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Horse Riding Holidays Experience

Horse Riding Holidays Experience 9

Horses are often associated with racing, equestrian and in the history books as the chariots of great emperors and warriors as well as cowboys in old movies. However, horse riding is not only for the equestrian, not even only for the cowboy. You too can experience the wild, wild West by going on horse riding holidays.

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Horse Riding Holidays Experience 10

Horse riding holidays offer a different type of relaxation and education teaching vacationers the values of companionship, responsibility, leadership, practical skills—and they’re simply fun. Horse riding holidays are uniquely different than a beach holiday or a mountain climbing vacation for example. With professional equestrians at the helm as instructors, horse riding holidays will not only teach how to ride a horse, it will let vacationers taste what it is like to be with a pet horse.

Horses Are Companions

Horse Riding Holidays Experience 11

Participation in horse riding holidays will teach one who participates not only how to ride a horse and steer it, but how to love it as a pet horse, just like how you would treat your pet dog or cat. It will teach you an important lesson: if you’ll treat a pet horse as a companion and a partner and not just another beast of burden to carry you up the hills of Greece, for example, the animal will render the same treatment and loyalty to you.

Do What Your Horses Do

Horse Riding Holidays Experience 12

Horse riding holidays will not only focus on the actual riding with the sunset as your backdrop, it will let you experience activities around a pet horse too. Trainers will teach you how to become “one” with your pet horse by giving proper care, nourishment, and grooming. You get to experience feeding the animal before trekking down safaris in Africa or down the mountainside of the United States or the valleys in Greece, for example. Horse riding holidays are truly one of a kind vacation for the whole family to take.

Role Playing or History Lesson

Horse Riding Holidays Experience 13

Horse riding holidays not only allow you to ride horses, they will let you have a taste of history—a moment in time when conquerors cross borders to discover new lands. Striding in horseback in the hills of Greece or the planes of Egypt will let you experience firsthand how Achilles or Khufu ruled their land—if only through the mode of transportation.

Relaxation and Leisure

Horse Riding Holidays Experience 14

Travelling at a medium pace and frequent stops to care for your pet horse will also make you aware of the surroundings that you travel along the trek. Travelling at the speed of a car or a train most often leaves out the most interesting parts of the journey and that is appreciating the scenery from a decent speed in which time can be taken to survey.

Travel in a Horse’s Pace

Horse Riding Holidays Experience 15
Two women and a girl horseback riding on dirt road

Trekking in a horse ride is less strenuous than mountain climbing or trekking on foot. Along the way the body of the rider and the horse are one in movement and in speed. (This synchronous movement is even developed by horse experts as a form of therapy.) To learn how to ride a horse and make it run or walk and command it to stay gives horse back riding a more unique experience that distinguishes it from other types of holidays. Also the treatment of horse as “pets” and not as a living, breathing mode of transportation gives a whole new meaning to your a vacation.

The next time you consider a vacation, try horse riding holidays. Doing activities with pet horses are great bonding moments for the entire family, which ought to be what a family vacation should mean to everybody.

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