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How to Look After Pet Rats

How to Look After Pet Rats 9

What makes a pet rat special? Rats are considered as an intelligent and affectionate animal. Most rat owners say that they can bond with humans the same way as a dog and cat could. Compared to their ancestor, the Rattus norvegicus, they have a less aggressive temperament, and have a number of differences in behavior to these wild rats. Once the pet rat becomes comfortable with their owners, they can be very playful and can be taught a number of tricks.

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Managing a Pet Rat

How to Look After Pet Rats 10

Due to their intelligence, rats easily become bored if they are not given attention and a stimulating environment, so it means rats can be considered high maintenance pets. The right housing, pet supplies, and equipments are the thing you should keep in mind when deciding on keeping a rat. If you are someone who cannot give at least an hour a week to your pet, a pet rat is not for you.

Handling a Pet Rat

How to Look After Pet Rats 11

Spending a lot of time with your pet rat will allow it to get used to you faster. It will be familiar with your voice and smell, so making friends with it is much easier. At first, they might be reluctant to go near you. Even if they don’t like it, it is a great idea to handle them as much as you can.

Soon enough, they will get used to you. When you are trying to refill the pet supplies, make it a point to hold them, but remember grabbing them by their tail is a big NO-NO. Your pet rat wouldn’t like it. It can injure it. The best way to hold a pet rat is to support its entire body by placing one or both of your palms under the animal. Don’t put in a lot of pressure when grabbing it because you might squeeze the little fellow.

Housing a Pet Rat

How to Look After Pet Rats 12

Your pet is sensitive to cold weather, so putting it indoors in a cage is the best idea. Putting them outside makes them more vulnerable to different dangers. Wild rats may attack them, or they may not survive the cold winter: the bigger the cage, the better when it comes to these little guys. Your pet rat is an intelligent and active creature, so giving it all the freedom to run about in its cage and some pet rat toys make its life more interesting.

Feeding Pet Rat

How to Look After Pet Rats 13

Rats are omnivores. Cereals, vegetables, grains, eggs, meat, and fish can be given to your pet rat. Your pet puppy supplies can be your young rat’s pet supplies too. The high protein content in puppy foods makes them ideal for a growing young rat also. Of course, you should not forget fresh water in a water bottle in your list of pet rat supplies. Replace the water in your pet rat’s water bottle at least once a day.

Grooming a Pet Rat

How to Look After Pet Rats 14

Some people might find this hard to believe, but rats are actually clean creatures. Most of their time is spent on grooming themselves. But if you decide to bathe them, make sure you have the proper pet supplies like a puppy shampoo to use. Avoid using human shampoo because it can cause irritation to their skin. The tail can accumulate dead skin cells and dirt as time passes; it must be cleaned using soft cloth dipped in puppy shampoo or disinfectant.

Common Health Problems of Pet Rats

How to Look After Pet Rats 15

There are a number of health issues your pet can acquire during its lifetime. So it is best to have the right pet rat supplies to aid you in this situation. One of the things you can consider is completing its vaccines and a regular appointment with a veterinarian. The vets can also give you additional advice as to the right pet supplies for your pet rat.

So to recap, pet rats can be the right pets for the right person. They are not dirty pets to have and they can be very intelligent too. So if don’t the space for a large pet like a dog, why don’t you consider a pet rat instead.

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