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House Training Your Pet Bunny

House Training Your Pet Bunny 10

Aside from being cute and cuddly, bunnies are house-trainable. You can get a playful, socialized pet bunny after some easy house training lessons that you could facilitate yourself. Imagine the joy of your 5-year-old daughter when you bring home a pet bunny. And because you can house train it, you don’t have to worry about it chewing, biting, peeing, or doing its business on your Persian rug because only a litter box can pass its standard for a bathroom facility. All that is possible after house training your pet bunny!

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Potty Training a Pet Bunny

House Training Your Pet Bunny 11

Bunnies tend to use only one corner of their cage to do their business in. You might see them eat in this corner also, but that’s okay for a rabbit – use these knowledge to potty train your pet bunny. So in a litter box with paper or wood pellet (don’t use saw dust or clay clumping cat litter), put some of your bunny’s droppings and some urine scent from dirty beddings. Place some Timothy hay for nibbling while waiting for the bladder or the rear end to empty, too. From this point on, immediately clean after your bunny in its cage so that the only feces and urine scent your bunny can find is in its litter box. After a week or two of guiding the rabbit to do its business in the litter box, it should learn to use it by itself.

Introducing a Pet Bunny to Other House Pets

House Training Your Pet Bunny 12

Pet bunnies are social animals. With proper introduction, they can bond with your other house pets too. In fact, it’s important to bond bunnies with other house pets because rabbits are adorable to watch when playing with your cat or dog, for example.

It’s best to introduce bunnies to other pets when they’re not hungry and in the playful mood; the same is true to your other pets. Put your pet bunny in its cage and lay the cage on the floor to let your dogs or cats introduce themselves to the newest addition to the bunch. Once you see that they’re no longer frighten of one other, you can let the rabbit out to meet them ‘in full fur’. Just don’t leave them alone together even if they’ve bonded well already.

Taming Bunnies

House Training Your Pet Bunny 13

A lot of people notice their pet rabbits turn into rampageous hairy monsters when they reach sexual maturity. That’s how powerful bunny sex hormones can be. It can dictate your pet bunny to act like little monstrosity. Take the sex hormones out by neutering or spaying your pet bunny and you’ll see instant change in behavior.

House Training Your Pet Bunny 14

To tame aggressive, growling, biting, and lunging bunnies, use a soothing (not angry) voice while trying to pet them wearing full leather or thick gloves on, in case they bite. Gently touch the forehead and stroke towards the ears… rabbits like to be tickled at the base of their ears. And if they try to lunge, just gently press the head on the floor without hurting the pet bunny. Do this for no more than 15 minutes a day until the rabbit will crave for the touch and the affection from you.

House Training Your Pet Bunny 15

For a timid pet bunny, use a soothing voice to reassure the rabbit – never frighten it even more with exited giggles. Use a finger at first to pet the bunny gradually increasing to two, three, four fingers, and eventually the entire palm to pet the rabbit. With time and loving patience, you’ll eventually tame any naughty bunny.

Stop Pet Bunny Chewing/Digging Habit

House Training Your Pet Bunny 16

No you can’t stop these habits. It’s rabbit’s nature to chew and dig; you can at least minimize its destruction in the house. To stop your pet bunny from chewing your expensive mahogany dining or study table, give your bun plenty of alternatives to sink its teeth in. This is the purpose of bunny toys. When you let it out the cage to play, make sure there are visible bunny toys lying around in case your pet bunny decides to pass its time nibbling onto something.

House Training Your Pet Bunny 17

For digging, you can use a large cardboard box filled with shredded paper with one side open for a bunny door. Put some treat (of course carrots is the best choice) in the shredded paper or hay to encourage your bun to dig in. If this fails, make sure you let your pet bunny know that chewing or digging your stuff is not acceptable by uttering a firm NO, without shouting or hitting your rabbit.

These are the things you can do to house train your pet bunny. With patience and time, you’ll have a cuddly, tamed, and affectionate pet bunny you can be proud of any time.

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