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How to Keep Your Thoroughbred Horse Fit

How to Keep Your Thoroughbred Horse Fit 10

Your thoroughbred horse reflects the amount of training it has gone through once it steps in the racetrack. Not many people know the hard work that comes with preparing a pet horse to a game, but a great thoroughbred horse trainer like would know better. The training process is long and rigorous. This is to prepare your horse to be the best, and to maximize their inherent speed.

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Thoroughbred’s Early Training

How to Keep Your Thoroughbred Horse Fit 11

As a young colt and filly, your pet horse needs to get used to human contact. This is an important step in your thoroughbred’s growth. Every thoroughbred horse has a specific trait. The training method what you will choose centers on this. As part of the training, you are to introduce the equipments used in racing. Introducing the halter is the first step. This is what you will use to lead the horse around the barn. This training is a way to teach your thoroughbred horse to walk calmer and avoid jumping around.

Learn the Basics

How to Keep Your Thoroughbred Horse Fit 12

At two or three years of age, thoroughbred horses are already entered in competitions. Which is why, training starts at a young age. They need to get used to saddles, bits, and bridles, and learn the essential commands: stop, start, and turn. With this, the rider has control over their thoroughbred horse. Especially the jockeys, the thoroughbreds need to know what to do during a race.

Set Their Body For What’s Ahead

How to Keep Your Thoroughbred Horse Fit 13

Injuries are inevitable during a horse race, and training diminishes the possibility for your pet horse to experience this. Have your horse work for at least three miles, and this exercise should be performed every 3 days. Rest is an important factor to your pet’s improvement. A young horse has to first develop their muscles and learn to control them. Your pet horse will be able to use this once they race.

Allow Them to Adapt in a Steady Manner

How to Keep Your Thoroughbred Horse Fit 14

As you go through the exercise, increasing the distance of travel in increments will allow your thoroughbred horse to adapt better. It is best to know the maximum capability of your pet horse, before pushing it to go further. The right pacing can develop body control; and muscles on your young thoroughbred horse.

Timing is Everything

How to Keep Your Thoroughbred Horse Fit 15

Once your thoroughbred horse reaches its 32nd month, speed training is introduced. Having them run at short bursts in full speed trains will gradually improve their speed. As time passes, its endurance and the distance your pet can cover are also enhanced.

Invest on the Right Things

How to Keep Your Thoroughbred Horse Fit 16

Giving your pet horse an equine massage helps your thoroughbred horse develop well distributed muscles. This is a healthier way of enhancing it evenly. In situations when your pet horse develops an inflammation of its ankle, the effects are less severe because this massage improves circulation. Muscle inflammation is common during training so precaution including equine massage is necessary.

Know the limit

How to Keep Your Thoroughbred Horse Fit 17

Do not push your thoroughbred horse to what they cannot do. One that is younger than 32 months should not be forced to do speed training if they are not ready. This is due to the fact that knees of the thoroughbred horse is not yet fully closed up. This means immense damage may happen to your pet horse if their body is pushed beyond its limit.

Preparing a thoroughbred horse to be fit for a race requires time and patience. Pushing your pet horse beyond its limits will not work, and it can only fatigue your pet. It is important to know the capabilities of your horse to be able to prepare your pet horse for the coming race.

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