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How to Look After Pet Mice

How to Look After Pet Mice 9

The domesticated pet mice are one of the most readily available pets in pet stores. These mice are bred selectively to enhance their good qualities. Watching this pet in groups can be quite entertaining. Giving your pet supplies of food from your hand is also possible; although it is best to start this gesture at a young age. Despite the entertainment your pet mice can provide you, there is a drawback to owning them. Their lifespan is short. They can only live for 1.5 to 2 years. It is rare for these creatures to reach the age of 3.

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Pet Mice Behavior

How to Look After Pet Mice 10

Your pet mice are nocturnal creatures, so they are more active during the evening. Since they are social creatures, it is best to give them a number of mice as company. Keeping a pair of female mice is a great idea for they can be peaceful with each other. Unless you want the cage to fill up with mice, though, keeping a male and female together should be avoided.

Housing them in the right cage

How to Look After Pet Mice 11

A wire cage with plastic bottom makes a good home for your pet mice because a wire cage allows the mice to climb on the sides, which adds to their entertainments. Fixing pet supplies like toys and platforms inside are much easier with a wire cage too. Just remember to check the size of the bars to ensure your pet mice can’t escape from the gap. Since your pet can be very active and playful, pet rat supplies like toys and cage furnishings that will allow them to run, climb, and play are very useful.

Handling Pet Mice

How to Look After Pet Mice 12

Patience and time are needed in order to tame your pet. The first step is to familiarize them with their new environment. In time, they will get used to the home, become calmer, and be familiar with your voice. Never pick up your pet mice through their tail. They don’t like it and it can cause them injury. There is also a possibility of breaking off their tail. Scooping or cupping them in your hand is the best method. Just make sure your grip is not too tight because it can suffocate them.

Cleaning Your Pet’s Home

How to Look After Pet Mice 13

The amount of cleaning and frequency depend on the size of your pet’s cage. For glass or plastic sided cages, there is a possibility of a quick build up of ammonia. Make sure you do not wait until the smell is overwhelming to you and your mice. Areas where your pet mice mark their territory should be disinfected too; although leaving small amount of litter in the cage should remind them where the rest room area is.

Feeding Pet Mice

How to Look After Pet Mice 14

The pet rat supplies for food are pellets, but this can bore them when it becomes monotonous. The best thing to make your pet mice diet interesting is to add variety like seeds and grains. To make it a balanced meal, fruits and vegetables should also be added.

Pet Mice Toys

How to Look After Pet Mice 15

Your pets are playful animals; you need the right pet toys to make them safer when playing because even a short fall can severely a mouse. One of the best pet rat supplies you can give them are tunnels or tunes. They toy tunnel doesn’t have to be expensive; you can use old paper towel or toilet paper rolls for a tunnel. Shopping in pet supplies stores allows you more choices like small willow balls, ladders, cotton ropes, etc. that can surely make your pets’ life more exciting.

If you want playful, intelligent, tiny fur balls for pets, then look into pet mice when you visit a pet store. They’re relatively easy to care for and they’re not too expensive to keep as pets too.

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