Tip: There are grooming cats to comb vacuum attachments you can get that comb and remove dead cat hairs at the same time.

Nail clip and scissors – It’ll help you by a mile if you get a specialized guillotine style cat nail clip. And, a pair of very sharp, thin scissors should be handy to cut excess cat hairs in case of a Persian cat, too.

Cat Flea Medicine – To keep your cat’s fur looking its best, your cat has to be free from fleas. But remember to use only vet-recommended flea medicines and to follow correct dosage for safety.

Grooming Cat Hair

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Short-haired kitties make grooming easy. To begin with, cats are generally clean pets especially if you keep them indoor. So, grooming cats with short hairs involve occasional combing to remove dead and fallen hairs only. If you have a Persian cat, however, grooming hair can become more demanding. You need to use rake and fine-tooth comb to remove tangles and mats almost twice a week.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Cat

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Indoor cats need only occasional bathing. In fact, you may bathe them only if they roll onto something dirty. However, if someone in the house is allergic to cat dander, then you still need to bathe your indoor cat at least once a month.

Outdoor cats on the other hand need at least twice a month bathing because they are at risk of flea infestation. Sergeant’s Gold anti parasite shampoo can give the protection your outdoor cat needs too.

Trimming Cat Nails

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Starting at a young age, train your cat to have its nails cut at least once a month. Your nail trimming sessions would be a lot easier if your cat is used to it as a kitten. Grooming cats nails are done by holding your cat with its back against your chest and holding one paw with one hand and the clip with the other. Cut your cat’s nails fairly quickly, but be careful to avoid the quick. Think about screaming cat, bleeding cat toenail, and frantic cat owner if the quick is hit – so don’t!

Tip: For a really mischievous cat who likes to claw anything it gets its paws on (your skin included), there are Soft Claws Nail Caps you can get for the quickest solution. Soft Claws Nail Caps goes into your cat’s nails like the way a tooth jacket does on a tooth – instant solution for cat clawing and scratching!

Cleaning Cat Teeth

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Again, cleaning cat’s teeth is easier done on trained cats. If your cat is not used to teeth cleaning, you can take it to the vet or you can call a mobile cat groomer to clean its teeth for you. To clean your cat’s teeth, you need sterile gauze and cat toothpaste or teeth cleaning solution, which you can apply in these steps:

1. Wrap your dominant hand’s index finger with the gauze.
2. Hold your cat with its back against your chest.
3. Gently open your cat’s upper lip with your thumb.
4. Rub the solution to your cat’s teeth in circular motion, cleaning the teeth as you go.
5. Do at least once a day or every other day.

Tips: There are cat finger toothbrushes you can get that goes into your finger for easy handling. And fish-flavored toothpastes are available too to bribe your cat into each tooth cleaning sessions.

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