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Guide to Pet Fire-bellied Toad

Guide to Pet Fire-bellied Toad 9

Fire-bellied toads came from parts of China, Korea, Japan, and Russia. But they are pretty common in pet frog supplies stores in U.S. and U.K. now. Fire-bellied toads make colorful pet frogs, but they can be a handful for a newbie pet frog owner. So it pays to learn as much as you can about fire-bellied toads before you bring your first pair home.

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Why Have a Fire-bellied Toad as Pet

Guide to Pet Fire-bellied Toad 10

When you look at fire-bellied toads from above, they seem to look like any other pet frogs. But when they feel threaten and does their famous “unken reflex,” that’s when they show their true colors. Fire-bellied toads are beautiful pet frogs at times intimidating. But they make good pet frogs for the right collector. And they do make unique sound that creates a nature-feel into your otherwise modern home.

Fire-bellied Toad Description

Guide to Pet Fire-bellied Toad 11

Fire-bellied toads have bright green and black blotches on the back and brilliant orange with black blotches on the belly. That’s how they got the name, fire-bellied toads. In captivity, some of these frogs lose their bright green color and develop brown coloration due to many factors including change in diet and habitat. They grow up to 2 inches and live an average of 5 years. And unlike most pet frogs that are active at night, fire-bellied toads are diurnal. Meaning, they are active during the day, which is a plus if you don’t want a pet frog that croaks loudly at night.

Housing Fire-bellied Toad

Guide to Pet Fire-bellied Toad 12

You can house 2-3 fire-bellied toads in 10 gallon tank designed for semi-aquatic pet frogs. But you cannot house them together with other aquarium pets like fish because the frogs are toxic. Design the tank to contain 1/3-1/2 land and fill the remaining area with 2-4 inches filtered water. Use moss or mulch for substrate – never sand, gravel, or artificial grass. You can order moss or mulch from an online pet supplies store and have it delivered to your doorstep. The tank temperature should be kept at 65-82 degrees Fahrenheit, and a ventilated lid should be kept close.

It’s very important to remember to use water filter in your fire-bellied toads’ tank and to replace the water regularly to avoid toxin accumulation that can be harmful to the frogs themselves.

Feeding Fire-bellied Toad

Guide to Pet Fire-bellied Toad 13

Unlike other pet frog species, fire-bellied toads cannot extend their tongue to grab their prey. They grab their prey by their jaws and stuff it inside their mouth using their front legs. Observe it; it’s really cute. They eat crickets, earthworms, wax worms, and other feeder insects that you order online or buy from the nearest pet frog supplies store. It’s also best to gut load or sprinkle the feeder insects with vitamins and minerals for proper nutrition.

Handling Fire-bellied Toad

Guide to Pet Fire-bellied Toad 14

Although the toxin that fire-bellied toads can produce is not deadly to humans, it’s nevertheless important to be careful when handling your pet. It’s recommended to use padded rubber gloves you can buy from pet frog supplies online to wear when handling fire-bellied toads. If you want to really feel your pet’s leathery skin, you can hold the frog by your bare hands, but be sure to wash your hands with soap and water afterward.

Signs of Healthy Fire-bellied Toad

Guide to Pet Fire-bellied Toad 15

You’ll know your fire-bellied toads are healthy because they’re active, feeding well, have clear eyes, healthy-looking skin, and they’re hopping and swimming about their tank. To keep your pets healthy, give them proper diet by gut loading or sprinkling their food with vitamins and minerals you can buy from online pet frog supplies. Do not leave harsh detergents or disinfectants on your pets’ tank when cleaning it to avoid slowly poisoning your pets. And replace the water tank regularly too.

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