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How To Look After Pet Goats

How To Look After Pet Goats 12

Goats are among the most favorite farm animals raised as pets. But not everyone is lucky to own pet goats because of restrictions like city ordinances, the size of the area needed, or simply the time needed to raise the farm animals. To help you decide whether pet goats are right for you, here’s what you can and cannot expect from pet goats.

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Things to Expect from a Pet Goat

Pet goats are unlike common pets as cats, dogs, birds, or rodents. If you have a goat for a pet, expect to…

1. Buy constant supply of goat feed

How To Look After Pet Goats 13

Goats eat an awful lot of feed. So expect to buy constant supply of goat feed such as grass and alfalfa hay. You can also buy goat pellets from farm supply stores, but these probably are an expensive staple for chewing. The pellets are good for pet goats’ main diet, but hay and leafy greens are the cheaper alternative to satisfy goats’ penchant to chew.

2. Have an intelligent pet

How To Look After Pet Goats 14

When it comes to intelligence, goats may come second, but they can never come last. They are curious animals able to respond to your call or to your mood. You’ll observe that if you go near your goat happy, they will react happy too. If you go near them mad, expect a cold reception from your goats also.

3. Visit a farm vet regularly

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Despite being sturdy pets, goats need regular vet visit for deworming, vaccination, and hoof trimming. Sometimes there voracious appetite gets them in trouble when they mistaken garbage or fabric for food. They’ll need surgery to remove the ingested foreign object if this happens. Goats need disbudding, too, which only a vet is qualified to perform.

Things NOT to Expect from a Pet Goat

If there are things you can expect from pet goats, there are things you cannot expect from them too. For instance, don’t expect to…

1. Potty train a pet goat

How To Look After Pet Goats 16

You might hear some successful stories about goat potty training, but generally goats can’t be potty train. They’ll go whenever and wherever they want to go. That’s why you can’t keep goats inside your house.

2. Have a cuddle time with a pet goat

How To Look After Pet Goats 17

Goats are pretty tamed pets; some don’t mind – even loved – being hugged. However, you can never take a goat inside for a cuddle time while you watch TV. They need their space and their independence out and about in your yard.

3. Have a diligent living lawnmower

How To Look After Pet Goats 18

If you expect to sell your lawnmower now that you have pet goats, don’t. Goats are not efficient at keeping your turf checked; they prefer overhead greenery such as trees and garden flowers better than your low turf grass. That goes to say that pet goats and lush garden don’t mix.

Pet Goat Trivia

How To Look After Pet Goats 19

If you have pet goats or have observed goats in some farm, you might notice them constantly chewing. Where do they get their cud? Like cattle, goats are ruminants. Meaning, they can regurgitate food from their stomach back up to be chewed as cud. In fact, rumination, or chewing, is vital for proper digestion among ruminant farm animals. Goats normally ruminate if they’re relaxed and unstressed just hanging out with friends under a tree or in their barn.

Where to Buy Pet Goats

How To Look After Pet Goats 20

The best place to shop for pet goats is to visit farm fairs or visit petting zoos if they some for adoption. You can’t get pet goats by going online, so take some time out to visit farms. Use this opportunity to watch how goat farmers raise the farm animals, too, so that when you go home with your new pets, you have a good idea what to do.

How to Raise Pet Goats

How To Look After Pet Goats 21

Although they’re farm animals, goats can be raised in suburbs, too. Just make sure there are no ordinances in your area that may prevent you from raising goats as pets. Pygmy goats are the most popular goat species raised as pets, and raising pygmy goats as pets is not too difficult to learn if you’re dedicated and willing to learn.

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